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Titan Vinyl Answers Fan Questions – Toy Fair 2019

Andrew Sumner from Titan Merchandise answers fan questions about Titan Vinyl products during NY Toy Fair 2019!

All questions came from The Unofficial Titan Merchandise Society, whose name I butchered but Andrew knew immediately. It was a long weekend folks, I have nearly 60 videos on Youtube from the event to prove how long it was!

Speaking of, don’t forget to check out our full live stream from their booth, which Andrew gave us a tour of. They also simulcast it on their social media, so for whomever watched it live – it was a live stream inception!

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Mego With Marty Abrams – LIVE AT TOY FAIR 2019

We are live at Mego with Marty Abrams at toy fair 2019, join us live and talk a walk around the booth with us! Plus, we got a ton of fan questions that Marty answers regarding potential new franchises, business strategy, and much more.

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Qmx Booth At TOY FAIR 2019 – LIVE

We are live at Qmx aka Quantum Mechanix to see what is new at their booth for NY Toy Fair 2019.

The big show stopper for QmX this year is the Bat family statue, featuring Batman with his many wards, children, and partners including Robin, Red Hood, Damian, Batgirl and Nightwing.

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Titan Vinyl At NY TOY FAIR 2019 – LIVE

Join us live at toy fair 2019 at the Titan Merchandise booth to check out their new Titan Vinyl products, including Game of Thrones, Aliens, American Gods, Doctor Who and more. Andrew Sumner gives us the full walk-through, and stay tuned for another video with him taking more questions from fans!

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Mego Corp Booth At NY TOY FAIR 2019 – LIVE

We are live at toy fair 2019 at the Mego booth, let’s see what they have!

We will be back at this booth in two days to speak with Marty Abrams of Mego, where he will show us around and answer questions from fans like you!

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New “Star Trek” Animated Series Headed To Nickelodeon

It’s been over 40 years since there has been an animated Star Trek series on TV, but it looks like that’s about to change. Alex Kurtzman is now on board with CBS to create a new cartoon, but it’s home will not be a CBS network like the other Trek show. Instead, it’s potentially headed for Nickelodeon.

While there are no other details besides the fact that, yes, this is a real thing, this will be a Star Trek show aimed at children more than adults.

The show was first teased by Kurtzman earlier this year when he told the Hollywood Reporter that “there’s other animated things that we’re building that are an entirely different perspective and an entirely different tone [from Lower Decks]. What’s exciting about it is not only looking at each animated series as what’s the different tone, but what’s the different technology we can apply to these things so that visually they’re entirely different?”

Deadline first reported this news, which is very exciting for Trek fans of all ages. The series will be written by Kevin and Dan Hageman, who also wrote for the Lego Movie and the Lego Ninjago movie and cartoon series on Cartoon Network, and Hotel Transylvania. Most recently, they wrote the screenplay for Croods 2 (which will be out in September 2020), and Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming “Scary Stories” movie.

The Star Trek TV universe is growing by leaps and bounds. The new animated series will join Star Trek: Discovery, now in its second season, along with the unnamed Patrick Stewart-centric Picard series; animated series Lower Decks from Mike McMahan (Rick & Morty’s) targeted at mature audiences; and Section 31, which is in development with Michelle Yeoh attached to star as a spinoff from Discovery.

The Hageman-helmed animated Trek series will be the only one not a part of CBS All Access. There are signs pointing to Viacom and CBS merging, so this will certainly help push those plans forward.

No date has been announced yet for this, but perhaps we will hear something in a few months at Star Trek Mission in Vegas.

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Marina Sirtis Was Almost Fired From “Star Trek: The Next Generation” During First Season

The Star Trek franchise has survived many renditions, some better than others, but arguably the one that ensured the series would continue for decades on was “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. However, the show had a tumultuous first season where the future was never certain. One of the key cast members just spoke out about how her time on the show was nearly cut short very early on.

In an interview with the AV Club, Marina Sirtis (AKA Counselor Deanna Troi on TNG) talked about being cast on the show, and the legacy of being a part of the Star Trek universe. During this chat, they discussed whether or not the crew had any belief that the show would endure the way it has. Sirtis was not so optimistic at the time:

MS: I myself was hanging on by my fingernails, especially after the first season. I pretty much have only spoken about it recently because it was kind of awkward. I was never asked the question. When I was finally asked, I was like, “Well, actually, the reason why I wasn’t in a lot of those episodes in the first season was because I was going to get fired.”

She continued to expand on that topic, and explained how she was likely going to be cut from the cast:

MS: Well, Gene felt that there was one too many women on the show. And you need a doctor [Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher] and a security chief [Crosby as Tasha Yar], but you really don’t need a psychologist. It was as simple as that. Security chief is viable, a doctor is viable—a psychologist, not so much.

So I was getting fired. I asked Majel Barrett-Roddenberry straight out, because we were very close, and I asked her a few years ago, before she passed away, and I said, “I was going to get fired that first season, wasn’t I?” And she went, “Yep!” The irony of the whole situation is that at the end of the first season, I was the only one left out of the three.

The fact that Sirtis survived the crew cuts meant she could have a chance to become a more important player in the show:

So at Jonathan Frakes’ wedding, [Gene Roddenberry] took me aside, and he goes, “You know what, I just wanted to tell you that whenever it is that we go back to work after the strike, the first episode of the second season is a Troi episode.” And I just burst into tears. Because basically, I’ve been hanging on by my fingernails for that whole first season—not just professionally, but emotionally.

