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WWE Basic Series 61 Natalya Review

Natalya has been a pillar of the women’s division in WWE for some time, and I had been waiting for my favorite look to come out so I could finally get a figure of her. I really dug the outfit she wore while she was a valet for Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, and in WWE Basic Series 61 we finally got that toy.

The figure has some pros and cons, so check out the review in the video above to find out if this is the definitive version of this diva or not.

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The “Shockmaster” Joins SDCC 2016 Mattel Exclusives

Matty Collector announced another Mattel exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2016, and this one is here to rule the world!

Joining their other extensive line-up of previously announced items, WWE is getting a new exclusive in the form of the infamous WCW wrestler, The Shockmaster. This poor guy debuted by falling through a wall and ruining his grand entrance, as well as losing his silver-spray painted stormtrooper helmet in the process. The character was a mess and lasted for a very short time, much like this exclusive.

Check out photos and their official description below:

WWE® Elite Figure Shockmaster™ Limited Edition – $30

Die-hard WWE® fans will enjoy the ultimate tribute to the legendary Shockmaster™ with this Elite 6-inch figure. This limited edition figure celebrates the iconic debut of The Shockmaster™ at WCW® Clash of the Champions XXIV, and is packaged in a unique way to recreate his epic fall during his television debut.  He also comes with his entrance coat that was intended to enhance his first ever appearance.  Now WWE® fans have a chance to celebrate one of sports entertainment’s most talked about Superstars!

This product will be available for pre-order at MattyCollector.com on June 16, 2016 for subscribers only (Early Access), and from June 17 through June 26 for everyone else (All Access). Orders must be picked up in person at San Diego Comic-Con. Products will also be available for purchase at the convention. Details on this and more to come.

If you don’t know who this guy is, sit back and enjoy the video (and if you do know, better just watch it again):

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Mattel Announces SDCC 2016 Exclusives

Mattel has announced the several San Diego Comic Con 2016 exclusives that will be available for pre-sale beginning June 17 on Mattycollector.com, and also available at the event itself.

Joining the line-up so far are items from the new Ghostbusters movie, Monster High, Masters of The Universe, and Thomas the Tank Engine mashed up with DC superheroes.

Check out the photo gallery and descriptions below:


SRP: $80 Available: Online

As befitting of the daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman makes her first silver screen appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and this iconic Super Hero proves she’s ready for battle! Inspired by the costume worn in the movie, Wonder Woman Barbie doll is cloaked in a royal blue hooded cape lined with gold lamé and worn over her bold red bustier and royal blue paneled skirt. She also wears her signature golden headdress, bulletproof bracelets and golden lasso. Standing heroically atop a “rocky” ledge brandishing her sword and shield, she is the portrait of a true Amazonian Warrior Princess.


SRP: $25 Available: Online

Frankie Stein straps on her proton pack and Ghostbuster skills in this spooktacular SDCC ’16 exclusive mash-up. Catch yours before it gets slimed!


SRP: $40 Available: Onsite

Get ready for this riveting steampunk two-pack from Monster High ! Robecca Steam and her father Hexiciah Steam bring their analog style to the digital age in with their uhhh-mazingly detailed steampunk fashions and scary cool accessories.


SRP: $75 Available: Super 7

Relive the glamorous, commanding adventures of She-Ra, Princess of Power with this 11” highly detailed action figure. The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe features 24 points of articulation, rooted hair, 3 iconic fashions, 2 swords, signature shield, 6 interchangeable hands, a logoed stand, a 12-page mini comic: “The Story of She-Ra”, and a beautiful keepsake box with vivid imagery from the enchanting world of Eternia! Wage epic battle with She-Ra against The Evil Horde for the honor of Grayskull!


SRP: $24.99 Available: Onsite

Ghostbusters is back with an all new, paranormal team and spooky cool ghosts. Now with the GHOSTBUSTERS Lights & Sounds Multi-Pack, you can join the fight. Battle alongside four 1.5” ghost busters mini figures who are armed and ready! Proton beams fire from their blasters as they try to take down the evil 6” Rowan figure, the giant ghost from the film. Press the button outside the box to launch a light and sound show of blue glowing proton beams as Rowan turns red and screams in rage! Press it again, and you’ll hear the iconic “Who you gonna call” Ghostbusters theme song as the lights bounce to the beat of the music. Packaging features slime graphics and the iconic Ghostbusters logo. Set also includes 3 AA batteries. It’s a multi-sensory interactive experience that real Ghostbusters fans and collectors will love!

SRP: $25 Available: Onsite
Enhance your collection of Disney Pixar Cars characters with this Comic exclusive: a premium, true-to-movie Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet die-cast!

This highly detailed 1:55 scale replica of the classic 1950s vehicle brings to life Doc Hudson as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet at the peak of his racing career.


SRP: $19.99 Available: Online

When trouble threatens, it’s up to the greatest heroes of all to save the day! Springing into action are Thomas as Superman and Diesel as Batman. This Thomas & Friends/DC Super Friends MINIS item for San Diego Comic Con 2016 features amazing transformations when Thomas as Clark Kent and Diesel as Bruce Wayne become their super heroic alter egos. Thrilling comic strip stories built into the package provide the reason for the heroes to shed their secret identities and don their familiar disguises. This highly collectible item follows on the heels of 2015’s popular San Diego Comic Con Thomas & Friends/DC Super Friends MINIS item and delivers the same action-packed, pop art fun in premium packaging, plus an exciting new feature that’s sure to thrill!


