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“Blood Oath: Jadzia Dax” Action Figure review from ST:DS9 – TREKBACK TUESDAY

On this episode of “Trekback Tuesday,” we return to DS9 to look at Jadzia Dax’s action figure by Playmates from her appearance in the episode “Blood Oath.” How does this figure hold up after 20 years? Watch the video to find out!

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Trekback Tuesday: “Lt. Jadzia Dax” figure review

We continue our journey into Deep Space Nine on this episode of Trekback Tuesday by meeting their science officer, Lt. Jadzia Dax! The oldest member of the DS9 crew, this version of Jadzia by Playmates is not quite as old but still qualifies as a retro figure by todays standards. We take a look at her and see if she holds up more modern figures.

Plus, Space Caps!

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