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New York Toy Fair 2013: Board Games at “Tactic”

Action figures were not the only thing we were looking for at NY Toy Fair 2013. Board games are always plentiful at the event, and this year, “Tactic” brought out their best, which happened to be based on the hit iOS game, “Angry Birds”.

The “Angry Birds Action Game” takes all the fun of the app, and put it into a board game that lets you smash those green piggies into oblivion (not to be confused with the video game that preceded Skyrim). Additional add-on’s were unveiled at the show, including more birds and blocks to toss at this, as well as the larger version with plush version. “Angry Birds in Space” also had some new board games, including a variation of the classic “Sorry” game. The age ranges from kids to adults, and it would be easy for any age group to have fun playing with these. Card games for traveling and home were also shown off with the Angry Birds leaving their mark there as well.

“Tactic” also brought some of their other classic games for both children and adults, including “Alias”, “Touche”, “Brainbox”, “Draw Out”, and “Mexican Train” to name just a few of the many items in their booth. Check out the photo gallery below to take a look!

You can check out more of their products on the official Tactic website at this link here.

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New York Toy Fair 2013: “Ripple Junction” booth

Releasing whimsical novelty items since 1992, “Ripple Junction” brought their retro and modern goods to NY Toy Fair 2013 at the Javits Center.

With items from “My Little Pony”, “The Goonies”, and even the bear coat from Workaholics, Ripple Junction brought the nostalgia back for all ages. “The Big Bang Theory” was the hot item for Ripple Junction this year, specifically anything with Soft Kitty or “Bazinga” emblazoned on it. There were hats, slippers, jackets, belt buckles, lunch boxes, Christmas ornaments, socks, t-shirts, sweaters, and just about anything else you can think of with the soft kitty on it.

My personal favorite was easily the Big Bang Theory “Soft Kitty” hoodie. Featuring cat ears on the hood, paw mittens for your hands, and a cat tail on the back, the item is available for men and female (meaning I can wear this and keep my dignity). The women’s version has a pink lining on it, while the male version does not. Offering your stomach for tummy rubs should be done at the wearer’s own discretion. Purr, purr, purr…

Check out the gallery below for all of their items at NY Toy Fair!

You can check out more of Ripple Junction over on their website, which features a much wider variety of items than shown at Toy Fair.

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New York Toy Fair 2013: GI Joe and Transformers vinyl figurines from “Loyal Subjects”

“The Loyal Subjects” trekked out from California and braved the big snowstorm to make it to NY Toy Fair 2013, and brought plenty of goodies to show off.

The vinyl toy makers brought their line of blind box GI Joe vinyl figurines, which includes Duke, Cobra Commander, Destro, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Snow Job, Zartan, Gung Ho, and some random mystery characters.

Debuting for the first time were their blind box Transformers line, which includes Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave, Jazz, Bumblebee, Grimlock, and a few other surprises not shown. The company also had their custom skateboards available, their designer “Chaos Bunnies” figures, and a multitude of great looking t-shirts that I would, and may have to, kill to get my hands on. Same goes for the Transformers figurines, but company owner Jonathan Cathey is personally guarding those to keep them out of my paws.

Check out our exclusive images in the gallery below!

You can check out more from The Loyal Subjects on their website at this link here or on their Facebook fan page.

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New York Toy Fair 2013: Nintendo plushies at “Little Buddy” booth

“Little Buddy” was at New York Toy Fair 2013 at the Javits Center with tons of their soft and squeezable friends along with them. The company produces amazing looking Nintendo licensed plushies of all of your favorite characters from across the retro and modern gaming horizon.

The amount of characters in staggering, as you can see in our gallery. Plushies available include Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Goombas, Boo, Drybones, Red and Green turtles, and just about every other villain in the game. Some plushes come in three different sizes, including Mario, Luigi, Boo, Bowser, and others. There were also characters from Pikmin and Legend of Zelda (although at this time, they only have Link).

Check out the gallery below for tons of images of the booth!

You can check out more from Little Buddy on their website at this link here.

