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NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage: Funko booth Photo gallery

Our NY Toy Fair 2012 coverage continues as we check in on fan favorite Funko, a company that designs a variety of booble-head, plushies, and unique vinyl toys of many licensed characters. This year, Funko brought a bevy of items from Star Wars, Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, Mortal Kombat, Marvel and DC Comics and movies items (including the new Dark Knight Rises and Spiderman films), and some other interesting characters from around pop-culture and history!

Be on the look out for the Chuck Norris plushie in the gallery, which does come with a sweet Uzi for him to use (not that he needs it). You might also enjoy the Edgar Allen Poe booble-head, which for some reason was placed adjacent to the Elvis Presley booble-heads… go figure.

Check out the gallery below!

One year later, “Spiderman” musical making plans for profit & recouping losses

When he isn’t swinging webs overhead and rewarding himself with action, Spiderman is busy on Broadway with his musical. A year after finally opening (after the show was plagued with a practically biblical amount of problems), the show has not quite turned a profit yet. However, the people behind the musical are working on remedying that issue.

Here is the update, according to the NY Times:

In an interview to mark the Monday anniversary of the production’s first, fumbling preview performance, the producers of “Spider-Man” said they were considering new plans for recouping the show’s record-setting $75 million capitalization. The most unusual idea: adding new scenes and perhaps a new musical number to the New York “Spider-Man” every year, making it akin to a new comic book edition, and then urging the show’s fans to buy tickets again.

The producers are also expanding to all 50 states their radio campaign, inspired by rock concert promotions, in which listeners are flown to New York to see the show and then give reviews back home on the air.

Many pundits did not think that the musical would ever recoup their losses and would close down not long after. The production company now believes that they will not only recoup but turn a profit. Weekly running costs for “Spider-Man” total $1 million or more, by far the highest amount on Broadway, while its net income has ranged recently from $100,000 to $300,000 a week. At that rate the show would need to play on Broadway for at least five more years to pay off debts, a run very few shows achieve.

Tentative plans were made to take the show around the world, but at the moment it will be staying in New York City.

Marvel Comics gives you free Digital Download codes for FREE

Marvel Comics is giving out free digital comiXology download codes (did I mention they are free yet?), that will be polybagged with the first, second and third issues of their new “Avenging Spider-Man” series. This series, written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by the legendary Joe Madureira, follows Spider-Man as he works with the Avengers, with the first issue debuting on November 9. Marvel had announced plans to include a digital code in the first issue, but sold enough copies to merit expanding the promotion through the next two issues as well.

Marvel sent out a press release with the info:

“At New York Comic Con we heard from fans and retailers that this was the most exciting digital comics move of the year because of the added value it gives every copy of Avenging Spider-Man,” said David Gabriel, Marvel SVP of Sales. “Based on initial orders of over 100,000 units for the first issue-and the steady increase in orders since we’ve begun promotion on this plan-we knew that including a code for a free digital copy in future issues of Avenging Spider-Man not only excites our retailers, but incentivizes fans to come into stores for one of the year’s hottest new releases. It’s a win-win for everyone with no extra cost to readers and an increased revenue share for retailers.”

Marvel currently releases their comics online staggered from their physical release day, but this new campaign hopes to entice readers to turn to the dark side and start downloading comics. Granted, you will need to spend $3.99 first to get the paper-version of the issue that has the code, but the offer of free always comes with a cost. Will this clever marketing plan work, or just alienate fans and buyers further against it?