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NYCC 2015: Eaglemoss Booth Tour – Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel

Check out the newest offering from Eaglemoss at NYCC 2015, including pieces from their subscription services with Marvel Comics characters like Wolverine, Ultron, The Hulk, Doctor Doom, Deadpool, Captain America, and Ant-Man, Doctor Who characters including Doctors portrayed by David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi, Daleks, Cybermen, and other Alien species, and Star Trek ships from across the entire universe, including the new Shuttlecraft series.

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NYCC 2015: Diamond Select Toys – Marvel Comics, Batman, Gotham, Aliens & more

Zach Oat from Diamond Select Toys joined us at their booth during New York Comic Con 2015 to give us a three-part tour of all of the new items and exclusives from their company.

In the first part, we see plenty of new items including statues, action figures, minimates and other items from Batman: The Animated Series, the 1960’s Batman TV show, Gotham, Aliens, Godzilla, Marvel Comics, Universal Horror monsters, and Plants VS Zombies.

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A Boy and His Blind Box: Marvel Munnyworld Zipper Pulls


It’s a big year for Marvel Comics, with Captain America 2, Amazing Spiderman 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy all making waves in the movie world, and an overwhelming avalanche of Marvel Now! debut issues flooding the market. Kidrobot has been riding the wave of Marvel’s popularity for awhile, and we got a hold of one of their many licensed products, but this one is a twist.

The Marvel Munnyworld Zipper Pulls combine your favorite comic characters with Kidrobot’s distinct Munny design, which is normally a build-and-paint figure that customizers flock to. However, in this case we have pre-made zipper pulls that look so cutesy, your brain might explode.


There are 10 zipper pulls in total, which feature two bad guys, seven good guys, and one Deadpool, because Deadpool does whatever he wants. The selection is popular core characters, like Venom, Spidey, Captain America, Thor, and the aforementioned Merc with a Mouth.

The box art is simple but incorporates the zipper pull gimmick cleverly into the packaging, with Spiderman descending on the pull like it’s one of his webs. The art clearly shows you what you are getting, in their very Munny way.


Each tiny box comes with a silver bag to ensure the secret identity of your blind box figure remains well-kept from the public. It also features the Marvel Munnyworld logo, which is cool but will not matter after you tear into the packaging. Speaking of, SNIKT!


I bought three Marvel Munnyworld Zipper pulls, and I ended up with The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, and Spiderman! Each zipper pull stands about 3/4 of an inch tall, and is essentially identical to each other in terms of sculpting. That is how a Munny figure works, though, as it is all about customizing. What separates them apart is their paint job, which is smooth and clean and makes it easy to identify each person.

These little figures capture the iconic elements of each Marvel character, whether it’s Hulk’s scowl, Wolverine’s mask, or Spidey’s expressive eyes. Simplistic but effective, they may not be super detailed in any way whatsoever, but more is less with these little dudes, and I think they do the job of explaining the character in one glance extremely well. Plus, these are less than an inch tall, and for this scale, the paint job is perfect.


Each Marvel Munnyworld Zipper pull costs $3.99, which is a hefty price for a small zipper pull. However, you are paying for the license, solid construction, and a good-looking and well painted little figurine. This is a blind box that I say is worth buying, but with some trepidation. If you plan on actually using this zipper pull, get it – if you plan on collecting it for the sake of collecting, skip it and get their other Marvel Munnyworld items instead.

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Kidrobot Toys at NY Toy Fair 2014 – Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Labbits, TMNT, Megaman

It was blind box madness at NY Toy Fair 2014!

Dan from the Kidrobot booth walked us through all the new blind box figures coming from his company throughout the year, which includes new waves of their popular Simpsons, Futurama, and South Park lines, as well as the first unveiling of their new Megaman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blind box vinyl figures! Shut up and take my money!

In addition to the licensed merchandise, Kidrobot will also have a new expanded line of Labbit toys, including a bearded Labbit and multiple vinyl Labbit pre-packaged and blind box figures in a variety of genres, and new styles of Munny figures for you customizers out there.

Marvel and DC will also both be getting the Labbit treatment, as well as Munny and vinyl blind box figures, so stay tuned for more details on those as we get closer to release date.

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“Ms. Marvel” Issue #1 Review – Meet the new Muslim Ms. Marvel

Marvel Comics grabbed headlines around the world when they announced they would be making a new superhero a Muslim, but not only that – a Muslim woman! There were mixed opinions across the board, some readers citing the progressive nature of this move as a plus, others calling it a gimmick to draw attention, and some even saying it’s just killing two birds with one stone by having a female minority heroine. Others just flat-out called it a bad idea and could not support such a concept.

