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K’Nex Mario Kart Building Set Review – Shy Guy & Wario

It’s time for a second look at the K’Nex Mario Kart construction series. Last time, we took a look at two of the smaller sets that included Yoshi and Toad on bikes. This time, we have a pair of larger ones, as we look at the actual karts for Shy Guy and Wario.

We put these together on camera to show you the process, and let you know if they are worth buying the next time you see them on store shelves.

K’Nex Mario Kart Bike Building Set Review – Yoshi & Toad

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart? The fine folks at K’Nex have taken the vehicles from the game and transformed them into a variety of construction sets, and today we look at two of those. The Mario Kart bikes, featuring Yoshi and Toad, are two of the smaller sets (and easier to build), so we put these racers together and see if they are worth going to the finish line with, or if they will be left behind in the dust by collectors.

K’Nex Super Mario World Blind Bag Figures – Series 10 Unboxing & Review

It’s time for another blind bag unboxing, as we revisit K’Nex and their Super Mario line to open up a box of series 10 of their mini-figures. Once again, there are 24 bags but only seven figures to collect. So, this time around we try to help you figure out who is who when you are buying them to save your wallet some trouble.

Unboxing K’Nex Super Mario Mystery Figures Series 9

Gather your mushrooms and stomp on some Goombas, it’s time for another unboxing! This time, we look at a full case of 24 blind bags from Super Mario Mystery Figures Series 9 by K’Nex. This line is extremely small compared to what we have reviewed so far, but surprisingly that does not mean getting the full set is as easy as we expected. Check out the video to see the results and the tricks to help you figure out which figure is in the bag if you buy these.

Featuring Andrea from InsertGeekHere.com

“Super Mario RPG” finally gets virtual console release in Europe on Wii U

The classic Super Nintendo game, “Super Mario RPG”, will finally get its long anticipated release on the virtual console later this week… in Europe.

The news comes from EuroGamer, who are happy as heck to get this game in their neck of the woods while this continent has to wait and see. “Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars” was originally released in North America and Japan in 1996, but was never released in Europe until the original Wii Virtual Console released it in 2008. As for Americans, we are still waiting on word from Nintendo if the title will be coming to our systems as well. The game is still available for the Wii on their virtual console, but until then, we must hold our breath and pray to the Mario gods.

On a similar note, earlier this month, Nintendo announced several new Mii Fighter costumes for “Super Smash Bros.” for Wii U and 3DS, which included an outfit for one of Super Mario RPG’s signature characters, Geno.

Super Mario RPG will launch for download on Thursday, December 24, and will cost €7.99.