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Matty Collector Press Event – NY Toy Fair 2014 – All the news on MOTUC, WWE, DC, Hot Wheels, Monster High

At NY Toy Fair 2014, we were allowed into the Matty Collector press event, a closed doors affair led by Scott Neitlich, AKA Toyguru!

Scott gave us a presentation running down all of the new items planned for the first half of 2014 for all of the big Mattel and Matty Collector lines, including MOTUC, DC (including their new Super Powers line), Batman, WWE, and Monster High. What awesome things will we be getting this year? Listen to the video to find out! Yes, I said listen, since this is a 30 minute shot of Scott’s face talking, so better to treat this as a podcast while watching it.

I also asked Scott (towards the end of the vid) what the plans are for Ghostbusters, since 2014 is the big 30th anniversary, and sadly, not much new is planned other than the GB’s with removable backpacks, but I am still going to hold out hope for a Proton Pack by the end of the year.

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NYCC 2013 Cosplay Photo Gallery – Part 2

New York Comic Con is the hub for East Coast cosplayers to show off their finest threads, tentacles, tails, and sometimes cybernetic attachments. While we were unable to get photos of every single costume parading around the Javitts Center, we did get a decent amount to share with you, continuing here in our second part of this two-article gallery. From cute and sexy, to creative or accurate, to the just plain weird, check out over 40 shots of some of what we saw!

And don’t forget to check out part one of this post at this link here!











































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“Batman” Classic TV Series to Get Busts, Statues & More from Diamond Select Toys

“Sock! Pow! Whap!”

For decades, those words were synonymous with comic books in the mainstream media, thanks to the fan-favorite depiction of comic book images in the DC Comics 1960s Batman Classic TV Series. Today, Diamond Select Toys (DST) is proud to announce it has teamed up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP), on behalf of DC Entertainment, to create high-quality collectibles based on the TV classic, including busts and statues.

“The Batman Classic TV Series was on my TV constantly while growing up,” said Chuck Terceira, director of DST. “Working on these characters is a dream come true. I know there are a large number of fans out there who feel the same way about the show, and we will give them the collectibles they’ve always dreamed of!”

Diamond Select Toys has multiple product categories supporting the Batman Classic TV Series license, including busts, statues, vinyl bust banks, bottle openers, and slate artwork, and development on their line of collectible busts has already begun. Character likenesses attached to the DST line include Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, Julie Newmar as Catwoman, Frank Gorshin as The Riddler, Burgess Meredith as The Penguin, Cesar Romero as The Joker, and several other famous villains on the television show. DST will also draw on the show’s many distinctive props and sets for new products in the line.

“The world of the Batman Classic TV Series was so fully realized, the designs so iconic, the cast so beloved that I can see us creating distinctive, exciting product for a good, long while,” continued Terceira. “And as a lifelong Batman fan, I look forward to slowly turning my office into my own personal Batcave, full of collectibles that I have always wanted to own. I may never leave!”

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Mezco to Create Figures Based on the Batman Classic TV Series

Mezco Toys is proud to partner with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, to produce toys and vehicles based on the classic 1960’s Batman Classic TV Series.

The Mez-Itz line will feature the likeness of the actors from the series such as Adam West and Burt Ward, famed for their iconic portrayals as the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin.


Mezco’s Mez-Itz line will also debut the Batman Classic TV Series toys, including the Batmobile. While the Batmobile had appeared throughout the Batman comic books, the iteration designed by George Barris for the classic TV series was radically different and quickly became a fan favorite. Batman and Robin both fit in the Mez-Itz Batmobile, as do most other Mez-Itz figures.

“Making figures and vehicles from the classic series is a dream I’ve had for more than 40 years,” says Mezco’s director of Special Projects, Mike Drake. “To finally be able to make that dream a reality is beyond amazing. Mezco is full of Batman fans. We’ll see to it that every classic Batman item we make is filled with as much Zap! Bam! and Pow! as possible.”