No matter what your opinion might be of the gimmick, the good news is that “Ms. Marvel” is off to a great start and I think we will be seeing quite a lot more of her in the future. I will do my best to keep this spoiler-free, but this review does include a brief plot synopsis (that does not reveal the ending) so you have been warned about that if you want to stay totally fresh to the book when you pick this up.

Written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Adrian Alphona, Kamala Khan is your average teenage Pakistani girl living in New Jersey. Except for the fact that she is a huge nerd who writes fan-fic’s about “The Avengers” and has strict parents who do not like their little girl growing up as fast as she might want to. One night after escaping from her house to go to a party that does not end well for her, Kamala and many of her classmates are hit with the Terrigan mists, and from there, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen next.


The fact that Kamala is far from a way to sell books, but it is also not the only part of it. If anything, kamala is more relatable as a quirky and nerdy teen girl that is trying to find acceptance in a world that does not understand what her characteristics are, and not defined by what God she believes in. Kamala’s home and school-life is very interesting to demonstrate that, with a brother who is a devout Muslim that refuses to work and would rather spend his time learning about his religion, while her parents are more reformed, although still conservative in their views on raising kids. Kamala’s bestie, Nakia, is just discovering her own roots, while her antagonizing classmates have decided that Kamala “smells like curry” and is a novelty to be mocked.

Kamala is clearly aware of her background, but it’s not a driving factor for her, merely a part of her that does not solely define who she is. This is a very strong part of the book, is that it plays on your expectations that this comic is thrusting you, the reader, into the world of a Muslim girl, while in reality, the book is throwing you into the life of an outsider that is trying to determine who she is – a Muslim, a nerdy fangirl, a super heroine, or all of the above?


The writing is spot on, but what really attracted me to the book was Alphona’s artwork, which has a sketchy and energetic style that really defines the way I read all of the characters voices. Combined with the beautiful coloring done by Ian Herring that always sets the mood, the visuals in this book fit the attitude and story by keeping it grounded in a realistic way, but can be shifted suddenly into a fantasy world that is in our protagonists head, or occasionally in real life.

We do not actually see Kamala wearing her new outfit by the end of the first issue, although we do see her wearing something that is quite a shock for her. I am excited about this being a five-part origin story since it will allow our protagonist to really get grounded in her new role, as well as pace things nice and easy for the reader to enter her world. Culture shock is clearly a theme in this book, but it will not be the only thing we read about, as Kamala deals with her newfound powers and attempts to just be accepted for who she is, not what she is. I highly recommend picking up “Ms. Marvel” #1, and can not wait for the second issue!

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“Spiderman Web Creator Lab” Toy Review

IMG_2130 copy

One of the best things to come out of Queens, NY, is Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman. Bitten by a radioactive spider and given an array of powers, Parker is the perfect example of a great character to be adapted into Uncle Milton’s Marvel Science toy line. Parker used his super abilities and merged them with his already genius mind, and created something to make him much more like a spider – webbing. With his sticky fluid created and handy web shooters on his wrist, Spidey can successfully swing overhead from building to building across the New York cityscape. Uncle Milton saw this, and made the “Spiderman Web Creator Lab”, which allows kids to make their own spiderwebs and live the dream of being Spiderman, minus being bit by a live arachnid. Lucky for us, we have our very own superhero, Foodie Boy from the Foodie Tots blog, to help us review this kit.

IMG_2203 copy

Inside the attractive cardboard box for this web creator lab, the kit has everything you need besides hot water and manpower to get started. We have a few different molds to make either flat webs or three-dimensional web balls, the press to make your molds, a few bags of “sticky stuff” in red and blue to create the webs, an injector for the web fluid, a small red spatula (with spider webbing on it) to scrape your web free from the mold, and a test tube to do your measuring.

IMG_2200 copy

The mold reminds me of a panini press, and is very well designed for both form and functionality. Retaining the classic Spiderman colors of red and blue, adorned with webs, the mold makes for a cool paperweight when it’s not being used.

IMG_2315 copy

Like all Uncle Milton Marvel Science kits, this one comes with a poster of the real-life application of the toy. In this case, we get a comparison of Spiderman’s powers next to a real spider and how they use and create their webs. Pretty cool stuff, and lacks any shots of the arachnids that little kids might get scared by.