SRP: $30 Available: Online
The stage is set for this year’s truly captivating Ever After High SDCC ’16 exclusive.

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Mattel Teases SDCC 2016 Exclusive She-Ra Doll

Yesterday MattyCollector.com posted a teaser of the first San Diego Comic Con exclusive.   The speculation is that it is for a 12″ Barbie or Monster High version of the Princess of Power herself – She-Ra.

The pieces of the puzzle look quite enticing so far, and it begs the question of if other characters will be joining this if it is indeed a Barbie doll. I don’t think they could do much justice with Ken as He-Man, but I would not mind seeing the supporting cast from She-Ra appear in this format.


Are you ready for the Most Powerful Woman in the Universe?

Guess who’s coming to Comic Con in 2016? Come back tomorrow for another ‪#‎shera2016‬ reveal! ‪#‎mattycollector‬ ‪#‎PrincessofPower‬ ‪#‎heman‬ ‪#‎shera‬ ‪#‎MOTU‬ ‪#‎MOTUC‬ ‪#‎Mattel‬


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NY Toy Fair 2016: ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot figures & proton pack – VIDEO

Whether you like it or not, the reboot for “Ghostbusters” is on its way later this summer, and Mattel and Matty Collector are gearing up for what they hope to be a big hit with their toys. During the Matty Collector event, press got their first look at the new action figures of the four busters, along with a six-inch version of the Staypuft marshmallow man, a winged ghost monster named Mayhem, and the key villain in the film, Rowan, who looks a heck of a lot like the “no ghost” logo minus the red circle. Looks like we got some more plot info at this event along with a glimpse of the ladies in their jumpsuits and packs.

The following day, we got a tour of the Mattel booth which had a few other items from the film, including the mini-ghosts and most importantly – the new proton pack accessory! Not only do we get to see what the back of the pack looks like on the figures, we also see what kids (and some adults) might be wearing when they start pretending to be GB’s again! No word on whether we will see a classic style pack, but we can only hope that if this line does well enough, perhaps Mattel will consider a line of accessories for the original movie that is not a high-priced adult collectible.

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NY Toy Fair 2016: “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice” figures & dolls – VIDEO

Mattel is more than ready for DC’s summer blockbuster, “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and at Toy Fair 2016 showed off toys and dolls from the film.

As part of the six-inch line, we will see versions of the titular characters, along with Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, and two other versions of Batman – armored Batman, and the desert-style Batman. The film will also be getting the Barbie treatment, with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all getting dolls. Lastly, 12-inch figures with limited articulation will also be available of the DC trinity.

There was plenty more “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice” toys and statues at NY Toy Fair, including the ones seen at DC Direct’s booth.

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NY Toy Fair 2016: Masters of the Universe & Thundercats – VIDEO

Every time I try to get out of collecting Masters of the Universe, Mattel pulls me back in.

During the Matty Collector press event at NY Toy Fair 2016, Mattel unveiled their newest figures for their Masters of the Universe line, which is now all about the classic filmation cartoon show, and also debuted their Thundercats line. The first wave of Thundercats includes Lion-O, Jackalman, Pumyra, and Mumm-ra, and they all look amazing so far. More figures are expected to be announced the closer they get to launching the line later this year.

Masters of the Universe Classics is coming to a wrap, just as their new Filmation line begins. Both are looking great this year, with a new Evil-Lyn, Serpentine King Hssss, and a few vehicles coming out. The Filmation line is what has me salivating, with the first batch of reveals featuring a lot of figures I need to have like He-Man, Skeletor, Clawful, Evilseed, and my personal favorite, Trap-Jaw.

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NY Toy Fair 2016: Barbie – New body types & Fashionista line – VIDEO

Not that long ago, Mattel announced that Barbie would be getting a makeover, and not just the kind that involves make-up but an all new look to better match the modern world. At NY Toy Fair 2016, we got to see first hand what the new Barbies would be like, with new body types that represent a more diverse type of woman.

In this video, we get a quick overview of the new bodies for Barbie, which come in four sizes along with flat feet and arched feet, plus the new skin tones and hair styles that bring their flagship doll into modernity. We also see the new fashions Barbie will be wearing, as well as a new line of dolls that allows you to dye and change her hair as often as you wish.

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NY Toy Fair 2016: ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ Dolls – VIDEO

Make way for the DC Super Hero Girls! Originally seen at NYCC 2015, Mattel made the formal unveiling at NY Toy Fair 2016 at their Matty Collector event, with additional items at their actual Mattel booth inside the Javits center.

Above are the dolls and action figures shown during the Matty Collector press event, which includes articulated versions of Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Batgirl, along with 12-inch dolls of those plus Bumblebee and Poison Ivy.

At the Mattel booth, we got a tour of the entire line, which also includes some roleplay items and an awesome playset for the action figures. This is a great looking line that I hope does well and expands into a very huge series. I am also very happy that 2016 seems to be the year that Mattel is making big leaps forward in recognizing their female fan base and making action figures that are truly for everyone.

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