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You Should Be Reading “Scooby Apocalypse”!

This week on “You Should Be Reading“, we take a look at a title from DC Comics that will run shivers down your spine and make you have the munchies… for Scooby Snacks! Watch the video below and find out why you should be reading “Scooby Apocalypse”!

I just learned after I made this video that “Scooby Apocalypse” is actually ending at Issue 36, so that should make things even easier for anyone who wants to play catch up.

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By the time this comic concludes, there will likely be six volumes of this book as trade paperbacks, but here is the first three to get you started.

Volume 1 is available here – https://amzn.to/2TkI3f2

Volume 2 – https://amzn.to/2HKeBgo

Volume 3 – https://amzn.to/2TOjdJO

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Matt Reeves’ “Batman” Movie Set To Start Filming At End Of 2019

It’s going to be a strange new frontier for DC Comics movies in 2020, with their goal to make films stand-alone and less intertwined like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Shazam” has started that trend and the next “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman” films will continue it. We also know that the upcoming “Batman” movie will live on its own merits, and we now know when it will begin production.

According to a tweet by director Matt Reeves, “The Batman” begins filming “sometime around year’s end.” While that is vague at best, it does mean we can most likely expect this as an early Summer film in 2020.

Another Tweeter asked him if the movie might be inspired by Roman Polanski’s 1974 movie “Chinatown”, which Reeves responded to and said he watched the film before writing the script. This also gives us a little bit more of an idea of how the tone of the movie may be.

This will be the first DC movie without Ben Affleck as Batman, who had a short-lived career under the cape and cowl. No news on who might be playing the Caped Crusader in the upcoming film.

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Four New Teammates Added To “Suicide Squad 2” Movie

The Suicide Squad sequel is picking up some steam, and word just got out of who may be part of the mercenary group in the upcoming James Gunn movie.

According to a report from Collider, four new members will join the gang in “Suicide Squad 2”. They are all familiar foes, though some may be more obscure than others. Ratcatcher, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, and Peacemaker will all be added to the roster.

Peacemaker, who seems to be a cross between The New Gods and The Punisher, is rumored to be played by Dave Bautista, or at least that is who James Gunn wants to take the role. It would be a huge get for the movie, and I am sure Bautista would be open to working with Gunn again.

King Shark, meanwhile, is currently part of the DC TV universe and has appeared on CW’s “The Flash”, but the cinematic world is completely separate from the television universe so that is not a big deal.

Ratcatcher was a villain from Batman who was originally a male, and is now rumored to be genderswapped into a female role.

And as for Polka-Dot Man, he is a man who uses polka dots as weapons. Could be worse….

The remaining team members from the first movie to reappear (so far) are Deadshot who will now be played by Idris Elba, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Joel Kinnaman is also rumored to reprise his role as Rick Flagg, but no official word on that just yet.

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Brent Spiner on being “The Joker” in upcoming DC Comics Audio Drama

In some unexpected news, Brent Spiner will be playing “The Joker” in an upcoming Warner Bros. podcast audio drama. Hear who else will be joining him and some details about the role.

Check out the entire Brent Spiner panel at this link here.

This panel was moderated by Larry Nemecek.

For more information on Big Apple Comic Con, head to www.BigAppleCC.com

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Is this the Bat-Suit from “Gotham”?

Fans have been waiting for the entire duration of Fox’s “Gotham” show to see Bruce Wayne become the Dark Knight. As the series draws nearer to the finale, it seems we have our first leak of what the costume may look like.

A user on Reddit somehow got his hands on this image, and theorized whether or not it was the costume from “Gotham” that Bruce would soon don to become the Batman.

According to the original poster, a “filter was applied to the screenshot to brighten it, so that we can see the details more.”

The series’ executive producer John Stephens already confirmed that Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz will not wear the full suit.  However, that does not mean someone else can, at least for now. IN fact, Mazouz will voice a growling Batman, but the suit was made for someone over six feet tall.

Who will wear the costume remains to be seen, so stay tuned to “Gotham” to see what happens next. Same bat channel, same bat time!

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Idris Elba Takes Over “Deadshot” role in “Suicide Squad 2”

“Suicide Squad 2” is still a thing that is happening, despite some recent turbulence. Today, a new actor has joined the cast to take over a lead role that just lost its actor.

Last week, we learned that Will Smith backed out of “Suicide Squad 2”, leaving the role of Deadshot without a body to play it. Today, we have learned that Idris Elba will take over that character for the upcoming sequel.

“Sources say that Elba met with Gunn on Friday and it went so swimmingly that talks began with the studio in earnest. Elba was the first and only choice for Gunn and the studio.”

Although Deadshot is returning, Gunn is reportedly looking to add DC Comics characters that have not been in any movies yet, as opposed to returning ones for his rendition of the Squad.

Idris Elba is currently working on the Fast and Furious sequel, as well as the movie version of the “Cats” musical, where he plays Macavity.

“Suicide Squad 2” is being written and directed by James Gunn, with Charles Roven and Peter Safran producing. Filming is anticipated to start this September, with an estimated Aug. 6, 2021 release date.

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“Suicide Squad 2” Loses Will Smith

One “Suicide Squad” member just went the way of Slipknot and El Diablo for the upcoming sequel, as Will Smith has left his role as Deadshot in the upcoming sequel.

In a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith will not be returning to reprise his role as the mercenary Deadshot. Apparently, he was never officially signed on for the sequel to begin with, and scheduling issues have made it even more difficult. This led to him formally backing out of the project.

There is no word on if the character will remain in the film with a new actor replacing Smith, or if they will simply write him out of the sequel.

“Suicide Squad 2” will feature James Gunn’s return to a comic book film since Marvel dropped him in July. As for the remaining (and surviving) members of the Suicide Squad team from the first movie, none are confirmed to return as of this article.

Smith will show up next in Disney’s live-action version of “Aladdin”, which opens this May. Smith plays The Genie, and we hope the final visual FX of the film look better than what we have seen so far in the trailer.

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Cryptozoic Entertainment at NY Toy Fair 2019

Here is what was new at Cryptozoic’s booth during NY Toy Fair 2019. They had many new statues and mini-figures based on DC Comics characters, as well as the DC Bombshells universe. Plus, new product from Nightmare on Elm Street and their own IP, Cryptkins.

Not included here were the new trading cards and collectible card games from this company. Rest assured, they have plenty of these, using both the Cerberus and Gryphon systems depending on your level of play. They have more Rick and Morty coming, as well as new DC comics games on the way!

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“Diamond Select Toys” Toy Fair 2019 Walk-through

Zach Oat from Diamond Select gives us a tour of the new products seen at NY Toy Fair 2019.

This includes figures, statues, and minimates for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Bruce Lee, Nightmare before Christmas, Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Westworld, John Wick, and more.

We also learn how their acquisition of Gentle Giant has affected their offerings, with DST having the Star Wars license for the first time ever.

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Mego With Marty Abrams – LIVE AT TOY FAIR 2019

We are live at Mego with Marty Abrams at toy fair 2019, join us live and talk a walk around the booth with us! Plus, we got a ton of fan questions that Marty answers regarding potential new franchises, business strategy, and much more.

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