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Trekback Tuesday: “Quark” figure review

Continuing where we left off last time on Trekback Tuesday aboard Deep Space Nine, we wander onto the promenade to check out this Playmates action figure of the local barkeep, Quark. Was this retro figure worth the gold-pressed latinum we paid for it, or should it be tossed out into the breach? Watch the video to find out!

Trekback Tuesday: “Chief Miles O’ Brien” figure review

It’s time we take a break from exploring the galaxy and see what is happening by the ole’ wormhole.

On this episode of Trekback Tuesday, we meet the newly transplanted chief of engineering aboard the Deep Space Nine space station, Chief Miles O’ Brien. Fresh from serving aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain Picard, O’Brien was from the first wave of DS9 action figures by Playmates. Does this figure hold up to the standards of action figures today, or is it back to running the transporter room for him? Check out the video to see.

Trekback Tuesday: “Q in Starfleet Uniform” figure review

Our weekly episode of Trekback Tuesday was almost interrupted by this inter-dimensional scoundrel, but we were able to seal him up in a clamshell… until we opened him to review.

On this episode, we review Q in Starfleet Uniform from the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” line by Playmates. Is the toy as good as the actual being, or should we send him off to be judged for his crimes against the universe? Watch the video to find out!

Trekback Tuesday: “Lt. Cmdr. Data” Review

Welcome to the first episode of Trekback Tuesday, where we look at all of the different toys and collectibles from all of the Star Trek series. In this debut installment, we look at Lt. Comdr. Data by Playmates from 1993, wearing his first season uniform.

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