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Toy Fair 2018 – New Cartoon Network Products for The Powerpuff Girls 20th Anniversary, Ben 10, Steven Universe and Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Enterprises will offer an extensive line-up of new products in 2018 around tentpole franchises and hit series celebrating milestones all year long. New licensing partners will be introduced throughout the year for the upcoming 20th Anniversary of Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls, the network’s #1 global franchise and leading boys action brand Ben 10, and fan favorite properties including Adventure Time, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. The announcement comes at the start of the North American International Toy Fair, an annual toy industry event held in New York City, where an assortment of the products will be on display from new and existing partners for the brands.

“We have partnered with the best in class to mark key milestones for Cartoon Network including The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. From LEGO® building sets to Playmates Toys action figures to updated collectibles across all of our beloved brands, each have captured the spirit and tone our fans share and delight in for each of these properties,” said Pete Yoder, vice president, Cartoon Network Enterprises for North America.

Cartoon Network debuted a fresh take on the beloved Ben 10 animated series in the U.S. in 2017, centered on fun-loving, 10-year-old Ben Tennyson. Since its debut, the series has delivered top ratings and the toy line from global master toy partner Playmates Toys was consistently a top 3 boys action figure SKU at Toys“R”Us throughout 2017. Ben’s newly Omni-Enhanced™ aliens debut in season 2 premiering Monday, February 19. New Ben 10 licensing partners and partnership expansions include:

Global master toy partner Playmates Toys will expand its toy line in 2018 to include an all new assortment of action figures, feature-driven deluxe figures, Omnitrix-inspired role play and more.

Rubies is launching an assortment of Ben 10 dress up / role play outfits in Fall 2018 across all channels. Ben 10 Halloween costumes and accessories will also be available at specialty Halloween retailers and online starting August 2018.

Toy Factory will introduce a new collection of Ben 10 plush toys in March 2018 for outdoor and traveling amusement venues, as well as family entertainment centers.

The Powerpuff Girls celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018, which will include a global rollout of new episodes, events and products that will continue into 2019. New licensing partners for The Powerpuff Girls include:

The LEGO Group will issue two new and exciting building sets featuring Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup allowing children, and fans of all ages, to recreate the superheroes’ actionpacked adventures.
Cartoon Network will also expand the licensing programs around popular brands We Bare Bears, Steven Universe and Adventure Time. New partners include:

Monogram Direct will launch We Bare Bears 3D Foam Key Ring Blind Bags. Each blind bag comes with one randomly selected, highly-detailed 3D figural key ring of the beloved cartoon characters and the collection includes two harder-to-find chase figures.

In May 2018, Tastemakers, LLC will introduce Steven Universe Micro Pozers Series 1 – the first toy in the new category of Tactile Collectibles. These collectibles are bendable and have magnetic hands and feet!

Kidrobot will release its Adventure Time line items in April 2018, including Adventure Time Fresh 2 Death Mini Series and BMO Medium Figure.

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“Cartoon Network Collection” Wave 1 from Titans Vinyl – review & unboxing

It’s time for an unboxing with a serious hit of nostalgia. With the help of Rich from Rageworks, we crack open this case of the “Cartoon Network Collection” from Titan Merchandise. This first wave of Titan Vinyls mini-figures includes characters from modern and classic CN series, including Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Lab, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and more.

This is one of our favorite cases, so check this video out to learn why.

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“Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers” Side-Scroller Beat ‘Em Up Looks Awesome

Check out this brand new Cartoon Network game for PS4 entitled ‘Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers’. Featuring characters from Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Clarence, and Uncle Grandpa, this side-scroller that was just announced seemed to slip under the radar. As a fan of most of these shows (even Uncle Grandpa, but I will not openly admit that), this looks like a pretty fun game with a great art style that brings together these diverse characters in one banner.

Check out the trailer below:

When Uncle Grandpa accidentally drives the UG-RV through multiple dimensions, he picks up some surprise passengers in the form of Gumball, Steven Universe, Finn, Mordecai and Clarence! Now they’ll have to band together to defeat the evil shard creatures and set things right. Use each character’s unique attacks and special moves to conquer the elements, fight your way through all the levels and beat some brutal boss battles. Replay maps with special modifiers to switch up the fun, and unlock bonus rooms along the way.

The game will be available on November 8 exclusively for PS4.

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“Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook” Book Review

“Holy schmow-zow!” That was basically me after reading “Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook.” Released by Abrams Books, this double-sided beast of book is actually two-in-one. Depending on how you view it, the first half is the Enchiridion AKA the guide on how to be a hero, and the other side after you flip it over is the journal of Simon Petrikov AKA The Ice King and Marceline, who would later become the Vampire Queen. Any fan of the cartoon show is going to love this book, so I better start explaining why instead of gushing over how awesome it is.

