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Ernie Hudson Reaches Out To Jason Reitman To Talk Ghostbusters 3

With a new Ghostbusters movie slated for 2020, everyone is trying to figure out who will be in it. Ernie Hudson got all of our hopes up when he claimed everyone was “all on board”, but it turned out that meant support more than it did a confirmation that the original stars were returning to the franchise.

While visiting the set of Spectrum original series “L.A.’s Finest”, the OG Winston Zeddemore was asked by Slashfilm if he had any updates on appearing in the upcoming Ghostbusters 3.

Here is what he had to say:

“I reached out to Jason,” Hudson said. “I’ve talked to Jason. I’ve also had a conversation with Ivan [Reitman] just to congratulate him. They confirmed that the movie is definitely being made, because you know there’s always been rumors with Ghostbusters the last 30 years. What that’ll look like, they did not share.”

“Nobody’s offered me a job, but the reason I wanted to reach out to Jason, I remember him as a little kid on the set of Ghostbusters,” Hudson said. “The fact that he’s stepping into that, I think the fans have been wanting it so no matter what happens, I know it’s going to be a great movie. I really respect him as a filmmaker. Obviously, I’d love to be a part of it but that hasn’t so far presented itself. I know that the movie will be good.”

Hudson did not get any tasty morsels to share with the public about the film unfortunately, but he seems very optimistic about the entire project.

“He didn’t tell me,” Hudson said. “It wasn’t a long conversation but that’s good. Whatever they do, I’m glad they’re doing something. The Ghostbusters fans, I go anywhere in the world, somebody knows I’m there, they’ll come by in their Ghostbuster outfits. For them, I’m very happy it’s happening.”

Ghostbusters 2020 or Ghostbusters 3 (because you know who you’re gonna’ call, but not the name of the new movie) will open in theaters on July 10, 2020.

Want to catch up on all the Ghostbusters news that’s happened since Jason Reitman delivered his earth-shattering announcement? Check out our comprehensive video about everything that went on since the announcement in the month of January!

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Everything We Know About Ghostbusters 2020 from January 2019

The announcement of a new Ghostbusters film coming in 2020 rocked the internet, and a lot of information dropped about it in a very short time period.

To help you stay up to date, we at Nerd News Today have made this video with all the tidbits that came out from January 15 through the end of month about Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters 2020!

In this video, we discuss:

  • The announcement of Jason Reitman directing the new movie, which will take place in the original timeline
  • The first teaser trailer dropping online one day later
  • Ernie Hudson saying he and the other original cast members were “all in”, then retracting his comment a day later
  • Leslie Jones angry reaction about “Ghostbusters: Answer The Call” not being given a second film
  • First potential casting announcement for the movie with 12-year-old Sarah Abbott

Plus some other juicy morsels to kick off the first in a monthly series where we discuss and dissect all the news and rumors surrounding this movie until release day – July 10, 2020.

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Ghostbusters 2020 Sequel Has A Teaser Trailer! This Is Not A Drill!

It was only yesterday that news broke of a new Ghostbusters sequel being helmed by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman AKA the man who made the original film.

As if that was not huge enough, out of nowhere – this teaser dropped into our laps!

While this is not exactly informative in any way of what the movie will be about or who will be in it, there are some very important clues here. When I heard those first cues of that music, it gave me goosebumps. By the end of it, I was practically crying with joy. Frankly, I think you will be too.

This teaser also let us know that we can expect the film in the summer of 2020. What’s another year when we have the promise of a new GB movie?

And for those who are obsessed like me, I cleaned up that shot of the Ecto-1 so you could see it the way it was intended:

She’s a thing of beauty, ain’t she?

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