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New LEGO Brickheadz for 2018 – Jurassic World & Go Brick Me

At the LEGO Fall 2018 Collection Preview Event in NYC, LEGO unveiled some familiar Brickheadz, along with a few new ones coming out this fall and holiday season 2018. Included here are Brickheadz from Infinity War, Justice League, Harry Potter, The Incredibles, Jurassic World, Back to the Future, Star Wars, and more. Not on display but also coming soon is the Ghostbusters Brickheadz of Peter Venkman and Slimer.

Finally, LEGO also debuted their new Go Brick Me set, where people can make a Brickheadz version of themself or whoever they want with an endlessly customizable set filled with bricks of all shapes and sizes.

Funko Comic Book Universe Is Born At IDW

Get your FUNKO on this May! The insanely popular Pop! vinyl figures have successfully reshaped the collectibles landscape and are now primed to take comics by storm in a special month-long event from IDW Publishing. FUNKO and IDW are combining forces to bring fans FUNKO-ized versions of some of the most recognizable and beloved characters in all of pop culture.

FUNKO UNIVERSE MONTH will feature some of the most sought after Pop! vinyl figures coming to life in five off–the-wall one-shots courtesy of IDW’s creative stable: GHOSTBUSTERS, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, THE X-FILES, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, and JUDGE DREDD.








“FUNKO’s popularity is off the charts, and IDW is excited to bring these characters to life in comic book fashion,” said Greg Goldstein, President, and COO, IDW Publishing. “We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with FUNKO with this unique event.”

“Funko collectibles began in comic book shops. We’re thrilled to get back to our roots in this one-of-a-kind collaboration!” said Ben Butcher, Vice President of Creative, Funko.

“The marriage of IDW’s powerful storytelling ability with the exuberant style of the Funko brand is a perfect match and we can’t wait for fans everywhere to see what we’ve created!”
said David Hedgecock, Editor-in-Chief, IDW Publishing.

The fun of FUNKO UNIVERSE MONTH will also extend beyond the core titles above to include special variant covers for Back to the Future #20, Orphan Black: Deviations #3, Dirk Gently: The Salmon of Doubt #8, Star Trek: Boldly Go #8, The Powerpuff Girls: The Time Tie #1, Donald Duck #20, Mickey Mouse #20, Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #738, all hitting comic shops this May.

The untold story of “Back to the Future” – “Back In Time” Movie Review

This year marked the anniversary of “Back to the Future Day”, with the future being the present, when October 21, 2015 was no longer something to look ahead to, but was reality. That was the day that Marty Mcfly landed in the future to save his kids in “Back to the Future II”, but 2015 also marked the 30th anniversary of the original film starring Michael J. Fox and Christophyer Lloyd. Many people would consider this the greatest time travel movie ever made, but plenty of others would just plain call this the greatest movie ever. In the documentary, “Back in Time”, we get to learn why this movie is so beloved to this day, and get the inside scoop on creating this classic piece of cinema gold.

Directed by Jason Aron, this project was originally funded thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that gave the filmmakers enough capitol to get some high-profile interviews and some amazing footage, as well as the ability to afford licenses to show much of the movie footage used in this.

The first third of this film is the original story of how the film was created, and how it almost did not get produced at all. Viewers will learn about the behind-the-scenes story including how Michael J. Fox was not originally going to play the lead character as Marty was played (for six weeks) by Eric Stoltz, the reasons for using a Delorean as the time machine, and which studios foolishly passed on picking this script up. Interviews with the cast and crew add all sorts of insights and stories about their time on set, but that is only the beginning of this doc.

As the story continues, the film transforms into a narrative about the fandom behind the series, showing how the legacy of the movies continued long after the end of the trilogy hit theaters. We meet people who customize Deloreans and collect the cars from the movies, run the fan sites, and even re-create the entire town from the original movie to give viewers an immersive experience that they will never forget. From America to the UK, fans of “Back to the Future” are everywhere and doing all sorts of wild things to keep this franchise alive and fresh for new generations.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen more info on the sequels since they get glossed over in this documentary to make room for the fans. The fans are indeed an important part of this, but there is so little discussed about the second and third movies, it left me wanting to hear a lot more about the inception of those instead of learning about the fandom. No offense to the fandom since the stories presented were good, but I came into this expecting a little more background story on the entire series. To be fair, the fans break up the monotony of the talking head interviews that are so prevalent in the beginning, but overall I had hoped for equal parts information as there were tributes to the community that love the movie. If it was just a doc about the making-of, it would probably feel more like a series of special features on a DVD then a fully-fledged documentary, so I suggest going into this film knowing what to expect to get a better time from it.

You can order “Back in Time” from Amazon.com on Blu-Ray for around $28, or on DVD for a few dollars less. If you are a serious fan of the film series, then this is a love-letter for you. I enjoyed hearing all of the stories, from both the creators and the fans, and if you were a fan of these movies growing up (or still are now) then there is no reason not to check this doc out.

Rocket League Goes “Back to the Future” with new DLC

unnamed-2Starting October 21, 2015 — the same day that Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future, Part II — The world-famous DeLorean Time Machine will officially appear as a playable Battle-Car in Rocket League on Steam and PlayStation 4!

“Truth be told, we used to fantasize and joke about having the DeLorean Time Machine in our game months before it even came out,”Jeremy Dunham, Vice President of Marketing at Psyonix said on their Playstation Blog. “We were all such huge Back to the Future fans here at Psyonix, that it was one of the few “Holy Grails” we had hoped for besides having a hit game. The fact that we’re getting both of those “best-case scenarios” in the same year is an amazing accomplishment for us, they’re things we’ll never forget!”

Available in the Back to the Future™ Car Pack, the DeLorean Time Machine will retail for $1.99 USD or its regional equivalent when it releases October 21!

NYCC 2015: Diamond Select Toys – Back to the Future, Predator, Muppets, Star Trek

Zach Oat from Diamond Select Toys joined us at their booth during New York Comic Con 2015 to give us a three-part tour of all of the new items and exclusives from their company.

In the second part, we see new items including statues, action figures, minimates, dolls, and other items from Back to the Future, Nightmare before Christmas, Predator, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Kevin Smith movies, Muppets, and Star Trek.