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SDCC 2018: Marvel and IDW to Create New Comic Books For the Next Generation of Readers

Marvel Entertainment and IDW Publishing announced today that the two companies will develop middle-grade comic books designed for younger readers. Featuring some of Marvel’s most popular characters, the monthly issues and trade paperback collections, published by IDW, will be available for sale at local comic book shops and book retailers across the country, expanding opportunities for the next generation of Super Heroes to experience the Marvel Universe.

“From Iron Man to Captain Marvel, from the Hulk to Shuri — the Marvel pantheon has something for everyone,” says John Barber, editor-in-chief of IDW. “With this team-up, Marvel and IDW aim to bring exciting, all-new comics to a generation growing up in a Marvel world.”

Launching in November 2018, the Marvel and IDW collaboration will kick off with a Spider-Man series featuring both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, followed by an Avengers series beginning in December and a Black Panther series in January 2019. Each of these titles will serve as an easily-accessible jumping-on point for younger readers to follow the adventures of their favorite characters.

“Marvel is excited to work with IDW to share these brand-new stories with our younger fans,” said C.B. Cebulski, editor-in-chief of Marvel. “Characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the Avengers inspire us through their strength and determination, but they resonate with readers because of the struggles they face and the challenges they overcome. We want to share their journeys with our younger fans first-hand.”

“Marvel is committed to delivering unique and accessible content for our younger audiences and fans,” said Sven Larsen, director, licensed publishing of Marvel. “As one of our most valued partners, IDW is the right fit to help us feature some of our most popular characters and publish stories created especially for the next generation of Super Heroes.”

“This partnership reflects the true spirit of collaboration at work,” said Greg Goldstein, president and publisher of IDW. “As comic book publishers, IDW and Marvel are able to produce high-quality visual storytelling experiences for fans both young and old. By combining our efforts, along with Marvel’s ever-increasing presence in popular culture, the results will be spectacular.”

Story details and creative teams for the new line of middle-grade comic books will be announced at a later date.

“Avengers: Infinity War” Knows How To Make An Epic Trailer

Marvel Studios has just released a new trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” and man, is it crazy! We get tons of new footage, more looks at the characters, and a lot more of the big baddie, Thanos. If there ever was a company that made epic trailers, it would be Marvel Studios, and this one just upped the ante for all future movies.

Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to have its world premiere on April 23, 2018 in Los Angeles, and is scheduled to be released in the United States on April 27, 2018, in IMAX and 3D. The sequel is scheduled to be released on May 3, 2019.

Hot Toys’ Avengers Assemble at SDCC 2015

unnamed-9The superhero epic blockbuster, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, has broken box-office records worldwide and its popularity across the globe was unquestionably high. Certainly the movie has brought all superhero fans to the great Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has also given Hot Toys a great opportunity to introduce a wide variety of highly detailed collectible figures for our fans worldwide!

The entire line up of Avengers: Age of Ultron 1/6th scale collectible figures by Hot Toys will be displayed at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 which will officially start this Thursday, so don’t miss the chance to come see them at Sideshow/Hot Toys’ booth (#1929).

Transformers Rescue Bots & Marvel Super Heroes at NY Toy Fair 2014

Playskool was out in full power at the Hasbro event during NY Toy Fair 2014, debuting new additions to their Transformers Rescue Bots line, as well as their Marvel Super Heroes figures.

The Transformers Rescue Bots have added an electronic Optimus Primal (no relation to the Beast Wars product line), which transforms from Autobot into a dinosaur with one button, “Masters of the Ka-Pow” Marvel figures that talk and punch with gigantic soft fists, 22-inch “Epic Optimus Prime” that can hold your human figurines, and a plethora of new Marvel Super Heroes figures, vehicles and playsets that make the perfect gateway drug for your kids to jump into the action figure world! All this and more in the video!

Make sure to stick around till the end to see some bloopers of our booth tour!

Uncle Milton “Marvel Science” Toys – NY Toy Fair 2014

At NY Toy Fair 2014, we toured the Uncle Milton booth, a company whose toys we have looked at before when we reviewed several of the products in their “Marvel Science” line. On this booth visit, we saw all of the new items coming out of this line, with learning toys based on characters from The Avengers, such as The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and a few others.

Stay tuned for more videos from NY Toy Fair 2014!

“Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab” Toy Review

I have always had a fondness for Iron Man, especially for the fact that he shoots laser beams out of his hands. We all want gloves like that, but sadly, not all of us can have shrapnel embedded in our chest so badly that we must be powered by an ARC reactor and can therefore go ‘Pew! Pew!’ out of the palm of our hands. However, the “Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab” from Uncle Milton, another toy in their Marvel Science line, allows kids to harness the power of Tony Stark’s primary weapon and put it on your living room table. Instead of shooting blasts, this item uses air power to suspend spheres in the air that you can create obstacle courses for to understand the science part of what a repulsor ray is. The kids over at Foodie Tots are lending us a helping hand once again on this one, and will give us a real child’s opinion over whether this product is worth your time, or if you should start selling your Stark Industries stocks now.

IMG_2266 copy

Here is a shot of the complete kit from a bird’s eye point of view, out of the box (which is a very colorful package and hard to miss in a store). The kit includes two round balls, three obstacles, and the arm. The pair of spheres are thankfully very soft, made from a foam-like material that is very squishy – so no need to worry about any broken windows with those.

IMG_2267 copy

This contraption would be the magic behind the Repulsor Ray Tech Lab, namely the device that makes the air flow happen. Sporting the traditional red and yellow pantones of ole’ shellhead, the arm-like device rotates in and out of position around the base, which resembles the repulsor rays on the palm of the armored Avenger’s hand. The repulsor ray would seem much cooler and more “magical” if it didn’t sound like a leaf blower, since it is very noisy, but that is also the price you pay for a toy that shoots a steady stream of air out of it.

IMG_2270 copy

Here is a close-up of the three different sized obstacles that you get to navigate your balls through. This trio also alters the difficulty of getting the balls through them, with each one having less space than the others. I wonder if Uncle Milton will offer an expansion pack for this one with more obstacles?

IMG_2314 copy

This is a great toy, but unlike Thor’s hammer and Spider-Man’s web creator which we also reviewed, the box didn’t make a lot of sense to the kids. Foodie Boy was generally unimpressed with it until he opened it up and began playing with it, at which point he had fun with it and began to understand the concept better (keep in mind that he is seven years old at the time of this article, so do keep age in mind when buying this for a child).

IMG_2272 copy

Thar’ she blows! Here is the toy in action, with both Foodie Boy and Foodie Girl giving it a try. The Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab just needs batteries to get it started, no assembly required. You push the blue button to get the air flow going, and from there you can set it to the two different modes that it has, “Tabletop” and “Handheld”, which is created by swiveling the part with the air so that it faces outward. The item also lights up and is recommended to try playing with in dim light (which we did not snap photos of because iPhone cameras are awful at dim light without a flash).

Foodie Girl is operating the toy while Foodie Boy is testing how the air flow works by waving his hand underneath the levitating ball. You can clearly see both kids having a good time now that the product is doing something, and really makes the science aspect of this very enjoyable.

You place it on the air flow and once it’s airborne, you try to move the ball by moving the repulsor ray unit. Once you’ve gotten used to moving it, the next step, or as they call it “phase”, is to move the ball through the energy sphere obstacles. This is where things get really tricky. It’s difficult to master but a lot of fun. The instructions recommend setting up an obstacle course once you get more used to it. Once you master that, they provide instructions on how to make your energy sphere fly through a tube, but that was a science experiment left for another day since the kids were having enough a good time just playing with it as is.

IMG_2327 copy

While Foodie Boy had a lot of fun with it and even managed to get it through the obstacles several times, it turned out to be Foodie Girl who really loved it. The obstacles were a little too much for her at three years old, but she began to create her own experiments like seeing if she could get two balls to share the air flow at the same time, or seeing what happened if she moved her hand through the flow while the ball was in the air. Perhaps it is a sign for Uncle Milton to find a way to start targeting the young girl market with their science products as well, and offer Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk or Black Widow science kits…

IMG_2320 copy

Overall, our Foodie Tots testers both enjoyed this item, although this is definitely one of the more science-oriented toys in the Marvel Science kit catalog. That does not take away from the joy of it at all, but it is one that would benefit from parents playing with their kids, and may not be meant for kids that are too young to appreciate it. As a toy, it’s a lot of fun, but the educational aspect might be above certain children’s heads, so make sure you parents out there play with your kids with this one, too.