IMG_2226 copy

Here is a shot of the “sticky stuff”, the special goop to make your webs. Resembling taffy, the colors are a bit more neon than the tones of Spiderman’s uniform, but look pretty sweet once they are done, as you will see later.

IMG_2240 copy

The sticky stuff is added into the injector, then you open the frame lock and place the chosen mold in the circle and lock the frame. After that, you place the injector into the small opening on top of the mold and open the bag that has the goo in it. Pour hot tap water up to the line and place the goo back in to prep it, then wait for it to melt. The goop needed a larger container to hold the packet with the goo inside, and hot tap water just did not cut it. The instructions should either have the goo stay in the water longer, or it might need some seriously boiling hot water to make it work easier.

Pour the melted goo into the injector and push it down, which we will see in the next pics. The frame lock of the mold is incredibly tight and was difficult to open and close it. It needs to be snapped into place, and it’s hard to push down on. This might be because it’s new, but it was problematic and something to consider.

IMG_2233 copy

Here are the hands of Foodie Man, AKA Foodie Boy’s dad, injecting the sticky stuff into the mold, via a small hole on top of it.

IMG_2236 copy

Although Foodie Boy would not be outdone, and had to try his hands at injecting the brightly colored substance into the mold to show his own super-strength.

In reality, these photos were put in this post out of order, as our intrepid young Foodie Boy had difficulty squeezing the goo into the mold, and needed parental help to get it all down. There was some leftover web fluid stuck in the injector after, which was a bit of a pain to get out due to its sticky nature.

IMG_2229 copy

And thus began the waiting process…

IMG_2230 copy

And more waiting…

IMG_2246 copy

At last, Success!

IMG_2248 copy

It takes 30 minutes for the web fluid to solidify after it is heated and put in the mold. Combined with the 10 minutes it ended up taking for the fluid to get soft enough to begin with equals a torturous eternity for a kid in the single-digits age range.

IMG_2249_2 copy

Opening the mold hatch was not easy, but we think this may have been because it was brand new. It was not closed properly after the molds were placed in the frame, which led to a little bit of goo not going into the mold. It didn’t look the prettiest, but it didn’t ruin the web. I don’t know if it was because of the improperly closed frame lock or because of how it was set up, but there was a little bit of goo that popped up out of the injector hole, which created a little bump in the web. There were also some bubbles in the goo.

IMG_2252 copy

Despite some cosmetic flaws, the web itself still looks pretty great and functioned nicely.

IMG_2254 copy

Foodie Boy is using the diminutive spatula to pry the web free from the mold, which popped out with relative ease. The web is not too fragile, so you don’t have to worry about tearing it when you remove it (unless you start clawing at it).

IMG_2258 copy

Clearly, Foodie Boy is happy!

IMG_2260 copy

And here is the final product in hand… literally.

Overall, Foodie Boy loved it. He didn’t care what the web looked like, he was just happy to have a web that he created. The instructions for the toy were very easy to understand, and despite requiring a great deal of patience, the end result looks pretty sweet, and was sticky as promised (though not to the point where it will become a household nuisance).

You can order the Uncle Milton Marvel Science Spider-Man Web Creator Lab on Amazon.com for $16, while it is normally priced in stores at $30. It is worth purchasing at either price point, but especially at this rate. This is a toy that will get a lot of use, despite a few flaws, and the fact that it is reusable means it helps save you money in the long run. However, out of all the Uncle Milton Marvel Science toys that we reviewed, this is the one that needed the most help from parents to make the magic happen, so be ready to get your science on if you buy this item.

Want to read more about what the Foodie Tots are doing, and learn from their parents about how to get kids to eat well and support locally-grown food? Head over to their blog to hear about all of their escapades!

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“Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab” Toy Review

I have always had a fondness for Iron Man, especially for the fact that he shoots laser beams out of his hands. We all want gloves like that, but sadly, not all of us can have shrapnel embedded in our chest so badly that we must be powered by an ARC reactor and can therefore go ‘Pew! Pew!’ out of the palm of our hands. However, the “Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab” from Uncle Milton, another toy in their Marvel Science line, allows kids to harness the power of Tony Stark’s primary weapon and put it on your living room table. Instead of shooting blasts, this item uses air power to suspend spheres in the air that you can create obstacle courses for to understand the science part of what a repulsor ray is. The kids over at Foodie Tots are lending us a helping hand once again on this one, and will give us a real child’s opinion over whether this product is worth your time, or if you should start selling your Stark Industries stocks now.