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New York Toy Fair 2013: “Comic Images” Booth

New Jersey based company, “Comic Images” was well represented at NY Toy Fair 2013 at the Jacob Javits Center with a huge booth showing off their wide variety of plush toys coming out this year, as well as previous releases.

Some of the items up for viewing included their Marvel licensed plushies, which includes Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and Wolverine. Another hugely popular and successful line for them is their Star Wars line, which includes plush versions of your favorite vehicles like the X-Wing, Millenium Falcon, and TIE Fighter ships. You can also get some sweet characters like Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Stormtroopers, Ewoks, Jawas, and Boba Fett. Also unveiled this year were some Star Wars beasts, including the Rancor, Wampa, and Taun Taun.

My personal favorite item of their booth was their new Masters of the Universe line. Featuring the classic Filmation characters in huggable form, their first wave includes He-Man, Skeletor, Trapjaw, Beastman, and Battlecat. “Comic Images” also had larger versions of their plushes, as well as backpacks with these characters and even Chewbacca’s famous saddle bag that you can wear to work. Remember, let the wookie win.

Check out the full gallery below!

Check out Comic Images website for more info on their products.

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NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage: Kotobukiya Photo Gallery

Japanese figure and statue-maker extraordinaire, Kotobukiya, was at NY Toy Fair 2012, showing off some goods from earlier in the year, as well as what is new for this year.

Koto unveiled new statues from Star Wars (including Darth Maul and Darth Vader), Batman, Superman, and their Bishojou line, with sexy anime statues of Miss Marvel, Harley Quinn, Power Girl, Black Widow, Black Cat, and many more. Plus, magnetic Darth Maul chopsticks and awesome Star Wars ice cube trays! Lastly, check out the world debut of the new Mass Effect bishojou statue, which features a ball jointed neck for the character, a first for their line.

Check out the full photo gallery below!

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NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage: Square Enix Photo Gallery

The folks over at Square Enix were in full force at NY Toy Fair 2012, delivering the good as they do each year with some of the best looking high-end figures on the market (in this writer’s opinion).

The company unveiled prototypes for many of their licenses, including Street Fighter, Uncharted, Halo, Mass Effect, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, and Batman: Arkham City.

Check out the full photo gallery below!

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NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage: NECA Photo Gallery

High-end sculpting at consumer prices is what makes NECA so great for collectors, and at NY Toy Fair 2012, the company impressed all with their latest offerings.

NECA unveiled plenty of new items this year from their video game licenses, including Gears of War, Team Fortress 2, Bioshock, and Assassin’s Creed. The toymakers also showed off their continuing movie line, featuring ET, Aliens, Predator, Robocop, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, and their brand new Rocky figures. Take a look at that figure of Mr. T and tell me you don’t get chills!

Check out the full photo gallery below!

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NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage: Playmobil Photo Gallery

Childhood favorite Playmobil was well represented at NY Toy Fair 2012 with an epic display. Housed inside a life-sized version of a Playmobil Spacecraft, the company showed off plenty of new things for 2012.

Playmobil has thrived off their original creations rather than licensed franchises, and their creativity and imagination shone through with all of the toys on display. Pirates, spacemen, cops & robbers, and neanderthals were among the playsets unveiled, along with waves of single-packed figures in a new way to reach out to the collectors market.

Check out the photo gallery below for all of the action from Playmobil!

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NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage: Mezco Photo Gallery

Mezco debuted a ton of brand new products at NY Toy Fair 2012 that were total surprises to most fans. Universal Monsters have made their way into Mezco’s hands, with new figures of classic monsters like Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon, as well as their contemporary counter parts like Jason Voorhes, Freddy Kreuger, Chucky, and Jigsaw.

The company also unveiled new toys for Mars Attacks and Earthworm Jim, plus their new license with Domo Kun, which will feature a variety of toys this year. Old favorites have returned with new figures, such as their DC Comics Mez-itz, South Park, Spongebob Squarepants, and amazing new Thundercats statues (Mumm-Ra, ZOMG!).

Check out the photo gallery below for all the photos!

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