This book has a great team behind it, aside from the creator of the show Pendleton Ward and Adventure Time artist extraordinaire Adam Muto being a part of it. There is also artwork by Tony Millionaire, Renee French, Mahendra Singh, Anthony Vukosevich, and Celeste Moreno to a name a few. Olivia & Martin Olson have truly put together a great band of heroes to help them on this journey through the end of the world and into the start of a new age on whatever is left of this Earth.


The front-half of the book is The Enchiridion, although it is actually a replica that Marceline’s father, Hunson Abadeer, gave to her as a gift since the real book was destroyed a few seasons ago (along with the back-section, which is the journal we will get to later). Through a magical texting app, characters in the book are able to chat with each other on the borders of certain pages, giving us their insight, funny commentaries and random dialogues between Finn, Jake, BeeMo, Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess, and Marceline.

The Enchiridion is broken up into two segments, the first for warriors and the second for wizards only (serious wiz-biz going on in there). Here, you will learn things like the seven rules for being a righteous hero, how to deal with wizards, ordering the right sword for you, the principles of magic, and choosing between a girlfriend or being a hero. There is also a Bestiarium Vocabulum, or guidebook to the many evils you will face in the land of Oo, which has names and info for all of the oddities that you have seen on Adventure Time so far. You will also learn more to the mystical backstory of the show, such as info about the four elementals, and get a section all about the famous hero, Billy.

This part of the book might start off silly but it is equally informative as it is funny, and as the book rolls on, it becomes much more serious. Being a hero ain’t easy, and and while there is plenty of whimsy to be read, there is also much to be learned of the lore of Adventure Time, but telling you what happened would be spoilers (so read it for yourself, ).


“Marcy’s super secret scrapbook” section was what really sold me on this book. The book starts off being Simon’s survivor journal immediately after the destruction of the world. It’s revealed how he found little Marcy, and re-tells the episode parts from a few Adventure Time episodes, except now we get them exclusively from the point of view of Simon. We also get to see how the Crown drove him deeper into madness, as well as the story of how Marceline eventually met her father. As time goes on, the Crown eventually overpowers Simon and turns him into the Ice King, leaving the book in Marceline’s hands, who goes on to talk about a lot of things that I do not want to spoil, making this section a bit more difficult to review. Take my word for it – you will want to read these things yourself!

At the time of writing this review, new episodes of the series are on the way that will be explaining more of Marceline’s history, and it makes me wonder how this book and the show will fit together. This book certainly feels canonical, and that is why a hardcore fan needs to own this. It does not tell us all of the details, but it certainly gives us much more than I expected, especially with the new discussion about her mother (GASP), who will be voiced by Rebecca Sugar (DOUBLE GASP).

You can order “Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook” from Amazon.com for less than $16, and I definitely give it a must-read rating for any fans of the series. Come for The Enchiridion, but stay for Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook. That alone is worth the price of this book, and having the handbook for heroics come along with it make it an even sweeter deal. This book captures the tone of the show exactly the way it should – a few laughs, a few tears, and something to make you think. It answers plenty of questions and brings up a few new ones, too, so I suppose that means we should keep watching to see what happens next on “Adventure Time”.

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New York Toy Fair 2013: New flash drive Mimobots from “Mimoco”

Mimoco was at NY Toy Fair with tons of new mimobots, including a new size for their flash drives!

Making their debut at the show was the new mimobots from “My Little Pony”, which included Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity, who (as her name implies) will be a rare exclusive down the line. Also brought out were a smaller keychain sized mimobot mini, with Star Wars and DC Comics characters on display for those.

Speaking of DC, Mimoco had many varieties of DC Comics characters on display, either retro or modern style. Also at Toy Fair were mimobots from Adventure Time, GI Joe, Transformers, Hello Kitty, Star Trek (both the original and TNG), Star Wars, a line of Presidential drives, and a few Bruce Lee ones.

Check out the gallery below for more images from the Mimoco booth!

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New York Toy Fair 2013: “Jazwares” debuts new “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show” toys

“Jazwares” brought plenty of new toys with them to NY Toy Fair 2013, but unfortunately not too many of the new items were allowed to be photographed. Lucky for you, I have pics of everything else and can at least tell you about some of the new exciting figures scheduled for this year.

The company had plenty of new tech items being shown off, including new earbuds and spy gear with Star Wars characters, WWE and Power Rangers alarm clocks, and a few other items in the novelty tech line. The big thing for me was the new figures from “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show”. Fans of both shows will be excited to hear that there will be figures of all the major characters from Regular Show in scale with Mordecai and Rigby (yes, Skips will tower over the others), and Fiona and Cake will also be coming out this year along with a few other surprises.

