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“Ancient Evil” Comes To “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4”

The next thrilling Zombies adventure in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is arriving next Tuesday for Black Ops Pass owners.

Ancient Evil” beckons the intrepid foursome from the Chaos Storyline – Bruno, Diego, Scarlett and Shaw – in a brand-new adventure into an underground Greek city to face off against new varieties of the undead.

Check out the trailer below to see some of the enemies you will face in this update:

Featuring signature Call of Duty Zombies combat, Ancient Evil will test players’ skills as they fight new Zombies and enemies against the backdrop of a gargantuan cavern colossal enough to hold a sprawling city.

More details will be revealed soon, so stay tuned for updates.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Experience, Ancient Evil, will be available on March 26th for PS4 with the Black Ops Pass.

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Michonne Ready To Hit The Dusty Trail – Danai Gurira To Leave “The Walking Dead”

AMC hit “The Walking Dead” has been as unstoppable as a herd of walkers, but it seems that’s been changing the past year or two. With major stars leaving the show (causing even more major deviations from the comics), one must wonder if the show will be on life support soon. Today, we found out TWD will take another big loss soon – the samurai-sword carrying lawyer, Michonne.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, announcing Danai Gurira had signed a deal that would keep her on for one more season, and that would be it.

Under her new deal, Gurira will return in a limited capacity — described as only a handful of episodes — that will be interspersed throughout season 10. The actress, playwright and social activist will then likely segue to the three Walking Dead movies that AMC is planning with former leading man Andrew Lincoln. The latter has played the central role of Rick Grimes since the pilot and departed in the first half of season nine.

Gurira had been in talks with AMC for a new contract since well before season nine of The Walking Dead started. With the loss of other stars, AMC set their sights on doing their best to keep Gurira on the show, but it seems those plans fell through.

In the wake of this departure, it’s been reported that Gurira’s co-stars — Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) — signed multiple-year “franchise/universe deals” with AMC to keep them on TWD for a long time.

Sources say those pacts will cover three years of the franchise as a whole, meaning if their characters are written off of the flagship and relocated to another property in the Walking Dead franchise — or depart completely — they would continue to get paid. Both received sizable raises. Reedus — who also hosts and exec produces AMC’s unscripted motorcycle series Ride With Norman Reedus — earns $350,000 per episode on top of additional guarantees and advances in a deal that sources say could be worth anywhere from $50 million to $90 million. McBride’s deal will see the actress score an estimated $20 million over three years.

Those deals allow Reedus and McBride to jockey between Walking Dead properties, including crossing over to companion series Fear the Walking Dead and, potentially, roles in the trio of TV movies. AMC, under chief content officer Scott M. Gimple, has further expansion plans beyond the movies for its billion-dollar franchise.

Gurira joined the cast in 2012 and became a breakout hit with viewers as the badass Michonne. Her name power continued to elevate every year, especially after her appearance as Okoye in “Black Panther”.

It may be the last time we see Michonne on TWD for some time, but fans will have to wait for the movies to see what happens when her and Rick cross paths again.

“The Walking Dead” returns for new episodes of the second half of season nine on February 10th at 9 pm ET on AMC. 

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‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Series 2 Figures Announced

McFarlane Toys is announcing the second comic series inspired by the highly acclaimed, Eisner Awarding-winning The Walking Dead comic book series from creator/writer Robert Kirkman.

The Walking Dead, the top-selling graphic novels of 2011 and 2012, from Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image Comics, tells the story of the months and years that come after the zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by Rick Grimes, who travel in search of safety and security, all while fending off the hordes of undead and even deadlier humans they encounter on their journey.

The character list in series 2 includes:

Glenn, an original Atlanta survivor, has become crucial to the survival of Rick’s group due to his ability and agility at getting in-and-out of zombie-infested areas in order to search for food and supplies. Glenn, in full riot gear, features 28 points of articulation and is equipped with two pistols, riot shield, baton, gas can, and removable helmet with flip-up visor.

