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“Mysticons” Emerald Goldenbraid toy review

The Mysticon Knight, Emerald “Em” Goldenbraid joins our toy reviews today, as we look at this Playmates action figure of this Dwarven warrior! With her baby Griffin by her side, can anything stand in her way? Maybe some not so great articulation. Check out the review to find out our thoughts on this toy!

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“Mysticons” Zarya Moonwolf toy review

Today, we continue our look at Playmates’ “Mysticons” action figures, and meet the Mysticon Ranger Zarya Moonwolf! And yes, she includes a mini-figure of Choko!

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IAmElemental Courage Action Figure Review

Today we take a look at a toy that is long overdue for a review on this channel.

This is the 6.5″ Courage action figure from series 1 of IAmElemental. This is the Core figure of the line, which is made up of six smaller figures and features one deluxe figure that highlights the heroic element that ties the entire first series together, Courage.

NOTE: We were wrong about the articulation being over 20 points… it’s actually over 30 points of articulation!

“Cowboy” Bob Orton Figure Review – WWE Flashback Series

Welcome to the debut episode of the newest series from Nerd News Today, and meet The Wrestling Figure Historian.

In our premiere, we look at the Wal-Mart exclusive WWE Flashback series basic figures, starting with a legend in the form of Randy Orton’s father, “Cowboy” Bob Orton.

What’s the history behind this figure, and the storyline centered around this outfit? Watch the video to find out.

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NECA at NY Toy Fair 2018 – Aliens, Predators, It, Deadpool & Friday the 13th

Stefan Fulkins from NECA walks us through their booth at NY Toy Fair 2018. In this first part of the tour, we focus on the new action figures from the Alien VS Predator arcade game by Capcom, Kenner style Aliens figures including the new Apone, a deluxe Predator throne, and more Predator and Alien figures from the Dark Horse comics.

In this second part of the tour, we check out the amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles diorama that will be for sale later this year, new figures of both versions of Pennywise the Clown from “It,” and figures from Ash VS Evil Dead, Gremlins 2, and Friday the 13th.

In this third part of the tour, we look at some of their figures from video game licenses such as God of War, Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half-Life, and the debuting Crash Bandicoot, figures from their Guillermo del Toro collection, and new 18-inch entries like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, new deluxe Deadpool (with unicorn), Captain America, and Daredevil.

In case you want to watch the tour without any breaks, here is the full tour of NECA’s booth at NY Toy Fair 2018, as hosted by Stefan Fulkins.

For all of our NY Toy Fair 2018 video coverage, check out our huge playlist with over 50 videos – http://bit.ly/2CpzFHi

Meet Wisdom from “IAElemental” – NY Toy Fair 2018

Julie from IAmElemental unveiled a brand new six-inch action figure during NY Toy Fair 2018, Wisdom. This figure takes elements from the smaller-scale figures and fuses them into a larger format to make a truly unique and exciting toy for all genders to enjoy.

We also learn about a new animation deal happening with Jim Henson Studios and IAmElemental, so stay tuned for that!

For all of our NY Toy Fair 2018 video coverage, check out our huge playlist with over 50 videos – http://bit.ly/2CpzFHi

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NY Toy Fair 2018 – NECA debuts figures of clowns Stephen King’s “It”

NECA has a ton of new things being shown at NY Toy Fair 2018, but the scariest by far has to be their pair of clowns from Stephen King’s “It.”

From the acclaimed 2017 horror film IT Movie, drawn from the pages of Stephen King’s original novel, NECA presents the definitive version of #Pennywise in action figure form!
Based on Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of the nightmare-inducing clown, this 7” scale figure has been painstakingly detailed to be as accurate to Pennywise’s ornate costume as possible. To recreate the most terrifying scenes from the movie, the fully articulated figure features three interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, red balloon and paper boat. Comes in collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

As if that was not enough, NECA was thrilled to present one of their most frequently requested action figures of all time! From the revered 1990 horror mini-series Stephen King’s IT Movie, #Pennywise the killer clown takes action figure form.

