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Sonequa Martin-Green Goes From “Star Trek” To “Space Jam”

You may know her as Micheal Burnham from “Star Trek Discovery” or Sasha Williams in “The Walking Dead”, but it looks like she is in for a big change as the actress is in talks to join the cast of “Space Jam”.

According to this report from Variety, Martin-Green is rumored to play the part of Lebron James’ wife in the sequel to the 90’s hybrid animated/ live-action hit, which will hit theaters on July 16, 2021.

The original film, which starred Michael Jordan, was a box office smash in 1996, and Warner Bros. is banking that this sequel will do just as well, despite being over 20 years later.

Terence Nance, creator of the HBO show “Random Acts of Flyness,” is directing the untitled sequel, with “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler producing with James and his partner Maverick Carter.

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“Star Trek Discovery” Cast Say Season 2 Ending Will Be Very “Unexpected”

Fans of “Star Trek Discovery” have been enjoying the hunt for The Red Angel the past 10 episodes, and we recently learned who that time-traveling character is. With a handful of episodes left until season two comes to a close, the cast of DISCO says to “expect the unexpected”, and that this finale will be a game-changer.

The 2019 PaleyFest in Los Angeles (a major Television industry event) was visited by the cast and creative team of “Star Trek Discovery”. While we did not learn any new info about the series, we did get many of the actors explaining how excited they are for the conclusion of this season.

Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman was quoted by SyFy about the series finale, and discussed the continuity issues that are on many fans minds. “We are entirely aware of everyone’s questions and criticisms; I’ve read everything, and I see where everyone’s like, ‘Well, the spore drive never existed!’ and ‘What, Discovery was never around!’ and all of those things, we’re totally aware. You will get an answer.” He also added that it will be a “satisfying” resolution once it is revealed.

Aside from getting things back into some form of continuity with the classic 60s Trek, there is a plan to make sure the story of Captain Pike, played by Anson Mount this season who will not be returning for the

“We will synch up with canon, and obviously if you know the story of Captain Pike, you know what his fate was. It won’t be exactly what you think this season, but we will be consistent with that story. There will be a dimension shed on that story that you will not have known or have thought of,” said Kurtzman.

Ethan Peck, who has played Spock this season, added, “I personally think that the end of the season is going to be tremendous … when [Kurtzman] first told me about it I was like in tears, I just had chills… so good.”

The entire cast was practically in hype mode, which makes you really wonder just how big this ending actually will be if every single one of them was so taken aback by it.

“I think that the last few episodes will really close the circle for people, “Anthony Rapp (Cmdr. Staments) said. “If we’ve done our job, what was on the page … I haven’t seen them yet, but what was on the page in the scripts, closes the circle; it answers the questions that are lingering and remaining for people of how we fit in.”

“And I believe very strongly that it will leave people satisfied. … As someone who cares about continuity, to some degree, I was like, ‘If this doesn’t make people happy, I don’t know what else we can do.’”

“Expect the unexpected, is what my mother always says, and it couldn’t be more true, especially on this season, cause it’ll change everything,” said Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber). 

Doug Jones, everyones favorite Kelpian Commander Saru, said, “As I read the final script for Season 2, my jaw dropped, and I’m dumbfounded with where we’re headed. So I think the fans can expect to boldly go where no Star Trek series has ever gone before.”

Prepare for the unexpected when season two of “Star Trek Discovery” comes to a close in a matter of weeks!

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“Star Trek: Discovery” Renewed For Third Season, Brings New Showrunner On Team

The report came earlier today from The Hollywood Reporter, who revealed that Discovery writer Michelle Paradise — who joined the series in season two — has been promoted to serve as co-showrunner alongside Alex Kurtzman for season three.

Great news for Star Trek fans, as the CBS All Access exclusive “Star Trek: Discovery” series has been renewed for another season. Along with that announcement, we learned a new showrunner will beam up with them to take the conn.

“Michelle joined us midway through season two and energized the room with her ferocious knowledge of Trek,” Kurtzman said. “Her grasp of character and story detail, her drive and her focus have already become essential in ensuring the Trek legacy, and her fresh perspective always keeps us looking forward. I’m proud to say Michelle and I are officially running Star Trek: Discovery together.”