The Uncle Milton Marvel Science Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab is available from Amazon.com for around $15, and is normally in stores for $25. At either price, it’s a great toy that will not let you down, and your kids will have hours of fun experimenting with the air flow and trying different ways to manipulate it.

IMG_2330 copy

Want to read more about what the Foodie Tots are doing, and learn from their parents about how to get kids to eat well and support locally-grown food? Head over to their blog to hear about all of their escapades!

“Thor Lightning Energy Hammer” Toy Review

What kid would not want to harness the power of the Norse god of thunder? Mattel and other companies have versions of Marvel Comics’ Thor’s hammer on toy shelves around the nation, but Uncle Milton had a different idea. The Thor Lightning Energy Hammer toy from their company combines the fun of Mjolnir and science to make for a perfect balance between plaything and learning toy.

IMG_2130 copy

Who better to wield the enchanted hammer than Foodie Boy, one-half of the Foodie Tots kids from the Foodie Tots blog, a site devoted to teaching kids about proper nutrition and not just eating right, but eating the right way from the right places. When he is not tasting yummy cheeses that make me wish I was not lactose intolerant, Foodie Boy is a big fan of Marvel Comics superheroes. He even has his own Captain America costume, so it only made perfect sense to give him the abilities of a Norse god, too. He also really enjoyed his Spiderman Web Creator kit from Uncle Milton, but that’s a different review!


This is one of the easiest of the Uncle Milton Marvel Science products to put together and use, as you simply get it out of the very easy to remove box and start using it. The only thing it really requires from you is some batteries to get the hammer to make lights and sounds. The hammer features a magnet within it, so whenever your child finds something that is also magnetic, the two will connect just like your average horseshoe magnet. Most kids love the magic/ science of magnets, but the genius that put a magnet into Thor’s hammer deserves a raise!

IMG_2371 copy

Besides the hammer, this toy also comes with a base for the hammer that also lights up, a plastic coin with Thor on a metal part of it (which fits into the front of the base) to get you started picking things up with it, and a pamphlet on the science that the toy is based on – magnetism. The lights look bright and great when metal is detected, be it from the Thor coin or another source, or when it is put back in the station, glowing with a cool blue hue.

When your child swings the hammer around, it makes a swooshing noise as if you really are using the real Thor’s hammer. One of the best aspects of this particular toy is the lack of set-up and the ease of playability. The science aspect is (literally) built into it and is not a gimmick, but rather, this feel likes a toy with a fun magnetic feature that is not pushing the educational part of it (meaning most kids would not even bother playing with it again).

IMG_2124 copy

You can order the Uncle Milton Marvel Science – Thor Lightning Energy Hammer from Amazon.com for under $15, and is normally $25. At $25, I would have said it was a great toy to buy with no reservations, but at $15, I have to ask why you already don’t have this? This toy is great for the kids to play and learn with, and feels like something that will get a lot of longterm usage, as well. Out of all of the Uncle Milton Marvel science kits, this is the one that truly makes you feel like a superhero, and is the easiest to jump right into using and learning with. This one comes highly recommended from NerdNewsToday, as well as the Foodie Tots!

IMG_2365 copy

Want to read more about what the Foodie Tots are doing, and learn from their parents about how to get kids to eat well and locally? Head over to their blog to hear about all of their escapades!

New York Toy Fair 2013: Aliens, Pacific Rim, Lone Ranger, and more from “NECA”

NECA was at NY Toy Fair 2013 debuting so many new action figures that it will make your head spin!

A big hit at their booth this year was their displays for their Aliens and Predator figures. There will be several new Predator figures coming out in 2013, as well as more Aliens and Colonial Marines, including battle-damaged Aliens with exploding bullet holes! A new version of Dutch from the first Predator movie will also be out this year, which looks great. Also being shown off were new figures of ED-209 from “Robocop”, “Kick Ass”, “Prometheus”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Gremlins”, the robots from “Pacific Rim”, the new “Lone Ranger” film, and Rambo.


In the world of video games, new figures were displayed from Team Fortress 2, Bioshock Infinite, and Portal 2, including unpainted prototypes of Atlas & P-Body. Mini figures will also be released in 2013 of all of the soldiers from “Gears of War”, as well as 6-inch ones.


