Stephen Ricossa talks (and plays) ‘Star Trek Online’ at Star Trek Mission New York

The Executive Producer of ‘Star Trek Online,’ Stephen Ricossa Jr, gave us an overview of the newly revamped MMORPG during Star Trek Mission New York, and explains all the nuances of the game and why even noobs like me can still jump in and start gaming. He also discusses the bevy of actors that reprised their roles for this game, as well as the challenges of making an MMORPG in a universe as large as Star Trek.

In this follow-up video, Stephen shows us how he plays his MMORPG, and gives us a glimpse of gameplay, the UI, and some other tidbits of info during this quick demo of the game. If you want to see what a guy who loves his job looks like, check out this video to see the boss getting so into the game that he practically forgets that he is being interviewed!

Stay tuned through the weekend for more news and videos from Star Trek Mission New York!

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