Their popular Mortal Kombat and Sonic the Hedgehog lines will also continue, along with their classic Hanna Barbera and Nicktoons figures, which will be getting a few new figures to join the current line-up. “Plants VS Zombies” will also have a ton of new figures later this year, so check out the gallery below to see what is old and what is new from Jazwares!

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Cartoon Network Announces New & Returning Series, but no ThunderCats

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, along with double-digit growth and its #1 status with boys 6-11 on all of television, Cartoon Network announced today several new and returning series to its programming line-up.
Having its best first quarter with kids in prime in five years (up 28% vs. 2011) and showing the most gains compared to the competition in the kids space, the network’s afternoon Upfront presentation held at New York’s Roseland Ballroom paid tribute to the past and present with a full orchestra playing classic Cartoon Network television theme songs and live performances from the creative talent behind the hit animated comedy series Adventure Time and Regular Show.

Announcements included a new sketch comedy show from entertainer Nick Cannon; the world premiere of DreamWorks Dragons: The Series, based on the critically-acclaimed feature film, How to Train Your Dragon; an original series based on Web sensation, Annoying Orange; a brand new animated series from the global franchise powerhouse, Ben 10: Omniverse; and a new CG-animated series from Warner Bros. Animation, Beware The Batman. Also, on the heels of the hugely successful Ninjago launch in 2011—currently the #1 show across 1st Quarter 2012 with all boys—a new partnership with LEGO for a second series was announced by the network as it continues to build on its slate of diverse content.

“We are executing a brand vision and content strategy that is fueling tremendous results for Cartoon Network,” said Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer, Turner Broadcasting’s Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media (AYAKM). “Today, with a re-invented and thriving prime time, along with overall double-digit growth in total day, we are building the kind of momentum that is making this a great 20th anniversary.”

Ranking #1 in early evening prime time (7-9 p.m.) among boys 6-11 throughout 1st Quarter this year, Cartoon Network also announced new upcoming seasons of its original hit animated comedy series Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, MAD and The Looney Tunes Show. A 2nd season pick-up for the live-action comedy series Level Up, which debuted as the most watched live-action series in the network’s history, and a 5th season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, also was announced.

Combined with top-performing acquisitions and specials, these programming anchors not only fueled 2011’s prime time performance as Cartoon Network’s most-watched in five years, they also set the stage for a record breaking first quarter in 2012. New seasons for more than a dozen additional series also will premiere across the 2012-13 programming timeframe.

“For 20 years, Cartoon Network has cultivated truly original voices from a diverse array of artists and producers, making us the great alternative to everything else out there,” said Rob Sorcher, chief content officer for Cartoon Network. “Cartoon Network Studios has grown to become the most supportive and creative environment for a new generation of creators.”

Cartoon Network also announced its ongoing commitment to its shorts program with ten original 7-minute shorts to be produced this year with a wholly dedicated production unit at Cartoon Network Studios. With production already underway on many of these projects, this continuing investment in diverse and unique talent has resulted in many of the network’s hit animated series.

Additionally, the network revealed that a third Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards special has been slated for early 2013. The second annual telecast (Feb. 20, 2012), hosted by Shaquille O’Neal, ranked as the #1 program of the day among all boy demos, and out-performed the inaugural Hall of Game special by double and triple-digits—between 64% and 103%—across all kid and boy demos. Online voting for the celebrity sports awards also nearly tripled in participation, from 37 million votes in 2011 to more than 100 million votes in 2012.

“Cartoon Network enters into the upfront season with strong momentum and a programming foundation that is resonating with our audience, as well as advertisers,” said John O’Hara, executive vice president and general sales manager, Cartoon Network. “The ad sales team is committed to developing ideas that extend the reach of an advertiser’s message and connects their brands across multiple screens with an engaged audience. As brands look to deliver measurable return on their investment, we believe it’s a good time to reassess plans and for advertisers to strategically increase their media budgets with Cartoon Network.”

Building off of the success of CartoonNetwork.com ranking as the #1 domain in the kids category among kids 6-11*, the network announced that its next big foray into on-line gaming would be the global roll-out of Formula Cartoon, a huge on-line racing game which will let players race against their friends or favorite Cartoon Network characters.

