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WWE Authentic Scale Classic Cage Accessory Set Unboxing & Review

Following up on our review of the Wicked Cool Toys Authentic Scale Ring, myself and Vinny Lupo got ahold of one of the accessories for this enormous ring – the Authentic Scale Classic Cage Accessory set. Here, we show you how to put this thing together and how it looks on the ring. Is this retro add-on worth picking up to add onto your ring? Watch the review to find out.

WWE Authentic Scale Ring (RAW Edition) Unboxing & Review

Let’s get ready to…. well, that is copyrighted so never mind that. How about we step into the ring for some wrasslin’ instead?

Today we check out the WWE Authentic Scale Ring from Wicked Cool Toys. This is the RAW Edition, based on the set-up for WWE’s flagship program, “Monday Night Raw”. The concept behind this playset is that this ring is meant to be in-scale with the actual WWE ring to give you a more authentic experience (hence the name) and a great place to display your figures.

Matthew and Andrea show you how to construct this massive wrestling ring and let you know if it is worth picking up for your wrestling fan, so take a look at the video to see if it walks out a winner!