“The massive success of Star Trek: Discovery‘s second- season launch exceeded our expectations in both driving subscriber growth and generating a phenomenal response from Star Trek fans,” Julie McNamara, executive vp originals at CBS All Access, told THR.

“With Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise at the helm, we look forward to continuing Star Trek: Discovery‘s journey, growing the Star Trek franchise on CBS All Access and bringing fans new Star Trek stories for many years to come.”

No return date for season three has been revealed, and season two is currently still unfolding on their streaming service.

Paradise becomes the third new showrunner to helm this seriesKurtzman, who co-created the series alongside Bryan Fuller, took over for Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg after the pair were released while working on the second season of Discovery. Harberts and Berg replaced Fuller, who was also released before the series premiered.

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Star Trek Fan Complains About Audio Tracks for Visually Impaired, CBS Responds With “Buy Our Stuff”

Trying to talk sense into corporations is never easy, especially if you are just one person. Combine that with the idea of “Ableism” – meaning things that hinder folks with various disabilities from doing things that aren’t a problem for able-bodied people, and therefore leave those disabled people in the dust – and you have a recipe for disaster. Enter CBS, and one Star Trek fan’s fight to be able to enjoy his franchise the way they needs to watch it.

In a reddit thread for Star Trek Discovery, one user wrote about their experience with CBS. This particular person was hoping to get audio description tracks for the visually impaired for “Star Trek Discovery”, which exclusively streams in the US on CBS All Access. They sent a message to the company, and received an unexpected reply.

Here was their response, via the thread:

“Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have much information about audio tracks for the visually impaired, but with CBS All Access, subscribers enjoy more than 10,000 episodes from over 90 CBS series on their mobile devices, computers or streaming devices without a cable subscription. Subscribers can also stream their local CBS station live (in select markets) and binge-watch our ad-free TV Classics. If you’d like to try CBS All Access and take advantage of our FREE TRIAL for first-time subscribers, visit http://www.cbs.com/all-access and click and click the “Try it FREE” icon. If you still need assistance, click the “Contact Us” tab on the right side of this page and complete the form, or call (888) 274-5343 , 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. (ET) to speak to an agent. Regards, CBS All Access Customer Service”

In other words, we can’t really help your inquiry, but you can buy our stuff. Buy our stuff!

CBS already produces these descriptions for a number of their programs, but have not made them available on CBS All Access.

The battle to get proper closed captions and audio description tracks on streaming services is sadly not an old fight. It took some lawsuits to get Netflix to agree to do it, but it has still been a horrible mess, including shows missing entire sentences or sometimes being completely erroneous.

Here is the original posting:

Oddly enough, since Discovery is on Netflix outside of the US, the show has audio descriptions there – meaning they already exist, but not on CBS’s platform.

Not to sound like we are using this as a chance to self-promote, we do want to add that we here at NN2D have only recently begun adding closed captions to some of our videos on Youtube, and have found the user interface to be a bit user-unfriendly. We hope to continue adding CC to our newer videos, and some of our more popular older videos. It’s a time consuming process, especially for a site manned by one person, but it is in our radar, and something we aim to do so everyone can enjoy our content.

For now, the fight to get CBS to agree to this continues. You can make your voice heard as well by flooding them on social media to help make this happen.

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Qmx Booth At TOY FAIR 2019 – LIVE

We are live at Qmx aka Quantum Mechanix to see what is new at their booth for NY Toy Fair 2019.

The big show stopper for QmX this year is the Bat family statue, featuring Batman with his many wards, children, and partners including Robin, Red Hood, Damian, Batgirl and Nightwing.

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Titan Vinyl At NY TOY FAIR 2019 – LIVE

Join us live at toy fair 2019 at the Titan Merchandise booth to check out their new Titan Vinyl products, including Game of Thrones, Aliens, American Gods, Doctor Who and more. Andrew Sumner gives us the full walk-through, and stay tuned for another video with him taking more questions from fans!

