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First Look At New “Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures” Figures From Hasbro – Toy Fair 2019

NY Toy Fair 2019 is a little over a week away, and I am growing more impatient every day that I have to write posts like this. Today, Hasbro gave us their first look at their new offerings for Star Wars toys – and this one is quite interesting.

The new toys are not just an action figure for kids to play with, but an entry point to the entire series. Each pack contains one 3.75-inch scale Star Wars figure, a mini comic, and a code that can be activated with a smart device to unlock more stories online.

Here is what StarWars.com , who broke the exclusive news earlier today, had to say about the new product:

A lonely scavenger in search of belonging. A vulnerable and vengeful child in a mask.

The next wave in Hasbro’s Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures action figure line will introduce the next generation to even more of the saga’s heroes and villains, including Rey and Kylo Ren. Joining the stars of the sequel trilogy will be figures of: Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi Master who trained the future Darth Vader; Darth Maul, the Sith apprentice who murdered Qui-Gon Jinn; General Grievous, the brilliant Separatist cyborg strategist from the time of the Clone Wars; and the fan-favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett.

The first wave includes Rey, Kylo Ren, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Darth Maul, and Boba Fett, meaning this line will span the gamut of all film eras.

The new sets will be available later this Spring.

Hasbro has not been the only company dropping reveals ahead of Toy Fair, as Mezco has shown off a new Captain Marvel figure, Mego announced new 14″ Star Trek figures, and a new line based on characters from Stan Lee’s vault, and Neca debuted a great looking Shredder and Karate Kid set.

Stay tuned for more Toy Fair 2019 coverage!

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The Entire Star Wars Universe Gets Measured In This Hypnotic Video

The Star Wars universe is vast, and continues to grow – possibly faster than ever thanks to Disney. But, have you ever wondered about the scale of this universe? MetaBallUniverse has, and has been putting together videos for quite some time about Star Wars and other things via 3D renderings.

Their latest video asks the question – just how big is everyone and everything in Star Wars? Did you know that BB-8 is actually taller than Yoda, and how small that Rebel Blockade Runner from the opening of New Hope looks when its standing next to the Droid Control Ships from the prequels? And the Death Star (both of them) look absolutely puny next to Starkiller Base.

Check out this mesmerizing video that puts it all in perspective – literally:

A few years ago, the same studio also put together this epic video, comparing the sizes of Starships across the sci-fi spectrum. It’s rare to see the Enterprise-D next to a Star Destroyer in proper scale, so consider this your chance to see how they all stack up next to each other:

Of course, the next step is someone comparing all of their battle capabilities in a free-for-all battle royale, but that’s a video for another day!

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NYCC 2018 Cosplays – Part 1

Check out some of the cosplays we saw at NYCC 2018!

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Brian Volk-Weiss talks “The Toys That Made Us”

Brian Volk-Weiss, the creator of the hit Netflix series “The Toys That Made Us” talks with Matthew from NerdNewsToday.com for an in-depth interview on one of the best geeky documentaries that you can watch today.

With Season 3 announced not long ago at SDCC 2018, Brian tells us about the new season, talks to us about how an episode of the show gets made, the dizzying amount of prep and research to craft an episode, and explains what toy lines we may see in future episodes, as well as what we definitively won’t.

He also informs us about a part of the show which will be cut from the newest season, and how long he thinks the series will last.

Plus, Brian shows our viewers the holy grails of his toy collection for the first time ever on camera!

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New LEGO Brickheadz for 2018 – Jurassic World & Go Brick Me

At the LEGO Fall 2018 Collection Preview Event in NYC, LEGO unveiled some familiar Brickheadz, along with a few new ones coming out this fall and holiday season 2018. Included here are Brickheadz from Infinity War, Justice League, Harry Potter, The Incredibles, Jurassic World, Back to the Future, Star Wars, and more. Not on display but also coming soon is the Ghostbusters Brickheadz of Peter Venkman and Slimer.

Finally, LEGO also debuted their new Go Brick Me set, where people can make a Brickheadz version of themself or whoever they want with an endlessly customizable set filled with bricks of all shapes and sizes.

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New LEGO STAR WARS sets for Fall 2018

At the Fall 2018 LEGO Preview Collection event in NYC, LEGO showcased many new Star Wars sets for fall and holiday season 2018. On display were new sets for the Y-Wing, Millennium Falcon from “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, TIE Fighter, Jawa Sandcrawler, X-Wing, Anakin’s Starfighter from Episode 3, Snoke’s Throne Room from Episode 8, and More.

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The official trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is finally here

After much anticipation and too many teasers, the day has come – we finally have an official full trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

This new installment in the expanded lore of the Star Wars universe tells the tale of Chewbacca and Han Solo’s first encounter with Lando Calrissian and the Millenium Falcon, and how Han became the scoundrel we all know him as today.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” was directed by Ron Howard, and stars Alden Ehrenreich as Solo, alongside Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Joonas Suotamo, and Paul Bettany. The film will be the second Star Wars anthology film, following the 2016 film “Rogue One.”

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NY Toy Fair 2018: Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie

Our friends at RageWorks attended the illustrious Hasbro event during NY Toy Fair 2018, and saw many things we were not privy to. One of the most unique and certainly coolest things that popped up was this, the electronic “Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie” toy.

This version of Chewbacca stands 16 inches tall and features more than 100 sound and motion combinations. With signature Wookiee-talk back interaction, the Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie responds to external movements and sounds. Make a noise and the Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie will roar back! Fans can enjoy everything from naptime to pretending to fly with their Wookiee sidekick.

Check out this video to see what this wookiee can do!

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Dragon Ball Z, DC & Marvel Figma Figuarts by Tamashii Nations

Kamehamehah! Tamashii Nations brought out a ton of new DBZ and Dragon Ball Super figures (or Figuarts) at NY Toy Fair 2018. Here is a taste of them!

Tamashii Nations also unveiled many new figures (or Figuarts) during NY Toy Fair 2018, including a variety from the DC Comics Cinematic Universe of characters from the Justice League movie, Batman and The Joker from the upcoming Batman anime, and new Jaegers and Kaiju from Pacific Rim 2.

Finally, Tamashii Nations always has tons of new product at their booth, and NY Toy Fair 2018 was no exception. This video showcases some of their Samurai Star Wars & Marvel figures, Power Rangers figures and zords in various scales, and many new Gundam model kits. Plus, digivolving Digimon and a few other surprises!

For all of our NY Toy Fair 2018 video coverage, check out our huge playlist with over 50 videos – http://bit.ly/2CpzFHi

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