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Admiral Ackbar Mimobot Review


It’s a trap! Actually, it’s a flash drive! Behold, the might that is the Admiral Ackbar flash drive, courtesy of Mimoco.

Made by Mimoco, who also make flash drives of other licensed properties such as Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, and even My Little Pony, this is one of the many Star Wars mimobots. If you are not a fan of this native of Mon Calamari, you can also get Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Jabba the Hutt, Darth Vader, Yoda, C-3P0, R2-D2, or even the rare limited-edition Jar Jar Binks just to name a few (hardcore fans will appreciate the obscure Lobot and Boushh mimobots, as well as Slave girl Leia drives). This stylish little piece of tech honors the man who led the rebellion to victory in “Return of the Jedi”, as well as the creature responsible for creating the B-Wing fighter. Plus, he tastes great fried with a side of marinara sauce.


Standing two and a half inches tall and one inch wide, this high speed USB 2.0 flash drive comes in a few different capacities, ranging from 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, all the way up to 64 GB. Compatible for both Window and Mac operating systems, the drive comes pre-loaded with desktop wallpapers, app icons, and avatars to pimp your computer out. When you plug this mimobot into your computer, a little red light glows between his legs to let you know it is being read. The illustration of Ackbar on the front is not only cute, but captures the intensity that this military genius was known to have. Plus, he is one of the few mimobots to have a unique mold, with two eyes jutting out of the sides. The paint job has tremendous amount of detail, from his 80’s ochre smock to all of the weird grooves on his fishy head.

This is not my first mimobot, in fact I believe it is my seventh (my collection includes Captain Picard, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from “Adventure Time”, and Bruce Lee to name a few), and they are a lot of fun to have. Being that they are shaped differently and feature a fancy design, they do cost more than the average flash drive, but it is worth it. The hard plastic shell makes them more durable than most flash drives, and they are definitely conversation pieces when you whip one of them out to do a data transfer, something I do often in my line of work. For the price you pay, these are also pretty fast drives, making that exchange of info quick and efficient.

You can order the Admiral Ackbar mimobot flash drive directly from Mimoco, starting at $25 for the 8 GB model, and $70 for the 64 GB one. I love Mimobots, and if you are as nerdy as I am, there is no reason not to own at least one, especially when it has the face of a martial arts icon like Bruce Lee on it. This drive is both fun and functional, and I definitely recommend you get one for yourself.

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Mimoco announces limited edition Sulu flash drive


Oh my! Mimoco, makers of the MIMOBOT line of designer USB flash drives, under license by CBS Consumer Products, are proud to announce the second installment in the Star Trek x MIMOBOT Series.

Hikaru Sulu MIMOBOT, a limited edition of just 1,000 hand-numbered pieces, joins Spock, Kirk, Picard and Data in MIMOBOT flash drive form and function. Sulu, the suave helmsman on the Enterprise as portrayed by actor George Takei in Star Trek: The Original Series, is brought to digital life in Mimoco’s stylized MIMOBOT appearance, suited in Sulu’s gold Enterprise command uniform. Sulu is a jack-of-all-trades who climbed the Starfleet ranks from lieutenant to captain, dabbled in botany and astrophysics, and now adds storing your data to his lengthy resume.

Available in up to 128GB and USB 3.0 capabilities, Sulu MIMOBOT also comes preloaded with bonus Mimory® and the MimoDesk personalization suite of wallpapers, icons and avatars. It also comes equipped with MimoByte sound software powered with an offering of iconic Star Trek sounds and Sulu character dialogue that plays each time Sulu MIMOBOT is inserted or ejected from one’s computer.

“After the success of our first Star Trek x MIMOBOT series, we’re excited to add Sulu Mimobot to this growing collection” explains CEO Evan Blaustein, “Always up for a new challenge, Sulu MIMOBOT can co-pilot all of your adventures and transport up to 128GB of all your personal documents, music, photos and data!”

Sulu MIMOBOT flash drive joins fellow Star Trek MIMOBOT characters and is now available at www.mimoco.com in a limited-edition production run of 1,000 pieces.