I had landed the best job ever, and I was going to lose it. I was so up and down. One minute, I was so happy to be working. The next minute, I was just in the depths of despair. So when he said that to me, it meant the world. Not only did I have a job, but the first episode after a six-month break was going to be a Troi episode. That’s how much they thought of me.

Sirtis’ character thrived along with the rest of the crew, and became part of the modern sci-fi zeitgeist. She opened many doors for other women in the genre, and remains active in the Trek community these days through convention appearances.

Hopefully, Counselor Troi makes a comeback in the upcoming Picard series! How could she not be in it?

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How “Star Trek: Discovery” Fixed One Of Their Biggest Mistakes Before Anyone Noticed

“Star Trek: Discovery” is the latest episodic Trek series, exclusive to the CBS All Access streaming service. It can be divisive among hardcore fans, especially when it comes to the visuals of the show. Personally, I’m a fan of the look, and I dig the uniforms they wear. But there was one massive error that no one noticed until it was too late to fix… and somehow, they still managed to fix it.

Costume designer Gersha Phillips spoke with ComicBook.com about many things related to the wardrobe of the newest iteration of Star Trek. The discussion soon turned up to the season 2 outfits, which included the crew of Captain Pike’s Enterprise with their costumes that differ from the Discovery crew.

While the costumes do look very cool, one major detail was missed and had to be arduously fixed in post – the ranks. It’s the kind of thing that may be small to the average folk, but Trekkies like us would raise our pitchforks in an instant if it aired the way it was.

Here is what Gersha had to say about it:

The only thing that we didn’t actually think about was rank at the time, because in Disco, the rank was done with pips on the badges. So, when we first shot the first few days of Enterprise uniforms, we forgot to put rank on. So then, I forgot who told us, I think it was marketing, actually. John Van Citters saw that we hadn’t any indication of rank on our uniform.

And so, me and my team, we spent like a night of trying to figure out how we were going to add rank bars on their uniforms. So that was an interesting journey, and it all happened during one night, so we had to figure that out… Then they had to go back and CGI all the stripes on the days that we didn’t do it.

You know, it’s another sort of evolving situation, but I do feel like the version that we came up with sort of works within the world of our show, Discovery, and I don’t know if it’ll go throughout everything that’s coming up, because we’re doing other shows now that have been announced. I’m not sure what will happen and what will be used from then and what will not be used, but we’ll see.

It’s pretty amazing to think how much work in post-production went into this, and how seamless it really looked, especially when you compare it to the much larger budgeted project of Aladdin, who made Will Smith’s Genie look like something out of a Nintendo 64 game. Of course, now that you know, you’re probably going to go back to watch Discovery again and see if you can spot the fix. Good luck, let us know if you can find it!

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Guinan Wants A Comeback – Whoopi Goldberg Wishes To Be in New Star Trek Picard Show

Captain Picard could always use some advice from his good friend, Guinan, and Whoopi Goldberg is all on board for that idea.

On David Tennant’s podcast, the former 10th Doctor suggested to his guest Whoopi Goldberg that now that Patrick Stewart is back in the Trek universe with his own new show coming soon, perhaps she too could be a part of that world once more.

Here is the transcription from that segment:

Tennant: You could presumably go back to Star Trek. Patrick Stewart is back at it.

Goldberg: I know, but, you know, they have not asked me.

Tennant: You need to ask them again. They would probably think you are kidding.

Goldberg: Well, I don’t know. Maybe. I will. I’ll put it out there.

Tennant: Well, this could be it. We are putting it out there.

Goldberg: All right. We are putting it out there right now.

Goldberg played Guinan on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” the bartender in ten-forward, who was also an El-Aurian, a mysterious race of empathic humanoids who aged at a much slower pace than the average species. She gave plenty of good advice to the TNG characters, including trying to help Wesley learn how to ask a girl out with the help of Commander Riker.

Earlier this week, we wrote about Goldberg’s appearance on Tennant’s podcast in relation to how she pitched the BBC to let her be the first female Doctor Who lead, years before Jodie Whittaker took that role.

You can listen to the entire episode of the podcast below:

The untitled Jean-Luc Picard-centric Star Trek series is currently in pre-production, and will begin filming this April.

What other characters would you like to see return in the upcoming Picard show? Personally, I want to see what happened to the DS9 crew!

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Check Out This Footage From NY Toy Fair 1994

NY Toy Fair 2019 is less than two weeks away, and we have been stoked for months. It’s my favorite event of the year, and one of my biggest content output weeks as well.

While scouring Youtube recently for Toy Fair things, I ran into this Youtube channel that has tons of uncut footage from Toy Fair’s past, and wanted to show you Nerd Newsies how things used to be back in the distant year of 1994.

Yes, the same year that “Pulp Fiction” and “The Lion King” hit theaters and “Friends” debuted on NBC, Toy Fair 1994 was the place to be. It was a good year for toys (I was 10 at the time), and it’s exciting to see many of my favorites on display in some of these videos.

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, “Exo Squad”, and “Seaquest” (remember them?) from Playmates
“Skeleton Warriors” and “Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad” from Playmates
Various dolls from Galoob
Pez and Creepy Crawlers. Never knew Pez had a booth at Toy Fair, but I vaguely remember them trying to get into that market since I collected Pez dispensers in that era.

Erector sets and Toy Biz “X-Men” figures!!!!

All of this footage was filmed by Ira H. Gallen , who runs a website called TV Days. For years, Ira has been archiving historical things that he loves, including toys. He has even appeared on national TV shows to discuss this, including my personal favorite where he talked about 1994 Star Trek toys.

Check out his Youtube channel for more info on him. Hopefully, we run into him at NY Toy Fair 2019 this year and get to meet the man with all these wonderful toys!

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