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Bruiser Nearly Ready To Join Boss Fight Studio’s “Bucky O’ Hare” Figure Line

We first saw this teased during NY Toy Fair 2019, and now we are closer than ever to the release of the latest entry to their Bucky O’ Hare line, as Boss Fight Studios has unveiled some new proto pics of Bruiser today!

The shots of Bruiser in action were released on the Boss Fight Studio facebook page.

Bruiser, the brother of Bruce, is a Betelgeusan Berserker Baboon, and joins the crew of The Righteous Indignation after his brother is KIA. This figure is just as massive as the comic and cartoon character, and is scaled to match.

Bruiser comes with extra hands, two heads, a mighty blaster and a banana

You can pre-order Bruiser at this link here. He is expected to release in the 4th quarter of 2019.

This figure is priced higher than the other products in the line, but as you can see, he is a mammoth character when compared to the others.

For those curious, joining Bruiser at a later date will be Mimi LaFloo (who you can see in this video from Toy Fair). Hopefully the line continues to expand, and we can get a Wily and Blinky at some point too. I wouldn’t mind seeing an Al Negator either!

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Boss Fight Studio at NY Toy Fair 2019 – Bucky O’Hare, Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S., Sam & Max

We met the folks at Boss Fight Studio during NY Toy Fair 2019 and checked out the latest figures from their highly successful Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S 3.75″ action figure line (including new horses), as well as what’s new with Bucky O’Hare and Sam and Max. Plus, a first look at their “I Am Brilliance” figure line.

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Boss Fight Studio unveils first look at Bucky O’Hare Action Figures

It’s been a long time coming, but for the first time in decades, we have a new Bucky O’Hare Action figure being released soon.

Over on their official Instagram account, Boss Fight Studio showed off two teaser images a few days ago from their upcoming line of Bucky O’Hare toys, which you can see below.

Earlier today, the fine folks at Boss Fight unveiled two brand spanking new images of the characters from head to toe, and they are gorgeous!

With these prototype pics, we are that much closer to having these in our hands – and we can not wait to get these!

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First-Look: Neal Adams’ “Bucky O’ Hare” Movie Preview Comic

Fresh from its successful debut at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, SWIPE Studio has launched a special link that will enable anyone anywhere to sample the easy-to-use graphics/animation platform that offers an exclusive work by legendary comic book artist and Swipe spokesman Neal Adams.

Located at this link here, the link showcases an 8-page Bucky O’Hare digital comic book produced by Neal Adams solely utilizing the platform’s design and animation tools.

The Bucky O’Hare SWIPE Studio digital comic book written and illustrated by brand creators Larry Hama and Michael Golden together with Neal Adams and his Continuity Productions.
Entitled Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Menace, the work represents the latest creative offering in the Bucky O’Hare legacy and follows Bucky and his crew as they do battle with the Toad Armada.  The 8-pager provides fans with a glimpse into the creative for the planned Bucky O’Hare theatrical motion picture now in the works with Neal Adams producing and directing.

After viewing the Bucky O’Hare SWIPE comic book, consumers can download the free SWIPE Studio app from the Apple Store. Consumers are also able to purchase Neal’s original Bucky O’Hare characters and icons (Asset Groups) at the Swipe Studio Store, which will allow them to create their own Bucky O’ Hare adventures. A free asset group also available at the Swipe Studio Store.  Together with art from the Swipe Asset Group, anyone can begin to create their own digital animated designs, from simple presentations to elaborate digital comic books – just like the one produced by Neal Adams for Bucky O’Hare.

Swipe empowers everyone from consumers to creators to easily animate everything from emails to digital comics with media-rich digital elements and make use of animation, video, vector graphics as well as full audio for voice, music and sound effects on tablets and smartphones. Created to take full advantage of today’s touch-enabled smartphone and tablet technology, Swipe eliminates the need for complex programming typically required to build animation or other forms of design content.  As a result, creators, designers, animators and artists have the tools to create media-rich animated digital content for consumption via touch-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and touch-enabled set-top-boxes, such as iPhone and Apple TV.

“Our team at Continuity and I thoroughly enjoyed creating the Swipe Studio version of Bucky O’Hare and know that absolutely everyone can find their inner creative genius through this extraordinary animation design app.  Through the URL link, visitors will be able to see exactly how SWIPE Studio delivers professional animation capabilities as easy as typing words on a keyboard.  We encourage everyone to check out our introduction link, then download our free SWIPE Studio app and join a community of artists from all over the world enjoying the SWIPE experience,” said Neal Adams.

In addition to the SWIPE Studio introductory link, the public is invited to explore these SWIPE Studio works by numerous artists and designers:


Headquartered in Tokyo, Swipe, Inc. is the parent company for Swipe™, an open source platform embedding the full range of visual and audio media into digital documents for smartphones, tablets and other touch-screen devices.  Swipe, Inc. Founder-Chief Technology Officer Satoshi Nakajima is recognized industry-wide as the lead engineer and architect of Windows 95 and Windows 98 and Internet Explorer versions 3 and 4 which he created during his tenure with Microsoft.

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