IMG_2266 copy

Here is a shot of the complete kit from a bird’s eye point of view, out of the box (which is a very colorful package and hard to miss in a store). The kit includes two round balls, three obstacles, and the arm. The pair of spheres are thankfully very soft, made from a foam-like material that is very squishy – so no need to worry about any broken windows with those.

IMG_2267 copy

This contraption would be the magic behind the Repulsor Ray Tech Lab, namely the device that makes the air flow happen. Sporting the traditional red and yellow pantones of ole’ shellhead, the arm-like device rotates in and out of position around the base, which resembles the repulsor rays on the palm of the armored Avenger’s hand. The repulsor ray would seem much cooler and more “magical” if it didn’t sound like a leaf blower, since it is very noisy, but that is also the price you pay for a toy that shoots a steady stream of air out of it.

IMG_2270 copy

Here is a close-up of the three different sized obstacles that you get to navigate your balls through. This trio also alters the difficulty of getting the balls through them, with each one having less space than the others. I wonder if Uncle Milton will offer an expansion pack for this one with more obstacles?

IMG_2314 copy

This is a great toy, but unlike Thor’s hammer and Spider-Man’s web creator which we also reviewed, the box didn’t make a lot of sense to the kids. Foodie Boy was generally unimpressed with it until he opened it up and began playing with it, at which point he had fun with it and began to understand the concept better (keep in mind that he is seven years old at the time of this article, so do keep age in mind when buying this for a child).

IMG_2272 copy

Thar’ she blows! Here is the toy in action, with both Foodie Boy and Foodie Girl giving it a try. The Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab just needs batteries to get it started, no assembly required. You push the blue button to get the air flow going, and from there you can set it to the two different modes that it has, “Tabletop” and “Handheld”, which is created by swiveling the part with the air so that it faces outward. The item also lights up and is recommended to try playing with in dim light (which we did not snap photos of because iPhone cameras are awful at dim light without a flash).

Foodie Girl is operating the toy while Foodie Boy is testing how the air flow works by waving his hand underneath the levitating ball. You can clearly see both kids having a good time now that the product is doing something, and really makes the science aspect of this very enjoyable.

You place it on the air flow and once it’s airborne, you try to move the ball by moving the repulsor ray unit. Once you’ve gotten used to moving it, the next step, or as they call it “phase”, is to move the ball through the energy sphere obstacles. This is where things get really tricky. It’s difficult to master but a lot of fun. The instructions recommend setting up an obstacle course once you get more used to it. Once you master that, they provide instructions on how to make your energy sphere fly through a tube, but that was a science experiment left for another day since the kids were having enough a good time just playing with it as is.

IMG_2327 copy

While Foodie Boy had a lot of fun with it and even managed to get it through the obstacles several times, it turned out to be Foodie Girl who really loved it. The obstacles were a little too much for her at three years old, but she began to create her own experiments like seeing if she could get two balls to share the air flow at the same time, or seeing what happened if she moved her hand through the flow while the ball was in the air. Perhaps it is a sign for Uncle Milton to find a way to start targeting the young girl market with their science products as well, and offer Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk or Black Widow science kits…

IMG_2320 copy

Overall, our Foodie Tots testers both enjoyed this item, although this is definitely one of the more science-oriented toys in the Marvel Science kit catalog. That does not take away from the joy of it at all, but it is one that would benefit from parents playing with their kids, and may not be meant for kids that are too young to appreciate it. As a toy, it’s a lot of fun, but the educational aspect might be above certain children’s heads, so make sure you parents out there play with your kids with this one, too.

The Uncle Milton Marvel Science Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab is available from Amazon.com for around $15, and is normally in stores for $25. At either price, it’s a great toy that will not let you down, and your kids will have hours of fun experimenting with the air flow and trying different ways to manipulate it.

IMG_2330 copy

Want to read more about what the Foodie Tots are doing, and learn from their parents about how to get kids to eat well and support locally-grown food? Head over to their blog to hear about all of their escapades!

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“Thor Lightning Energy Hammer” Toy Review

What kid would not want to harness the power of the Norse god of thunder? Mattel and other companies have versions of Marvel Comics’ Thor’s hammer on toy shelves around the nation, but Uncle Milton had a different idea. The Thor Lightning Energy Hammer toy from their company combines the fun of Mjolnir and science to make for a perfect balance between plaything and learning toy.