Based on Tim Curry’s portrayal of the terrifying clown, this 7” scale figure is faithful to his on-screen appearance and packed with detail and accessories. Pennywise is fully articulated and features a total of four interchangeable heads, plus alternate monster hands, noisemaker, bunch of balloons and paper boat. Comes in collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

These will both ship in August.

We will have more from NECA later this week when we check out their booth in person!

Toy Fair 2018 – Hasbro picks up license for Power Ranger’s toys

Today, Hasbro, Inc., a global play and entertainment company, and Saban Brands announced that Hasbro has been named the global master toy licensee for Saban’s Power Rangers. Under the terms of the agreement and in collaboration with Saban Brands, Hasbro will design, produce and bring to market a wide variety of toys, games and role play items inspired by the franchise and its entertainment properties. Hasbro will hold the worldwide rights, excluding Japan and certain other Asian markets, effective as of April 1, 2019.

“We are honored to create a world of play experiences for such an iconic action brand,” said Brian Goldner, Chairman and CEO of Hasbro. “Saban’s Power Rangers are universally recognized and their hallmark attributes of teamwork and inclusivity perfectly align with our core values at Hasbro.”

“Hasbro leads the way in brand storytelling and creating engaging experiences across its exceptional portfolio of blockbuster and partner brands,” said Haim Saban, founder of Saban Brands and creator of Power Rangers. “Quality, innovation and a focus on designing dynamic products for fans of all ages makes Hasbro a great partner for Power Rangers.”

Created by Haim Saban and launched in 1993, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. Today, Power Rangers is one of the longest running kids’ live-action series in television history with nearly 900 episodes produced to date. The TV series, currently in its 25th season with Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and feature films, including 2017’s movie with Lionsgate, follows the adventures of a group of ordinary teens who morph into superheroes and save the world from evil. Saban’s Power Rangers currently airs in 150 markets around the world and is translated into numerous languages.

The first set of products from Hasbro will be available in spring 2019. Both Hasbro and Saban Brands are dedicated to continue growing this iconic brand. In recognition of this investment, during a period of time after Hasbro becomes the master toy licensee, the arrangement between the parties provides Saban Brands and Hasbro with the opportunity to initiate Hasbro’s purchase of the Power Rangers property.

IAmElemental Reveals Newest Female Superhero: Wisdom Warrior Core Power Figure

IAmElemental created the toy industry’s first female action figures designed specifically for children. The strong, healthy female figures invite girls and boys to develop their character by playing with “The Elements of Power.” The company’s Series 1/Courage figures, modeled on Joan of Arc, were launched on Kickstarter to worldwide acclaim in 2014. Series 2/Wisdom followed in 2016, with ancient Alexandrian STEM pioneer Hypatia as the muse.

6.5” female action figures by IAmElemental: Series 1/Courage Core Power Figure (L) and new Series 2/Wisdom Warrior Core Power Figure (R). (PRNewsfoto/IAmElemental)

Series 2/Wisdom includes seven 4″ articulated figures: Creativity, Ingenuity, Curiosity, Logic, Exploration, Mastery and Oblivion. The series culminates in the release of the 6.5″ Wisdom Warrior Core Power figure, which is a fusion of all Elements in the series.

“We are so proud of IAmElemental’s newest addition, the Wisdom Warrior Core Power figure. Like the Elements of Power before her, she is a strong, healthy female figure, carefully designed and engineered to encourage imaginative fun,” said IAmElemental’s Chief Elemental Officer, Julie Kerwin. “Our Wisdom Warrior is inspired by ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian warriors. She also celebrates the decidedly human superpowers embodied in modern superheroes like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose in Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi.”

The Wisdom Warrior Core Power Figure features more than 30 points of articulation and includes removable accessories including a helmet, armor, powerful bow and arrow, and Wisdom shield. The figure will retail for $24.99.

IAmElemental was named a 2017 Toy of the Year finalist by the Toy Industry Association in the Rookie of the Year and Action Figure of the Year categories for its Series 1/Courage figures. Its Series 2/Wisdom figures are finalists for 2018 Toy of the Year in the Action Figure category. In November 2017, the company announced a partnership with The Jim Henson Company to develop a new animated children’s television series based on its popular female action figures.