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Masters of The Universe Classics Figures at NY Toy Fair 2014

One of my favorite toy lines from Matty Collector is their Masters of the Universe Classics line, and with the waves starting to reach the end of their licensing time, Mattel is letting loose in an attempt to finish up the series as completely as they can.

At NY Toy Fair 2014, Mattel showed off their prototypes for recently released and upcoming figures such as Modolok,Rio Blast, New Adventures of He-Man Skeletor, Extendar, Light Hope, Glimmer, Two-Bad, Goat Man, Double Mischief, Madame Razz, and Loo Kee. Mattel also showed off their new MOTUC mini line with new Faker, Moss Man, Merman, and Scareglow mini-figures to name a few.

Best of all, Mattel showed off a prototype for a 12-inch retro line, which upscales the original MOTU line in a way similar to what Gentle Giant has been doing with the old Star Wars figures. This item may or may not get made depending on fan support, so let Mattel know that you want these figures – because I know do!

“DC Comics” Action Figures from Mattel – NY Toy Fair 2014

During NY Toy Fair 2014, we covered the Matty Collector Press Event, which featured our first looks at new products from WWE, Masters of the Universe Classic, and DC Comics, seen in the video above.

This highlight reel features their new Super Powers line, DC Comics Signature Collection, DC Total Heroes, Arkham City, classic Batman 1966 figures, and plenty more. This event also gave us an up-close look at the new DC Comics Movies line, featuring four-inch versions of Michael Keaton as Batman, Danny Devito as The Penguin, Christopher Reeves as Superman, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

“DC Collectibles” toys & sculptures at NY Toy Fair 2014 – Batman, Superman, Arkham Origins

Our favorite DC Collectibles Super Hero, Jim Fletcher, gave us the walkthrough of his booth at NY Toy Fair 2014, which featured a legion of new super hero action figures, statues, plushes, and more.

This video features new statues from the Batman: Black and White line, including Neal Adams’ contribution, statues of a pin-up girl style Zatanna with John Constantine rabbit and Catwoman on a motorcycle, Deadman plush figurine, a Batman dart board, DC heroes & villains chess set, more figures from the Greg Capullo line of Batman toys, DC Scribblenauts blind box vinyl figures, Infinite Crisis statues (including Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Green Lantern) new DC 52 figures, toys from the CW’s “Arrow” series, and new Batman: Arkham Origins figures based on the hit video game trilogy, including an enormous Joker from the Arkham Asylum game.

All this and plenty more inside the DC Collectibles booth!

“Ben 10: Galactic Monsters” toys from Ban Dai – NY Toy Fair 2014

Ben 10 is back this fall with a new animated series, “Ben 10: Galactic Monsters”, and Ban Dai has all the new toys to get you excited for it.

Aside from a new line of action figures that have monstrous features and some that glow in the dark, there is also two new Omnitrixs, including the new Gravitrix that uses the air between your hands to create sounds, and a smaller more cost-effective basic Omnitrix. CHeck out the video to see all of these and more in action!

WWE Figures from Mattel – NY Toy Fair 2014

WWE was in full strength at NY Toy Fair 2014, as we got to see the latest action figures from Mattel during their special press event.

Wrestling fans can look forward to new figures of all their favorites, both current roster and classic legends, including The Undertaker, The Ultimate Warrior, Triple H, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Randy Orton, Curtis Axel, Big E. Langston, The New Age Outlaws, Vickie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, Fandango, all three members of The Shield, and many more. Plus, for the first time in the line, you can get Rob Van Dam as a Classic style figure, plus the leader of the Wyatt family, Bray Wyatt!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys at NY Toy Fair 2014 – TMNT – Playmates

Playmates gave us a tour of their exceptional booth at NY Toy Fair 2014, and they had a lot to show off, from figures to vehicles!