IMG_2130 copy

Who better to wield the enchanted hammer than Foodie Boy, one-half of the Foodie Tots kids from the Foodie Tots blog, a site devoted to teaching kids about proper nutrition and not just eating right, but eating the right way from the right places. When he is not tasting yummy cheeses that make me wish I was not lactose intolerant, Foodie Boy is a big fan of Marvel Comics superheroes. He even has his own Captain America costume, so it only made perfect sense to give him the abilities of a Norse god, too. He also really enjoyed his Spiderman Web Creator kit from Uncle Milton, but that’s a different review!


This is one of the easiest of the Uncle Milton Marvel Science products to put together and use, as you simply get it out of the very easy to remove box and start using it. The only thing it really requires from you is some batteries to get the hammer to make lights and sounds. The hammer features a magnet within it, so whenever your child finds something that is also magnetic, the two will connect just like your average horseshoe magnet. Most kids love the magic/ science of magnets, but the genius that put a magnet into Thor’s hammer deserves a raise!

IMG_2371 copy

Besides the hammer, this toy also comes with a base for the hammer that also lights up, a plastic coin with Thor on a metal part of it (which fits into the front of the base) to get you started picking things up with it, and a pamphlet on the science that the toy is based on – magnetism. The lights look bright and great when metal is detected, be it from the Thor coin or another source, or when it is put back in the station, glowing with a cool blue hue.

When your child swings the hammer around, it makes a swooshing noise as if you really are using the real Thor’s hammer. One of the best aspects of this particular toy is the lack of set-up and the ease of playability. The science aspect is (literally) built into it and is not a gimmick, but rather, this feel likes a toy with a fun magnetic feature that is not pushing the educational part of it (meaning most kids would not even bother playing with it again).

IMG_2124 copy

You can order the Uncle Milton Marvel Science – Thor Lightning Energy Hammer from Amazon.com for under $15, and is normally $25. At $25, I would have said it was a great toy to buy with no reservations, but at $15, I have to ask why you already don’t have this? This toy is great for the kids to play and learn with, and feels like something that will get a lot of longterm usage, as well. Out of all of the Uncle Milton Marvel science kits, this is the one that truly makes you feel like a superhero, and is the easiest to jump right into using and learning with. This one comes highly recommended from NerdNewsToday, as well as the Foodie Tots!

IMG_2365 copy

Want to read more about what the Foodie Tots are doing, and learn from their parents about how to get kids to eat well and locally? Head over to their blog to hear about all of their escapades!

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“The Amazing Spider Man 2” Video Game Debuts at NYCC 2013

Look out! Here comes the Spiderman! Only this time, it’s his movie counterpart and his brand new video game sequel.

Developed by Beenox, “The Amazing Spiderman 2” will be out just before the theatrical release of the movie it is based on, and is just as much a sequel for the first game. Expanding into a wider open world environment, the game will now feature more RPG elements, including a “Hero or Menace” mechanic that either rewards or penalizes players depending on how well they keep up with crime.

In an interview done at Polygon, the designers revealed that there will be plenty of new features:

“Webs are a big part of Spider-Man, so the cool things we’re doing differently this time is that we have different types of webbing,” he said. “We have your typical impact webbing, your regular vanilla webbing. We are also going to have cryo-webbing. It sort of adds an RPG-like element.”

The webs will also now attach to buildings, and players can use the left and right triggers to have more control of their web slings.

“The Amazing Spider Man 2” will be available next year for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Windows PC.

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Captain America Marvel Minimates Preview

Marvel Minimates Series 54 is Captain America Crazy! At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Diamond Select Toys unveiled the next comic-based series of Marvel Minimates, and it was a Captain America fan’s dream come true! With more Cap friends and foes than you can shake a shield at, Series 54 will surely whet appetites for the next Captain America movie when it hits in early 2013, and here are the first official pictures!

With seven different Minimates to collect, Series 54 will be available at comic shops and specialty toy stores in January in four different two-packs. The first set includes “Fighting Chance” Captain America from Mark Gruenwald’s classic storyline and Robot Red Skull from Ed Brubaker’s acclaimed run on the title. Next up is ex-sidekick the Winter Soldier (with sniper rifle), who comes with his successor the Falcon (with his sidekick Redwing). Finally, classic Cap foe Baron Strucker will come with a caped Hydra Elite and a short-packed variant set will pair the Hydra Elite with Madame Hydra, a.k.a. Viper!

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