Further details of Cartoon Network’s programming announcements include the following:


Nick Cannon Sketch Comedy Series: The series is a live-action, half-hour, sketch comedy show rooted in raw mischief, high energy and slapstick humor. You’ll never know what will happen next! Some of the silliest kids you know will make up this wild comedy troupe led by teen stars Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time), Brandon Soo Hoo (Enders Game, Tropic Thunder), Shameik Moore (Joyful Noise), Shauna Case (American Horror Story) and Chanelle Peloso (Level Up). Nick Cannon will bring the funny as creator and executive producer along with executive producers Michael Goldman and Scott Tomlinson. The series is being produced by Cartoon Network Studios in association with NCredible Entertainment.

Annoying Orange: Boasting more than 1 billion YouTube online views to date, Annoying Orange is the Web sensation transformed into a new television series that follows Orange and his buddies as they go on a wide range of adventures that take them from the fruit stand to parts unknown and everything in between. The television series was developed and will be produced by The Collective. Dane Boedigheimer co-created the television series with Tom Sheppard (Emmy Award-winning writer for Pinky and the Brain). Conrad Vernon (director of Madagascar 3 and Monsters vs. Aliens) will serve as executive producer for the series along with Gary Binkow and Dan Weinstein of The Collective. The series will premiere on Cartoon Network this summer.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series: Picking up where the critically-acclaimed feature film, How to Train Your Dragon, left off, this weekly animated series follows the continuing adventures of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless on the island of Berk, along with the band of dragon trainers, all of whom now have dragons of their own!

Through their training, the kids are finding out the cool things dragons can do. Not only will they learn more about their dragons, they’ll also discover new ones and battle against enemies as they explore worlds they never dreamed existed. In addition, the talented cast from the feature film—Jay Baruchel (Hiccup), America Ferrera (Astrid), Christopher Mitz-Plasse (Fishlegs) and T.J. Miller (Tuffnut)—will lend their voices to the series, which is produced by DreamWorks Animation and premieres this fall.

New LEGO Project: Following the instant ratings success of the CG-animated Ninjago, LEGO and Cartoon Network plan to expand their partnership with an all-new series from LEGO for 2013.

Ben 10: Omniverse: In the brand-new animated series, Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben will have a new character design that pays homage to his past, and he’ll have a whole new batch of aliens to battle. Beating the bad guys is just part of the superhero gig. With a little help from his new, by-the-book rookie partner, Ben explores the quirkier side of things in the alien underground and discovers enemies from his past looking for a re-match, all while a mysterious hunter is hot on his trail! With 10 new aliens at his disposal and a brand new lease on life, Ben 10 is back and more fun than ever! Matt Youngberg is supervising producer for the series, which will premiere on Cartoon Network this fall.

Ben 10 is Cartoon Network’s most successful original global franchise. Since the premiere of the original Ben 10 series, created by Man of Action Studios, in 2006, the franchise has spawned four animated series, one animated movie, two live-action movies, a CG movie, a feature film currently in development, a widely-popular consumer products line and has captured the imaginations of viewers on a worldwide scale.

Beware the Batman: A cool, new take on the classic Dark Knight franchise, Beware the Batman incorporates Batman’s core characters with a rogues gallery of new villains not previously seen in animated form. Along with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana, the Dark Knight faces the twisted machinations of Gotham City’s criminal underworld led by the likes of Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, this action-packed detective thriller deftly redefines what we have come to know as a “Batman show.” Featuring cutting-edge CGI visuals to match the intricate twists and turns of the narrative, Batman steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight for an entirely new generation of fans. With WBA’s Sam Register executive producing, and Batman Beyond’s Glen Murakami and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’s Mitch Watson producing, Beware the Batman, based on characters from DC Comics, is coming soon to Cartoon Network!

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island: It’s back to the island where Total Drama began with an all-new cast! Since the series’ host Chris took the show worldwide, Camp Wawanakwa has been abandoned and turned into a toxic nuclear waste dump—the perfect place for new and painful, cringe-inducing challenges! Fighting for the million dollar prize are thirteen wild new players. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is produced by Fresh TV and will premiere on Cartoon Network this summer.


Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards: Hall of Game is Cartoon Network’s signature venture into the broadcast awards arena, created and produced in association with IMG Media, the production arm of global sports, entertainment and media company, IMG. This high-energy, multi-platform experience lets viewers decide who’s got game, by honoring their favorite sports stars and sports moments of the year. From the red carpet, to the never-before-seen stunts and surprises on stage, this unconventional celebration in 2013 will be led by a celebrity host and feature icons from television, film, music and sports, as kids experience an evening of humor and fun at the most raucous and biggest sports awards show ever presented on television.

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Regular Show
The Amazing World of Gumball
The Looney Tunes Show
Level Up
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Green Lantern: The Animated Series
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Casper’s Scare School
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