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New Trailer For “Child’s Play” Arrives With Debut of Mark Hamill’s Chucky Voice

Recently, Mark Hamill announced he would be the voice of Chucky in the new “Child’s Play” remake. Fans were excited but skeptical of this news, especially since Hamill’s voice has been lended to some iconic characters in the past. Today, with the first full trailer for “Child’s Play” dropping, we get out first change to hear how this new Chucky will sound.

Check out the trailer below, and make sure to watch until the end to hear Hamill’s voice:

I am very elated to hear Hamill’s voice sounding so differently than what I expected. I think I wasn’t the only person concerned that Chucky would sound too much like The Joker, but this character sounds pretty unique. If I didn’t know it was Hamill, the VO actor would be completely unrecognizable to me.

Child’s Play” arrives in theaters on June 21.

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Meet The New Chucky From “Child’s Play” Remake

Chucky is back in action in the new “Child’s Play” horror movie coming out later this year. Today, for the first time, we know what this new version of Chucky looks like.

Here is how the killer doll will appear in the new movie:

Last September, a tease was offered of the new doll (seen below), but this is the first time we have seen the entire character from head to toe.

An important thing to notice is that image from last year featured Chucky with blue eyes, while this one here has red eyes.

Also worth noting, the original film has Chuck being a Buddy doll, while this one has that word spelled “Buddi”, an allusion to Mac products and their penchant for adding “i” into their names. This may mean that this doll has more digital elements to it than its predecessor.

Chucky was confirmed to be played by legendary actor and voiceover star Mark Hamill, a decision we may not be the fondest of.

The new “Child’s Play” movie stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, Mark Hamill, and is directed by Lars Klevberg.

Expect Chucky to slash his way into theaters on June 21.

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Mark Hamill Becomes Voice Of Chucky In “Child’s Play” Reboot

The “Child’s Play” remake is moving along and nearing completion in time for a summer release. Not too long ago, we saw the first trailer for the film, but it neglected to reveal who the voice of the killer doll was. Now, we know who that is – and it’s legendary VO actor Mark Hamill.

Hamill made the announcement in a tweet addressing attendees of Wondercon, where he explained his excitement for the role and his hopes to “have some fun”:

Check out the tweet below:

I am always elated to see Mark Hamill working, especially in VO, but this is a role I am not too interested in seeing his take on. Hamill’s voice is so iconic, and also so familiar due to his decades of work in animation.

I was hoping “Child’s Play’ would take a note from the “It” remake and cast someone lesser known, to really make the role a surprise in many way. We know what Mark Hamill is capable of, and that voice is hard to mask. It’ll be hard not to visualize The Joker or another character he gave life to in the past, but I hope I’ll be wrong about that and Hamill delivers something new and different.

“Child’s Play” comes out this summer on June 21, 2019.

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Chucky Is Back To His Roots With A Modern Twist In New “Child’s Play” Trailer

Nothing is safe from remakes, but in some rare cases, those remakes may be the best thing to do with an outdated movie franchise. Case in point, everyone’s favorite slasher doll, Chucky. His last batch of movies were B-rated schlock at best, and borderline comedy films. In 2019, he’s back, and he’s ditched the jokes for something more sinister.

Check out the trailer below:

This rendition of Chucky seems to keep intact the sensibilities of the original 1988 film, but modernizing it both bringing the doll into the modern world of play as well as the methods of terror. Director Lars Klevberg has said that this ideation of the crazed doll will not be one possessed by a serial killer, but a cyborg gone out of control.

The film stars Gabriel Bateman, Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry and Tim Matheson. The voice of Chucky is still being left a mystery, as is his appearance.

The new Child’s Play will arrive in theaters on June 21.

Yesterday, we showed you the first trailer for the new remake of Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” film – which one do you think will be scarier?


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NY Toy Fair 2017: Mezco Toyz Pre-Toy Fair Event – Living Dead Dolls, Horror Movies, Thundercats

NY Toy Fair 2017 is one week away, and kicking our coverage off is the annual pre-Toy Fair event that Mezco Toyz holds in their secret HQ in NYC.

In this video, Pierre Kalenzaga walks us through some of the new figures and collectables on display (as well as a few oldies making a comeback) from their various licenses, including Child’s Play, Bride of Chucky, Beetlejuice, Hellraiser, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Batman Returns, Thundercats, and more.

We also get a peek at the next line of their popular Living Dead Dolls, and a sneak peek at the newest one-off dolls, which includes A Clockwork Orange, Night of the Living Dead, a two-pack inspired by Beauty & The Beast, and a tease of the first of many DC LDD dolls, Harley Quinn.

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