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“Reginald Barclay” Action Figure review – TREKBACK TUESDAY

On this episode of Trekback Tuesday, we take a look at a peculiar crew member of the Enterprise-D, Reginald Barclay! How does this figure hold up, and how do his broccoli-green accessories fare (hint: not so well)? Find out in this video review.

“Captain Dathon” classic action figure review from ST:TNG – TREKBACK TUESDAY

Then, it was Darmok and Jilad at Tenagra. Today, Matthew and Andrea, reviewing toys in their studio.

On this episode of Trekback Tuesday, we look at Captain Dathon from the fan-favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Darmok.” Is the figure as good as the episode? Find out in this video.

Trekback Tuesday: “Captain Sisko” from “Trials & Tribble-ations” figure review

Welcome to another Trekback Tuesday! On this episode, we look at a figure from a classic DS9 episode, “Trials & Tribble-ations” and check out one of the figures from a wave of mid-90’s Playmates figures that covered this fan-favorite episode.

Captain Sisko is decked out in his retro garb from the episode, and we review the figure in-depth, as well as enter a contest that ended 20 years ago! If you want to see what the heck we are talking about, watch the video above!

Trekback Tuesday: “Gul Dukat” figure review

The scourge of Cardassia, the sorrow of Bajor, and the next figure we are looking at as part of Trekback Tuesday – meet Gul Dukat.

From the first wave of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine action figures by Playmates, Dukat is arguably the most evil character in all of Trekdom. Does his action figure hold up to his evilness, or is it just plain bad? Watch the video to find out.

Trekback Tuesday: “Lt. Jadzia Dax” figure review

We continue our journey into Deep Space Nine on this episode of Trekback Tuesday by meeting their science officer, Lt. Jadzia Dax! The oldest member of the DS9 crew, this version of Jadzia by Playmates is not quite as old but still qualifies as a retro figure by todays standards. We take a look at her and see if she holds up more modern figures.

Plus, Space Caps!

Trekback Tuesday: “Dr. Julian Bashir” figure review

We continue Trekback Tuesdays still on board Deep Space Nine, as we take a look at the resident medic, Dr. Julian Bashir. From the first wave of Playmates DS9 figures in the early 90’s, how does the good doctor hold up to todays standards of being a good action figure? Check out the video above to see for yourself.