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Rick & Morty Spaceship & Garage Construction Set Review AKA The Rage

Matthew and Andrea wrap up their extensive look at the Rick & Morty construction sets, finishing with the largest set – The Spaceship and Garage Large Construction Set . Note the optimism and smiles at the start of the video. Those won’t make it to the end. Neither did our souls. Mostly Andrea’s soul….

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McFarlane Toys “Rick and Morty” Scary Terry Construction Set Review

You can run, but you can’t hide from our review of McFarlane Toys “Rick & Morty” Scary Terry construction set review. And as a bonus, here is our interview with the voice actor behind Scary Terry, Jess Harnell, who talks about the role and if we might see a return of this character in the future.

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McFarlane Toys “Rick & Morty” the Discreet Assassin Construction Set Review

Oooh weee! Welcome to the first episode of many as we review McFarlane Toys construction sets of everyone’s favorite intoxicated scientist and his nebbish sidekick, Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” on Cartoon Network.

In episode one, we check out the Discreet Assassin Construction Set, featuring Krombopulos Michael ( #KMichaelKills).

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K’Nex Mario Kart Building Set Review – Shy Guy & Wario

It’s time for a second look at the K’Nex Mario Kart construction series. Last time, we took a look at two of the smaller sets that included Yoshi and Toad on bikes. This time, we have a pair of larger ones, as we look at the actual karts for Shy Guy and Wario.

We put these together on camera to show you the process, and let you know if they are worth buying the next time you see them on store shelves.

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