Zombies are not the only threat to Rick and his band of survivors, the Governor is truly the first human antagonist that the group encounters within the comic series. The Governor features 28 points of articulation and includes a kitchen knife, pistol, and alternate mutilated head & right arm.

It’s not until Mike, Michonne’s boyfriend, is bit by a zombie that Michonne discovers the true nature of the zombie epidemic. A bite is a death sentence! Michonne quickly realizes that Zombies don’t attack other Zombies and uses Mike as camouflage and protection against the hordes of the undead awaiting her in this new world. Michonne’s Pet Zombie features 17 points of articulation and includes a neck collar & chain, tear off arms & jaw, and push in/ pull out intestines.

Nothing is stronger than a father daughter bond, as we see with The Governor and his daughter Penny. Infected early on with the zombie virus, Penny has been cared for and fed by her unconditionally loving father. Penny features 12 points of articulation and includes a bucket of fresh body parts (severed leg, severed foot, severed hand, intestines, heart and Rick’s severed hand) that the Governor feeds to her. Figure also includes a fish tank with trophy heads collected by her father. One of the heads can be used as an alternate head for Michonne’s Pet Zombie Mike, allowing you to build Michonne’s 2nd pet and Mike’s best friend, Terry.


Staying true to the comic, this blood-splattered black & white version of The Governor & Daughter Zombie is the perfect addition to any The Walking Dead collection. This box set still includes all the articulation and gory accessories included with the standard figures.

All of these The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 figures will be available in June of 2013.

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Capcom today confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations will release at retail for the Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , and Nintendo’s Wii U across North America on May 21 and Europe on May 24, 2013. The title will also be available to download digitally on PS3 and Windows PC for $49.99 on May 21, with digital versions for Xbox 360 and Wii U system to follow.

Capcom boasts the originally 3DS title will be redefined for home consoles complete with high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience. Furthermore, the home console version will deliver additional content including a new enemy, extra difficulty mode and improvements to Raid Mode such as new weapons, skill sets and the opportunity to play as Hunk and other characters from the series. Raid Mode, which was first introduced to the series in the original version of Resident Evil Revelations, sees gamers play online in co-op mode or alone in single player taking on the hordes of enemies across a variety of missions while leveling up characters and earning weapon upgrades.

The critically acclaimed survival horror title takes players back to the events that took place between Resident Evil®4 and Resident Evil®5, revealing the truth about the T-Abyss virus. Resident Evil Revelations features series favorites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, plus their respective BSAA partners – Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat.  The action begins on board a supposedly abandoned cruise ship, the ‘Queen Zenobia’, where horrors lurk around every corner before players head for the mainland and the devastated city of Terragrigia. With limited ammo and weapons available, the race is on to survive the horror of Resident Evil Revelations.

Resident Evil Revelations will take full advantage of Residentevil.net with content available to users once the game launches. Players can pre-register on the service from January 24 to gain early access to Resident Evil Revelations themed content with further information about online events to be revealed closer to launch.

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Ada Wong & Agent Hunt Mode set for Resident Evil 6

It’s been announced earlier this week that Ada Wong, first appearing in Resident Evil 2, will be a playable character with her own individual campaign in Resident Evil 6. This single player experience is set to feature missions unique to Ada, providing a different perspective on the bioterrorist outbreaks happening all over the world threatening the extinction of the human race. Ada Wong’s campaign becomes unlocked once players completed campaign mode for Leon, Chris and Jake.

Another mode to be featured in Resident Evil 6 is the ability to experience action as a zombie, J’avo or other C-virus mutations in the new online mode, titled Agent Hunt. Players will be able to infiltrate other players’ sessions as hunters with the intention of eliminating the human characters involved. These hunters will have access to unique movements and attacks exclusive to each character that would previously be encountered as enemies in campaign mode, including the various J’avo transformations. The way you would unlock Agent Hunt mode will work the same way you would unlock Ada Wong’s campaign mode; by beating Leon, Chris, and Jake’s campaigns.

