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David Gerrold’s favorite scene in “The Trouble with Tribbles”

David Gerrold is known as the man who created Tribbles, since he was the writer of the famous Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”. During Big Apple Comic Con 2019, one fan asked if he had a favorite part during this episode, and it turns out he does – and it involves Scotty!

Plus, some memories of Leonard Nimoy.

You can watch the full panel with David Gerrold at this link here

This panel was moderated by Larry Nemecek.

For more information on Big Apple Comic Con, head to www.BigAppleCC.com

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Trekback Tuesday: “Captain Sisko” from “Trials & Tribble-ations” figure review

Welcome to another Trekback Tuesday! On this episode, we look at a figure from a classic DS9 episode, “Trials & Tribble-ations” and check out one of the figures from a wave of mid-90’s Playmates figures that covered this fan-favorite episode.

Captain Sisko is decked out in his retro garb from the episode, and we review the figure in-depth, as well as enter a contest that ended 20 years ago! If you want to see what the heck we are talking about, watch the video above!

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