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How “Star Trek: Discovery” Fixed One Of Their Biggest Mistakes Before Anyone Noticed

“Star Trek: Discovery” is the latest episodic Trek series, exclusive to the CBS All Access streaming service. It can be divisive among hardcore fans, especially when it comes to the visuals of the show. Personally, I’m a fan of the look, and I dig the uniforms they wear. But there was one massive error that no one noticed until it was too late to fix… and somehow, they still managed to fix it.

Costume designer Gersha Phillips spoke with ComicBook.com about many things related to the wardrobe of the newest iteration of Star Trek. The discussion soon turned up to the season 2 outfits, which included the crew of Captain Pike’s Enterprise with their costumes that differ from the Discovery crew.

While the costumes do look very cool, one major detail was missed and had to be arduously fixed in post – the ranks. It’s the kind of thing that may be small to the average folk, but Trekkies like us would raise our pitchforks in an instant if it aired the way it was.

Here is what Gersha had to say about it:

The only thing that we didn’t actually think about was rank at the time, because in Disco, the rank was done with pips on the badges. So, when we first shot the first few days of Enterprise uniforms, we forgot to put rank on. So then, I forgot who told us, I think it was marketing, actually. John Van Citters saw that we hadn’t any indication of rank on our uniform.

And so, me and my team, we spent like a night of trying to figure out how we were going to add rank bars on their uniforms. So that was an interesting journey, and it all happened during one night, so we had to figure that out… Then they had to go back and CGI all the stripes on the days that we didn’t do it.

You know, it’s another sort of evolving situation, but I do feel like the version that we came up with sort of works within the world of our show, Discovery, and I don’t know if it’ll go throughout everything that’s coming up, because we’re doing other shows now that have been announced. I’m not sure what will happen and what will be used from then and what will not be used, but we’ll see.

It’s pretty amazing to think how much work in post-production went into this, and how seamless it really looked, especially when you compare it to the much larger budgeted project of Aladdin, who made Will Smith’s Genie look like something out of a Nintendo 64 game. Of course, now that you know, you’re probably going to go back to watch Discovery again and see if you can spot the fix. Good luck, let us know if you can find it!

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Watch the Season 2 Premiere of “Star Trek: Discovery” for FREE – Make It So!

Want to see the new Star Trek series on CBS All Access, but not convinced it’s worth your money? Lucky for you, CBS has heard your complaints, and is throwing you a bone.

CBS just uploaded the entire Season 2 Premiere of “Star Trek: Discovery” to watch for free on their Youtube channel. Picking up where things left off last time (Spoilers), The NCC-1030 USS Discovery ended the war with the Klingons, and was about to embark for whatever was next. It just so happened to be a distress signal from a familiar ship – The NCC 1701 USS Enterprise, with Captain Christopher Pike at the helm! What happens next? You will have to watch this very exciting episode to find out!

Here is their official synopsis of the season:

After answering a distress signal from the U.S.S. Enterprise, season two of Star Trek: Discovery finds the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery joining forces with Captain Christopher Pike on a new mission to investigate seven mysterious red signals and the appearance of an unknown being called the Red Angel. While the crew must work together to unravel their meaning and origin, Michael Burnham is forced to face her past with the return of her estranged brother, Spock.

Check it out and let us know what you think of this episode in the comments below!

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NYCC 2017: Fansets Pins – Star Trek, DC Comics, Firefly, Harry Potter

Lew Halboth gives us the rundown of what new pins Fansets has on display at NYCC 2017, as well as the new licenses that enamel pin lovers can expect in 2018! This video includes a look at pins from Star Trek (including Star Trek: Discovery), Suicide Squad, Justice League, DC Bombshells, DC comics, DC Superhero Girls, Harry Potter, Aliens, Firefly and more.

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NYCC 2017: Eaglemoss – Star Trek, Aliens, DC Comics and Battlestar Galactica

Eaglemoss is one of my favorite booths to see at New York Comic Con, and at NYCC 2017 they were no exception. Aside from showing the usual line of Star Trek ships, they also had a first look at ships from Star Trek: Discovery and Battlestar Galactica, plus figural statues from Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, DC Comics, Valerian, Aliens and a few other surprises.

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