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NYCC 2018: Figuarts – Cowboy Bebop, Power Rangers, Harry Potter, Naruto, Street Fighter

In our second video of the Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts booth, we look at all of their new figures from Cowboy Bebop, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Harry Potter, Naruto, and Street Fighter, plus some of their new Mickey Mouse figures!

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Dragon Ball Z, DC & Marvel Figma Figuarts by Tamashii Nations

Kamehamehah! Tamashii Nations brought out a ton of new DBZ and Dragon Ball Super figures (or Figuarts) at NY Toy Fair 2018. Here is a taste of them!

Tamashii Nations also unveiled many new figures (or Figuarts) during NY Toy Fair 2018, including a variety from the DC Comics Cinematic Universe of characters from the Justice League movie, Batman and The Joker from the upcoming Batman anime, and new Jaegers and Kaiju from Pacific Rim 2.

Finally, Tamashii Nations always has tons of new product at their booth, and NY Toy Fair 2018 was no exception. This video showcases some of their Samurai Star Wars & Marvel figures, Power Rangers figures and zords in various scales, and many new Gundam model kits. Plus, digivolving Digimon and a few other surprises!

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NY Toy Fair 2016: Power Rangers figures, Megazords & Props – VIDEO

Bandai was well represented at NY Toy Fair 2016, and unveiled a load of new items for their vast Power Rangers line, ranging from the new TV show, “Power Rangers Super Dino Charge”, to their “Power Rangers Legacy” line.

In this video, we learn about the action figures for the new TV show, as well as the Legacy figures. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to film the new Legacy figures, but I can tell you that they are light years beyond the movie figures that the company released last year and fans will be extremely happy with them. Additionally, we also see the new Thunder Megazord and each of the zords, as well as new communicators and morphers from the show.

Also shown was the Ninja Megazord, but photos were prohibited since they did not have it at the show, and instead had a placeholder which will not represent the final product.

In this video, we get a walk through of the new roleplaying items, weapons, and zords from the “Power Rangers Super Dino Charge” series. Learn about all the new things you can do with these toys, as well as how the zords will work, combine, and play, along with how the Dino Chargers will affect them.

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New Power Rangers figures from Ban Dai at NY Toy Fair 2014 – MMPR, Power Rangers Super Megaforce

We got a special sneak peek inside the Ban Dai booth at NY Toy Fair 2014 of the new “Power Rangers: Super Megaforce” toy line, as well as some other awesome MMPR figures and vehicles!

Kicking things off with the new TV show, “Power Rangers: Super Megaforce” has all sorts of new zords and roleplaying items, as well as a new line that features ALL of the classic Power Rangers from across the universe, along with special keys that you can scan on your smart phone to play a game with, or use on other items in the line for additional effects.

We also have new highly articulated Green Ranger and White Ranger toys in a great scale, a Legendary edition Dragon Dagger that is 24 Karat gold-plated and that you can play like a flute without putting your mouth on it, and at last – the Dragonzord! And yes, he can combine with the Megazord to make the Dragon Megazord… oh, and a little zord named Titanus that also joins with those two to make the Ultra Dragon Megazord. No big deal. Now, excuse me while I get a towel.