Mezco will be producing Mez-Itz not only of Batman and Robin, but also of the Rogues Gallery as well: The Penguin, The Joker, Catwoman and The Riddler. Every Super-Villain needs henchman, so naturally Mezco will also produce The Riddler’s Thug, inspired by the one seen on the original show.

Mezco’s first wave of Batman Classic TV Series products will hit stores in July 2013.

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New York Toy Fair 2013: “Square Enix” unveils “Street Fighter”, “Tekken”, “Metal Gear” and “Dark Knight” figures

Every year, “Square Enix” is one of my favorite booths at NY Toy Fair, and 2013 was no different.

Bringing out a huge amount of prototypes, both painted and unpainted, Square Enix had so much new stuff to look at that it was mind boggling. This is one of those articles where it is best to just go through all of the pics rather than have me ramble about them! New figures this year included new “Metal Gear”, Street Fighter x Tekken, Halo, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, DC: Injustice, and Batman toys from “Arkham City” and Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy, as well others from a few animes that I am not familiar with (but maybe you are). I love the articulation and appearance of these toys, and it makes me wish I was a multi-millionaire so I could scoop all of these up when they are released.

Check out the gallery below to check all these great looking figures out!

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New York Toy Fair 2013: Aliens, Pacific Rim, Lone Ranger, and more from “NECA”

NECA was at NY Toy Fair 2013 debuting so many new action figures that it will make your head spin!

A big hit at their booth this year was their displays for their Aliens and Predator figures. There will be several new Predator figures coming out in 2013, as well as more Aliens and Colonial Marines, including battle-damaged Aliens with exploding bullet holes! A new version of Dutch from the first Predator movie will also be out this year, which looks great. Also being shown off were new figures of ED-209 from “Robocop”, “Kick Ass”, “Prometheus”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Gremlins”, the robots from “Pacific Rim”, the new “Lone Ranger” film, and Rambo.


In the world of video games, new figures were displayed from Team Fortress 2, Bioshock Infinite, and Portal 2, including unpainted prototypes of Atlas & P-Body. Mini figures will also be released in 2013 of all of the soldiers from “Gears of War”, as well as 6-inch ones.


Also on display were large scale figures of Adam West as Batman, Michael Keaton as Batman, and versions of Iron Man and Captain America as seen in “The Avengers” movie. The Batman figures look amazing and will be a must-buy from me when they released!

Check out the gallery below for tons more photos of the NECA booth!

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New York Toy Fair 2013: “DC Direct” unveils toys from “Injustice” and new “Superman” movie

“DC Direct” always has one of the best booths at NY Toy Fair, and this year was no exception. The company unveiled many new figures and statues from various DC licenses, from comics to games to movies.

The hot item out of DC Direct this year was their new statues from the upcoming Zac Snyder “Superman” movie, which featured amazingly realistic statues of Superman, Jor-El, Ursa, and General Zod. Photos do not do the likenesses justice, but I hope it gives you enough of an idea to get your expectations high when they are released. Speaking of justice, DC Direct also brought out their new figures from the video game, “Injustice”. The figures will come in two-packs and will be fully articulated 3 3/4 inch figures so players can battle it out off-screen.

Plenty of new six inch figures were shown off, including a new elemental Swamp Thing, and characters based on some of the 52 series, as well as a bevy of variously colored lanterns that are magnetically activated with a ring you can wear to re-enact your favorite Green Lantern moment (or red lantern, or yellow lantern… etc). A few new Batman: Black & White statues were shown off, including my favorite based on the art by Rafael Grampa. The sculptor of this statue was there, so check out the gallery for a pic of him with his creation as well as tons of other photos from the DC Direct booth!

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New York Toy Fair 2013: “Jazwares” debuts new “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show” toys

“Jazwares” brought plenty of new toys with them to NY Toy Fair 2013, but unfortunately not too many of the new items were allowed to be photographed. Lucky for you, I have pics of everything else and can at least tell you about some of the new exciting figures scheduled for this year.

