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“Pokemon Detective Pikachu” Audition Tape For Pokemon Revealed

It must have been quite the chore casting a movie like “Pokemon Detective Pikachu”. The sheer number of Pokemon alone is daunting, but trying to find the perfect fit for this movie must have been an even bigger chore. Today, Legendary released the casting tape with all the auditions from the Pokemon who made it into the film, and it is super cute!

Check out the auditions below:

Poor Magikarp!

“Pokemon Detective Pikachu” lands in theaters on May 10. It’s super effective!

If you like this, you will love our look at the Detective Pikachu toys from Wicked Cool Toys coming out later this Spring, seen during Toy Fair 2019.

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“Toxic Avenger” Reboot Is In The Works With Macon Blair As Writer and Director

Grab your tutu and mop and chug some radioactive waste, as Troma Films cult-classic “The Toxic Avenger” is gearing up for a reboot. This isn’t just in the early phases of being discussed, they already have a writer and director behind it.

According to a report from Variety earlier today, film studio Legendary scooped up the feature film rights at the end of 2018 to make their own version of the 1984 uber-violent horror-comedy. The original movie spawned three sequels and a cartoon series “Toxic Crusaders”, as well as becoming a musical in recent years.

Macon Blair will be writing and directing the film, who is an actor turned director that has had quite a coming out party. His most recent picture, “I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore”, won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz of Troma Entertainment will serve as producers with Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfelter overseeing for Legendary.

No other info about the movie has been released yet. My question is how much of the signature Troma gore can they include a widely-released movie? Times have changed since when Troma first released the film, and much of what they do, while still incredibly disgusting, is easier to see in R-rated flicks. I’m sure the movie will still be very gross, I just wonder how gross they could potentially make it – and is there an audience for that?

Back in February, we saw a new Toxie figure made by Super7 at Toy Fair 2019, based on his original “Toxic Crusaders” action figure. If this movie keeps pushing forward, expect that figure to become a highly sought after collectible by the time it hits theaters.

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Brian K. Vaughan to Write Live-Action “Gundam” Film

April marks the 40th anniversary for “Mobile Suit Gundam”, a highly influential anime that continues to produce new sagas every year. A live-action movie will soon be joining the portfolio, and the writer helming it is one comic lovers will be excited to hear about.

According to a report form Deadline, Brian K. Vaughan will be writing the Gundam film. This seems to be a part of his three-year overall deal with Legendary, where the film studio would make movies based on his original works as well as other projects they present to him.

Vaughan is known for Y: The Last Man (which will also have a TV series soon), Runaways, Ex Machina, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, Private Eye, Saga, and Paper Girls (which will be concluding soon). Vaughan has won 14 Eisner Awards, 14 Harvey Awards, and a Hugo Award for his work.

The 1979 series was created and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, who founded a landmark anime that has influenced countless other series through the decades.

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