This year, the basic animated series line will get a ton of new figures including Mutagen Man, and my personal favorites – the turtles in their LARP outfits. We are also getting new 7″ Classic figures based on the 1990’s movie with super articulation. You can also look forward to plenty of new deluxe electronic figures, vehicles (including the classic Turtle Blimp in the modern style), and a new zip line for the Turtles lair – check out the video for more details and to see them in action.

I also got to see something that I could not take any photos of – the new Michael Bay TMNT movie figures. For those wondering how the turtles look, Bay has definitely had his hands on them (they all have nostrils, which is weird enough without the other stuff on them). The new movie line will feature a kid-friendly line in two scales, and will feature the fab four, along with Shredder, Splinter, April O’Neil played by Megan Fox, and the Foot Soldiers (who look like SWAT guys with clear plastic face masks and all use guns… because ninjas need guns). I don’t mind the appearance of the new turtles as much as others (blasphemy, I know), but that does not mean they look good. These are not my generations turtles, and I doubt they will do as well as the Bayformers movies, but at least the toys look good. Plus, the excitement of the movie means more classic merchandise, so take this small victory and enjoy it.

New “Street Fighter” Action Figures from Capo Toys – NY Toy Fair 2014

At NY Toy Fair 2014, we met Joe Veteri, the CEO of New Jersey based Capo Toys, who was debuting his brand new line of highly articulated “Street Fighter” action figures.

Launching later this year, the first wave will feature Ryu, Sagat, Guile, Chun Li, and Blanka, and each feature 24 points of articulation. Ryu and Sagat will feature cloth outfits, while Blanka has articulated hair, and we got the scoop that there will be both SDCC and NYCC exclusives out later this year.

These figures look great and if they sell well, the company has the ability to make all of the characters from the SF series, so support Capo Toys and get ready to fight!

Matty Collector Press Event – NY Toy Fair 2014 – All the news on MOTUC, WWE, DC, Hot Wheels, Monster High

At NY Toy Fair 2014, we were allowed into the Matty Collector press event, a closed doors affair led by Scott Neitlich, AKA Toyguru!

Scott gave us a presentation running down all of the new items planned for the first half of 2014 for all of the big Mattel and Matty Collector lines, including MOTUC, DC (including their new Super Powers line), Batman, WWE, and Monster High. What awesome things will we be getting this year? Listen to the video to find out! Yes, I said listen, since this is a 30 minute shot of Scott’s face talking, so better to treat this as a podcast while watching it.

I also asked Scott (towards the end of the vid) what the plans are for Ghostbusters, since 2014 is the big 30th anniversary, and sadly, not much new is planned other than the GB’s with removable backpacks, but I am still going to hold out hope for a Proton Pack by the end of the year.

Nerf Rebelle “Secrets & Spies” line debuts at NY Toy Fair 2014

Nerf Rebelle came out with guns a-blazing at the Hasbro event at NY Toy Fair 2014 – or should I say crossbows a-flying?

Now with a new look and slogan, Nerf Rebelle is heading into the world of “Secrets & Spies”, as the company noticed in their product marketing that most girls did not like to play “war” with their weapons, but made up spy missions instead. To jump on the popularity of this, the new Rebelle line will continue bringing their bows& arrows and blasters into toy stores, but now with secret decoder projectiles and other products that add an espionage narrative into the combat.

Chris Kratt talks “Wild Kratts” toys at NY Toy Fair 2014

NerdNewsToday got some one-on-one time with one-half of the Kratt brothers, Chris Kratt, at NY Toy Fair 2014.

At the Wicked Cool Toys booth, Chris talked to us about his brand new toyline based on the hit PBS animated series, “Wild Kratts”, which features Chris and his brother, Martin, in cartoon adventures where the pair gain the powers of wild animals to see and do all the things that these creatures do in the natural habitats. Chris tells us about the show, as well as the new figures, plushes, and roleplaying items that the Wild Kratts toy line has, plus tells us about his favorite toys growing up and how awesome it is to be immortalized in toy form.