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“Reginald Barclay” Action Figure review – TREKBACK TUESDAY

On this episode of Trekback Tuesday, we take a look at a peculiar crew member of the Enterprise-D, Reginald Barclay! How does this figure hold up, and how do his broccoli-green accessories fare (hint: not so well)? Find out in this video review.

NY Toy Fair 2018 Review

Matthew from NerdNewsToday.com and Andrea from InsertGeekHere.com survived NY Toy Fair 2018, and are back with a “quick” rundown of many of the sights at this annual industry event.

Matthew and Andrea look back at some of the highs and lows, the best and worst, the most exciting surprises & reveals and the biggest letdowns of NY Toy Fair 2019. This includes discussion on products from NECA, Playmates, Mezco, Lego, Diamond Select, Factory Entertainment, Entertainment Earth, Quantum Mechanix, Seven 20, Titan Merchandise, Kidrobot, Playmobil, Basic Fun, Hasbro, Mattel, and many more.

For all of our NY Toy Fair 2018 video coverage, check out our huge playlist with over 50 videos – http://bit.ly/2CpzFHi

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“Captain Dathon” classic action figure review from ST:TNG – TREKBACK TUESDAY

Then, it was Darmok and Jilad at Tenagra. Today, Matthew and Andrea, reviewing toys in their studio.

On this episode of Trekback Tuesday, we look at Captain Dathon from the fan-favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Darmok.” Is the figure as good as the episode? Find out in this video.

Trekback Tuesday: “Chief Miles O’ Brien” figure review

It’s time we take a break from exploring the galaxy and see what is happening by the ole’ wormhole.

On this episode of Trekback Tuesday, we meet the newly transplanted chief of engineering aboard the Deep Space Nine space station, Chief Miles O’ Brien. Fresh from serving aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain Picard, O’Brien was from the first wave of DS9 action figures by Playmates. Does this figure hold up to the standards of action figures today, or is it back to running the transporter room for him? Check out the video to see.

NYCC 2017: Eaglemoss – Star Trek, Aliens, DC Comics and Battlestar Galactica

Eaglemoss is one of my favorite booths to see at New York Comic Con, and at NYCC 2017 they were no exception. Aside from showing the usual line of Star Trek ships, they also had a first look at ships from Star Trek: Discovery and Battlestar Galactica, plus figural statues from Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, DC Comics, Valerian, Aliens and a few other surprises.

Trekback Tuesday: “Q in Starfleet Uniform” figure review

Our weekly episode of Trekback Tuesday was almost interrupted by this inter-dimensional scoundrel, but we were able to seal him up in a clamshell… until we opened him to review.

On this episode, we review Q in Starfleet Uniform from the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” line by Playmates. Is the toy as good as the actual being, or should we send him off to be judged for his crimes against the universe? Watch the video to find out!

Trekback Tuesday: “Lt. Cmdr. Data” Review

Welcome to the first episode of Trekback Tuesday, where we look at all of the different toys and collectibles from all of the Star Trek series. In this debut installment, we look at Lt. Comdr. Data by Playmates from 1993, wearing his first season uniform.

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“Star Trek: The Next Generation” Titans Vinyl mini-figures unboxing & review

It’s time for not just another blind box unboxing of mini-figures, but another set of Star Trek figures.

Last time, we looked at Titan Vinyls from Titan Merchandise of Star Trek: The Original Series, which we raved about. On this episode, we fast forward deeper into their timeline to look at the “Star Trek: The Next Generation – Make It So Collection” of mystery mini-figures. Featuring most of the core crew members and a few hostile alien races, this was easily our #1 box ever from Titan Merchandise. We liked the TOS figures a lot, but these TNG figures are easily the best mini-figures Titan has made to date. Check out the video to see for yourself.

“Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken” #1 ready for second printing

The Next Generation crew of Star Trek are boldly going to The Mirror Universe! Enter a sleeveless, jacked Captain Jean-Luc Picard, sporting an “evil” goatee, and you have a decidedly new fangled take on the classic Mirror Universe concept made popular by the original Star Trek series.

Over 100,000 copies of the Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken FCBD prelude issue were given away on Free Comic Book Day and caused a stir among both the media and fans. As a direct result, the debut issue of the “Mirror Broken” limited series has sold out at the distributor level in advance of the on sale date.

Fans can still head to their comic shop on launch day to snatch up a copy before they are gone or purchase the issue digitally, but for those who miss out on a first edition and would like to collect this groundbreaking issue in print, a second printing has been issued to meet the demand of this highly anticipated debut.

The FCBD prelude was recently spotlighted by multiple outlets as one of the “can’t-miss” giveaways at your local comic shop with the LA Times, NPR, Nerdist, io9, Ain’t It Cool News, CBR, and many more adding it to their top picks.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #1, written by Scott and David Tipton, with art by J.K. Woodward, goes on sale on May 17, 2017 with the “shattered cover” second printing following on May 31, 2017.