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Mimoco Announces US Presidents X Mimobot Flash Drive Collection


In honor of President’s Day, Mimoco, makers of the collectible line of MIMOBOT® designer USB flash drives proclaims the latest in their Legends of MIMOBOT Series featuring icons, geniuses, and stars of the human race. Celebrating the American spirit, democracy, freedom, and equality galaxy-wide, and following the second inauguration of the 44th President of the US, new MIMOBOT flash drives in the form of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have arrived on planet Earth. Mimoco is proud to announce the availability of two of America’s forefathers in MIMOBOT stylistically illustrated flash drive form and function in conjunction with the birthdays of these great presidents. George Washington MIMOBOT and Abraham Lincoln MIMOBOT drives, produced in limited editions, are available in up to 128GB capacities and come preloaded with bonus George and Abe wallpapers, icons, and avatars.

George Washington, America’s first president, is an icon for the birth and establishment of the United States, the “Father of His Country”. George Washington MIMOBOT features a Mona Lisa-esque smile hiding wooden teeth. He proudly wears his Colonial-era Tricorn hat on top of his stoic white wig while holding on to a cherry cluster. Rather than chopping down fruit trees on a whim, George Washington MIMOBOT stores and transports your documents, music, photos, and data. “First in war—first in peace—and first in the hearts of his countrymen, he was second to none…” and now he is the first president in MIMOBOT form. George Washington MIMOBOT is a hand-numbered limited edition of just 1,000 pieces.

Abraham Lincoln, immortalized as the “Great Emancipator,” was America’s 16th president, the first to be assassinated, and famous for freeing the slaves and unifying his country. His Gettysburg Address, beginning with the iconic words “Four score and seven years ago,” is considered one of the greatest speeches in American history. Abe’s MIMOBOT form leaves the top hat to the imagination and showcases his famous Lincoln chin curtain-styled beard. He sports a bow-tie to accompany his classic mid-19th century theater-going duds. Just like the real thing, Lincoln MIMOBOT allows documents, music, photos, and data to be shared, transported and collected no matter capacity or the color of the plug.

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New York Toy Fair 2013: New flash drive Mimobots from “Mimoco”

Mimoco was at NY Toy Fair with tons of new mimobots, including a new size for their flash drives!

Making their debut at the show was the new mimobots from “My Little Pony”, which included Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity, who (as her name implies) will be a rare exclusive down the line. Also brought out were a smaller keychain sized mimobot mini, with Star Wars and DC Comics characters on display for those.

Speaking of DC, Mimoco had many varieties of DC Comics characters on display, either retro or modern style. Also at Toy Fair were mimobots from Adventure Time, GI Joe, Transformers, Hello Kitty, Star Trek (both the original and TNG), Star Wars, a line of Presidential drives, and a few Bruce Lee ones.

Check out the gallery below for more images from the Mimoco booth!

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Mimoco reveals series 8 of Star Wars flash drives

Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 8 is here! from MIMOBOT & mimoZine on Vimeo.

Mimoco, makers of the MIMOBOT® line of designer USB flash drives and MIMOMICRO™ card readers, is announcing the release of Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 8 featuring iconic characters from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The eighth series in the Star Wars MIMOBOT collection includes Jabba the Hutt, Slave Leia, Jedi Luke, Admiral Ackbar, and Biker Scout – a joint 2012 San Diego Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration VI exclusive – all sporting classic stylized MIMOBOT designs.

“We’re over the forest moon of Endor with this latest in our series of Star Wars MIMOBOT flash drives. It’s one of our best yet with a little something for every fan”, says Scott Seraydarian, Director of Media at Mimoco. “There’s cute, there’s sexy; there are heroes, villains, and even sluglike gangsters. Series 8 continues the tradition of bringing our favorite Star Wars characters to the world of designer personal tech.”

Available in 8GB to 64GB capacities, the Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 8 collection lets you store and transport all your digital music, pics, documents, and more. And with exclusive preloaded digital extras like Mimory™ & mimoDesk™ suites of Star Wars-themed icons, avatars, screensavers, wallpapers, and the mimoByte™ sound software that plays authentic Star Wars audio clips when MIMOBOT is inserted or ejected from your computer, you get a whole lot of function with a whole lot of form.

Check out the gallery below to see all the drives up close and personal!

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