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Playmobil “Ghostbusters 2” Peter Venkman – figure review

Who ya’ gonna call? Playmobil, as they just released their new line of figures based on Ghostbusters 2. This new series includes the four boys in grey, and is focused purely on mini-figures and no vehicles or playsets. It also integrates some new app play with their free Playmogram app that projects a holographic image of a ghost via your phone. Is this line worth checking out? Watch our review to find out!

Featuring Andrea from IGH

NYCC 2017: Playmobil Ghostbusters – GB2 & Real Ghostbusters

Playmobil had a presence at New York Comic Con 2017, and used this event as their exclusive platform to debut their next line of Ghostbusters figures.

Featuring figures and vehicles from Ghostbusters 2 and The Real Ghostbusters, we don’t know much details about these little guys yet but they sure look great. The RGB figures will be sold with their vehicles, but there was sparse info about how the GB2 figures will be sold, whether they will be part of a playset or have any vehicles such as the Ecto-1A. Here is hoping we get a Statue of Liberty playset out of this!

This was literally our first stop at NYCC 2017, and we hope you enjoy (and salivate over this) as much as we did!

Diamond Select Toys ‘Ghostbusters’ Wave 2 Review


Interested in the second wave of the Ghostbusters figures by Diamond Select Toys, but too lazy to watch every separate video I slaved over for your enjoyment? Well, you are in luck, since I made this convenient review video above that has all three figure reviews in one spot, along with a few other comments about Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler and Dana Barrett.

Check it out to hear my thoughts on this wave and whether or not you should pick it up too!

Diamond Select ‘Ghostbusters’ Peter Venkman Review

Bill Murray’s iconic Peter Venkman joins Diamond Select Toys line of ‘Ghostbusters’ figures in this second wave, standing alongside Egon Spengler and Dana Barrett.

The man who planned to turn the GB’s into a franchise that would make them all rich beyond their wildest dreams has had many figure incarnations in the past, so how does this one compare and stack up with the rest of this line?

Check out the video review above to check this figure out!