The company had plenty of new tech items being shown off, including new earbuds and spy gear with Star Wars characters, WWE and Power Rangers alarm clocks, and a few other items in the novelty tech line. The big thing for me was the new figures from “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show”. Fans of both shows will be excited to hear that there will be figures of all the major characters from Regular Show in scale with Mordecai and Rigby (yes, Skips will tower over the others), and Fiona and Cake will also be coming out this year along with a few other surprises.

Their popular Mortal Kombat and Sonic the Hedgehog lines will also continue, along with their classic Hanna Barbera and Nicktoons figures, which will be getting a few new figures to join the current line-up. “Plants VS Zombies” will also have a ton of new figures later this year, so check out the gallery below to see what is old and what is new from Jazwares!

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New York Toy Fair 2013: “Mezco” unveils “Breaking Bad” figures

“Mezco” showed off some big licenses at NY Toy Fair 2013, and the one that drew the most attention was their “Breaking Bad” figures.

Featuring great likenesses of Bryan Cranston, Mezco brought out action figures, plushies, and Mez-itz for “Breaking Bad” that will be great for toy collectors and fans of the show. Speaking of Mez-itz, the company also had a ton of new and old Mez-itz from their extremely popular DC Comics Line, including a 1960’s style Batmobile (perhaps a 1960’s style Adam West batman Mez-itz is not far away).

Thundercats statues and the continuation of Mezco’s “Living Dead Dolls” were also present at the show.


Also making their debut were the new figures based on the upcoming animated series (and hit comic) “Axe Cop”. Fans can look forward to figures and plushies of their favorite characters from the brilliant book about a cop with an axe and a partner who is constantly changing.

Check out the gallery below for more photos from Mezco at NY Toy Fair 2013!

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Hot Toys shows off 1:4 scale Batman from “Dark Knight Rises”

The Dark Knight Rises movie is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Celebrating the launch of this highly expected The Dark Knight Rises movie, Hot Toys is proud to present the movie-accurate 1/4th scale Batman Collectible Figure from this movie.

The Batman collectible is newly developed and highly detailed, specially crafted based on the image of Christian Bale as the iconic character Batman, highlighting the movie-accurate head sculpt, Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) on Batman’s head, specially made fabric costume with armor based on the costume design in the movie, weapons and specially made figure stand imitating the movie scene.

Check out the full gallery on the bottom of this page!

The 1/4th scale Batman Collectible Figure specially features:

– Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises movie

– Approximately 18.5 inches / 47 cm tall

– Three (3) interchangeable heads including:

– One (1) Batman head with patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS)

– One (1) alternate Batman head featuring the sonar vision device with light-up eyes (button cells operated)

– Three (3) interchangeable lower part of faces capturing his classic facial expressions, which fit for both functional heads mentioned above

– One (1) newly developed head sculpt of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the movie with accurate facial expression, detailed wrinkles and skin texture

– Batman body with over 32 points of articulation

– Three (3) pairs of interchangeable gloved palms including:

n One (1) pair of fists

n One (1) right relaxed palm

n One (1) left open palm

n One (1) right palm for holding grapnel gun

n One(1) left half open palm


– One (1) newly developed complex Batsuit featuring fabric costume covered with armor

– One (1) cape

– One (1) utility belt with buckle with partial die cast feature and accessories

– One (1) pair of forearm gauntlets

– One (1) pair of black boots


– One (1) grapnel gun

– One (1) transformable sticky bomb gun with partial die cast feature

– One (1) functional ultrasonic cutter

– One (1) functional radiation detector

– One (1) light-up EMP gun (button cells operated)

– Three (3) batarangs with partial die cast feature

– One (1) miniature mine


– One (1) flight pack

– One (1) figure stand imitating the movie scene with the masks of Bane, Joker and Scarecrow, as well as the movie logo

Exclusive Bonus Accessory for Special Edition:

– One (1) 1/4th scale Batman mask

(This special edition is for selected markets only.)


– Head Sculpted by Kojun & Kim Yong Kyum
– Head Painted by JC.HONG
– Head Art Directed by Kojun

Release date: Q1, 2013

**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different

**Battery included for collectible, button cells are required

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