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FIRST LOOK – “Doctor Who Kawaii” mini-figures by Titan Merchandise

We have an EXCLUSIVE world reveal today, as we are the first people in North America to have our hands on the new Doctor Who KAWAII line by Titan Merchandise. Designed by Kelly Yates, this mini-figure series includes all 12 doctors and the war doctor (this was in production before the incoming doctor was revealed), and we are giving you the scoop on how these vinyl toys look in person! I can tell you, these are 100% worth getting your hands on when they come out!

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“Egg Babies” from Wicked Cool Toys – Unboxing & Review

We have an eggs-cellent video for you today, so try not to crack up too hard. This review will turn your day sunnyside up… okay, we are done with the puns. Here is our look at Wicked Cool Toys “Egg Babies” line, a mystery figure line that holds some adorable plushies inside their environmentally-friendly egg casing. Take a look and see if they will be a great stocking stuffer for your kid this holiday season.

“Doctor Who: A Good Man Collection” 11th Doctor Titans Vinyl unboxing & Review

It’s time to get timey wimey, as we unbox another mystery figures case. This time, we are looking at the “Doctor Who: A Good Man Collection” by Titan Merchandise, which features Titan Vinyls of characters that joined the 11th Doctor in his many escapades. Is this box worth getting if you are a Who lover, or should you skip it for something else? Watch the video to find out.

“Breaking Bad: Heisenberg Collection” Titan Vinyls – mini-figure Unboxing and Review

From Titans Merchandise, we unbox and review the mini-figures from the “Breaking Bad: Heisenberg Collection” Titan Vinyls, with the help of Breaking Bad expert, Rich from Rage Works. Are these figures worth buying, or should you stay in your Crystal Ship and make some magic of your own? Watch the video to find out.

“Doctor Who: Heaven Sent & Hell Bent” 12th Doctor Titans Vinyl unboxing & Review

We have looked at a ton of Doctor Who mini-figures from Titan Merchandise, and today we finally dive into an entire line devoted to the 12th Doctor AKA Peter Capaldi. Along with resident Doctor Who expert, Andrea from [InsertGeekHere], we bust open this box that is bigger on the inside and see how these little dudes compare to the previous toys we have unboxed from Titan Merch.

“The Beatles Yellow Submarine” Wave 1 Titans Vinyl mini-figures unboxing & review

If you ever get the chance, watch “Yellow Submarine”, a peculiar animated film about The Beatles traveling to a far-off land to battle hairy blue meanies in order to save Pepperland with the power of love. No, really!

In honor of this classic, Titan Merchandise made this series of Titan Vinyls, which we have today. A second wave is on the way out, so just in time for those, here is our look at the first batch of mini-figures, which includes both The Beatles and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, along with other characters from the movie. This is one of the flagship series for Titans, and after you watch the video, it will be clear why.

Disney Crossy Road mystery figures unboxing & review

Hakuna matata! What a wonderful phrase! Hakuna matata! Copyright infringement for days!

It’s time for another unboxing video, and this time myself and Andrea from [InsertGeekHere] take a look at the Disney Crossy Road line of mystery figures by Moose Toys. We open a variety of packages that you can find in stores near you, and show you what all the buzz is about with these unique mini-figures based on characters from many Disney properties.