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Super7 Reveals HUGE Snake Mountain Playset

Fans of Masters of the Universe have had a very fortuitous decade or so, with modern updated versions of all of their favorite figures and some of their playsets. One of the holy grails for MOTUC collectors was the Castle Grayskull playset, but now Super7 has a new product that will rival that and nearly every other playset ever.

Over on their blog, Super7 unveiled the enormous Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice Snake Mountain Playset. Standing 36-inches high and opening up 48-inches wide, this is the largest MOTU playset ever made. Good luck finding a place to put this!

Skeletor’s crib is based on the original playset, just scaled up since these figures are much larger. Just check out the comparision of the seven-inch figures look next to this thing in the picture above!

The Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice Snake Mountain Playset will be available for pre-order from May 1st to 31st for $600 (plus shipping). If that price is too daunting for you, a six month payment plan will be available. No Figures are included with the playset, but you do get plenty of other great details and accessories.

We didn’t see this during NY Toy Fair, but we did see figures based on the live-action He-Man movie which looked amazing. They are also in-scale with this massive playset!

My favorite accessory – the BONE THRONE!

The highly detailed Snake Mountain playset features:

  • Demon with moveable jaw
  • Narrow bridge of red hot lava falls
  • Functioning trap door
  • Real chains to shackle Skeletor’s enemies
  • Break-away wall secret entrance
  • Skeletor’s table and bone throne
  • Horrifying dungeon creatures
  • and more!

You can view more pics of the playset on their website.

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NY Toy Fair 2018 – Super7 “Masters of the Universe” & “She-Ra” figures

Super7 was super impressive with their line-up of “Masters of the Universe” & “She-Ra” figures, including new six-inch and four-inch figures, along with the next wave of ReAction style figures, and MUSCLE style keshi mini-figures.

For all of our NY Toy Fair 2018 video coverage, check out our huge playlist with over 50 videos – http://bit.ly/2CpzFHi

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NY Toy Fair 2016: Masters of the Universe & Thundercats – VIDEO

Every time I try to get out of collecting Masters of the Universe, Mattel pulls me back in.

During the Matty Collector press event at NY Toy Fair 2016, Mattel unveiled their newest figures for their Masters of the Universe line, which is now all about the classic filmation cartoon show, and also debuted their Thundercats line. The first wave of Thundercats includes Lion-O, Jackalman, Pumyra, and Mumm-ra, and they all look amazing so far. More figures are expected to be announced the closer they get to launching the line later this year.

Masters of the Universe Classics is coming to a wrap, just as their new Filmation line begins. Both are looking great this year, with a new Evil-Lyn, Serpentine King Hssss, and a few vehicles coming out. The Filmation line is what has me salivating, with the first batch of reveals featuring a lot of figures I need to have like He-Man, Skeletor, Clawful, Evilseed, and my personal favorite, Trap-Jaw.

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NY Toy Fair 2016: Mattel’s Kubros – Star Trek, HALO, Destiny – VIDEO

During NY Toy Fair 2016, Mattel revealed that Megabloks were not the only construction set they were producing, and have now added Kubros into their line-up.

Kubros are part of the Megabloks family and are stylized (Minecraft style, in fact) building sets so that you can create a block style character of some of your favorite pop-culture icons. Two waves been scheduled so far, with each one having six figures in the wave, including the T-800, Hellboy, He-Man, Skeletor, Spock, and characters from Destiny, HALO, Minions, and Assassin’s Creed to name a few.

Please excuse my scratchy audio here, my microphone was beginning to die at this point and started to have issues on this day.

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Masters of The Universe Classics Figures at NY Toy Fair 2014

One of my favorite toy lines from Matty Collector is their Masters of the Universe Classics line, and with the waves starting to reach the end of their licensing time, Mattel is letting loose in an attempt to finish up the series as completely as they can.

At NY Toy Fair 2014, Mattel showed off their prototypes for recently released and upcoming figures such as Modolok,Rio Blast, New Adventures of He-Man Skeletor, Extendar, Light Hope, Glimmer, Two-Bad, Goat Man, Double Mischief, Madame Razz, and Loo Kee. Mattel also showed off their new MOTUC mini line with new Faker, Moss Man, Merman, and Scareglow mini-figures to name a few.

Best of all, Mattel showed off a prototype for a 12-inch retro line, which upscales the original MOTU line in a way similar to what Gentle Giant has been doing with the old Star Wars figures. This item may or may not get made depending on fan support, so let Mattel know that you want these figures – because I know do!

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Matty Collector Press Event – NY Toy Fair 2014 – All the news on MOTUC, WWE, DC, Hot Wheels, Monster High

At NY Toy Fair 2014, we were allowed into the Matty Collector press event, a closed doors affair led by Scott Neitlich, AKA Toyguru!

Scott gave us a presentation running down all of the new items planned for the first half of 2014 for all of the big Mattel and Matty Collector lines, including MOTUC, DC (including their new Super Powers line), Batman, WWE, and Monster High. What awesome things will we be getting this year? Listen to the video to find out! Yes, I said listen, since this is a 30 minute shot of Scott’s face talking, so better to treat this as a podcast while watching it.

I also asked Scott (towards the end of the vid) what the plans are for Ghostbusters, since 2014 is the big 30th anniversary, and sadly, not much new is planned other than the GB’s with removable backpacks, but I am still going to hold out hope for a Proton Pack by the end of the year.

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New York Toy Fair 2013: Bobbleheads and POP figures from “Funko”

You can’t spell “Funko” without “fun”, and this company always brings their unique and humorous take on pop-culture at NY Toy Fair every year.

This time around, the company unveiled a ton of new bobblehead and POP figures from all across the board. Characters included things from the Rocky series, Halo, Mass Effect, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bruce Lee, Star Wars, Star Trek, Robocop, The Hangover, and tons more. My favorites were the Masters of the Universe figures and the new Big Bang Theory bobbleheads!


One of the hot new items debuting at Toy Fair was their line for “The Walking Dead” which as of now are unpainted, but expect these bad boys to look pretty sick once they do come out.

Also at the show was their line of DC Comics themed “Domo Kun” blind-box figures, and their new Cupcakes series, which is a new line of more feminine characters squeezed into a cupcake. However, the biggest item to come out, in this reporter’s humble opinion, would be “Funko’s” line of “My Little Pony” figures, which look amazing and infinitely better than the current toys on the market. They really capture the look of the characters, and the lack of rooted hair for a mane adds to the animated feel to them.

Check out the gallery below for more photos from “Funko”!

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Kids get Christmas morning haul full of MOTUC figures

Here is a belated Christmas video from James “Sallah” Sawyer of MOTUCfigures.com, who does reviews and news all about the “Masters of the Universe Classics” action figures, and many videos with his kids who are also avid fans.

On Christmas morning, James and his wife got his two sons, Blaze and Keaton, a massive amount of MOTUC figures, which was awesome enough on its own. It’s so nice seeing kids getting action figures and being happy about it, unlike so many others who spent their holidays bemoaning that they didn’t get this or that, and not being grateful for what they have.

The real joy comes halfway into the vid, when the boys find a note from Santa Claus himself and… well, just watch it and share their joy!

Via Poe Ghostal

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