Also on display were large scale figures of Adam West as Batman, Michael Keaton as Batman, and versions of Iron Man and Captain America as seen in “The Avengers” movie. The Batman figures look amazing and will be a must-buy from me when they released!

Check out the gallery below for tons more photos of the NECA booth!

New York Toy Fair 2013: Bobbleheads and POP figures from “Funko”

You can’t spell “Funko” without “fun”, and this company always brings their unique and humorous take on pop-culture at NY Toy Fair every year.

This time around, the company unveiled a ton of new bobblehead and POP figures from all across the board. Characters included things from the Rocky series, Halo, Mass Effect, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bruce Lee, Star Wars, Star Trek, Robocop, The Hangover, and tons more. My favorites were the Masters of the Universe figures and the new Big Bang Theory bobbleheads!


One of the hot new items debuting at Toy Fair was their line for “The Walking Dead” which as of now are unpainted, but expect these bad boys to look pretty sick once they do come out.

Also at the show was their line of DC Comics themed “Domo Kun” blind-box figures, and their new Cupcakes series, which is a new line of more feminine characters squeezed into a cupcake. However, the biggest item to come out, in this reporter’s humble opinion, would be “Funko’s” line of “My Little Pony” figures, which look amazing and infinitely better than the current toys on the market. They really capture the look of the characters, and the lack of rooted hair for a mane adds to the animated feel to them.

Check out the gallery below for more photos from “Funko”!

Capcom Arcade Cabinet detailed

[youtube id=”FpvO1kfTPfs” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Following the recent announcement of Capcom Arcade Cabinet, Capcom has revealed the full list of classic 8-bit titles and how gamers will be able to transform their PlayStation3 or Xbox 360 into their very own customizable, HD 80s arcade.

Starting February 19 until early May, a total of 15 titles from 1984-1988 will be released on a tight schedule available to purchase digitally either as a series of packs or individually, allowing players to choose what they want to buy. By purchasing all 15 titles, either separately or together, players will gain access to two bonus games absolutely free.

Downloading an individual title or pack will also give access to the Capcom Arcade Cabinet ‘platform’ which provides additional features including DIP switch functionality, a music player, and the ability to capture and share screenshots or video. When playing in standard mode, players will be able to access DIP switch-like settings to adjust their number of lives and difficulty, including a Casual Mode which tones down the difficulty level and makes it more attainable to see the end credits. Further features include 2 player online play for certain titles; a global leaderboard; a training mode with infinite lives to hone your strategy and an option to select either the Japanese or international versions of the individual titles.

In order to share their experiences with friends, PlayStation 3 users will be able to capture video of gameplay to post on YouTube, while Xbox 360 users will be able to upload screenshots to Facebook. Further additions include a sound gallery that allows players to listen to the background music of any of the games in their cabinet, and an art gallery which fills with new pieces as players progress through the games.

Game Pack 1 and the first individual title, Black Tiger, will be available on February 19. Xbox 360 owners will be able to play through the game with a single credit before restarting. On the PlayStation 3, players will have unlimited credits effectively giving them the full game for free.

Black Tiger demo February 19 (PSN)
February 20 (XBLA)
Titles: Black Tiger, Avengers, 1943: The Battle of Midway
February 19 (PSN)
February 20 (XBLA)
Titles: Ghosts n Goblins, Gun.Smoke, Section Z
March 5 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Avengers March 5 (PSN)* $3.99
1943: The Battle of Midway March 5 (PSN)* $3.99
Side Arms, Legendary Wings, Trojan
March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Ghosts n Goblins March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Gun.Smoke March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Section Z March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Titles: Commando, The Speed Rumbler, Exed Exes (Savage Bees)
April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Side Arms April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Legendary Wings April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Trojan April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Titles: 1942, SonSon, Pirate Ship Higemaru
April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Commando April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
The Speed Rumbler April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Exed Exes (Savage Bees) April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
1942 April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
SonSon April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Pirate Ship Higemaru April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Bonus Pack (for those who have purchased all five game packs or all 15 individual titles
Titles: Two titles (names to be confirmed)
TBC Free for those who have purchased all previously released packs or individual titles
Titles: All 17 games
May 21 (PSN/XBLA) $29.99/2000MSP
  • Not available as an individual title on XBLA