When creating a Resident Evil 6 gameplay session a player will have the option to allow or not allow Agent Hunt mode,  Hunters searching for a session in levels Agent Hunt is available to join will jump into that session if allowed by the host, then those hunters can either be a single human player with an AI partner or work with a friend in co-op mode. Up to two separate hunters are able to join any given Agent Hunt session, and if a hunter dies, they respawn in the same session as a different randomized enemy from that area. If the hunter eliminates an agent, however, the agent’s session will end exactly as if they had been playing a standard game session with CPU enemies while the hunter is given the option to join another session. If the hunter quits mid-game, the agent’s game continues as usual with all CPU enemies.



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Zombie Apocalypse Essentials: Guns & Ammo’s Zombie Nation Magazine

In continuation of our commitment to bring you the latest and greatest of Zombie Apocalypse Essentials, NerdNewsToday is totally geeked to share with you the Zombie Nation magazine by Guns & Ammo. We all know the forthcoming apocalypse will bring mass destruction and send us back to the days of writing by candle light and eating only what we kill. No smartphones, no email, no Internet – which is exactly why we’re glad Inter Media Outdoors wised up and printed a  well-packaged guide to essential tools and tactics for living in a real-life  ‘Zombieland.’

Zombie Nation brings detailed reviews of several guns such as the Valkyrie Armament BSR MOD-1 (pictured on the cover) and my personal favorite, the Double Star Zombie X; an AR with a working chainsaw, you know, in case you need to rid yourself of flesh eating house guests. Guns not your thing? No worries, Gerber and Ka Bar knives and attachments are covered in this first of its kind magazine as well.

We all know that getting close to anyone infected is the opposite of smart, and yet it may still be a necessity. How would you react if engaged in close quarter combat? While unarmed? ‘Avoid the Bite: Six tips for going unarmed against the undead’ is sure to be a must read for any prepper.Whoa! I almost forgot – this kick ass magazine also has a guide for how to dress for survival and comes with a free fold out zombie target.

Carry this magazine with you rolled up in your back pocket and you won’t just be toting a few tips & tricks, but entertaining bathroom reading material as well in the form of interviews with movie creatures from the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead” and a closer look at the master of zombie makeup and his amazing work. Info and entertainment, two things you won’t regret having after running for your life for the past 36 hours straight.

There you have it, nerds. Over 125 pages of zombie goodness waiting to be consumed. A fun read that could help you live to see another day. Beautifully freighting high def photos that really help drive the point home. Go grab your copy at newsstands today or online HERE.

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Zombie Apocalapyse Essentials: Hornady Zombie Max Ammo


Welcome back for another installment of Zombie Apocalypse Essentials. This time we’re looking at ammunition. Not just any old bullets, mind you, but Zombie Max 9mm rounds from Hornady. Before we get started, though, take a quick look at this epic commercial for the aforementioned handgun rounds and get acquainted with this groundbreaking product.

Sure, the commercial looks impressive, but one has to wonder how the Zombie Max compares to your everyday run of the mill round. Not to fret, fellow nerds, I got my hands on these living dead stoppers last week, blew off some steam at the local shooting range, and am here to report to you on all you need to know about this potential lifesaver. So, is it legit or is it just an over-priced gimmick?

From their website:

Hornady is known for making high quality, accurate, dependable ammunition. Zombie Max ammunition is no exception. Each round is loaded with a special, neon green, polymer-tipped Z-Max bullet that delivers devastating expansion and was specifically designed for zombie elimination. You never know when the impending zombie apocalypse will begin, so make sure you’re prepared with extra magazines and bugout bags stuffed full of this effective zombie specific ammunition.

Right off the shelf, the Hornady Zombie Max ammo grabs your attention with the stellar artwork on the box, something altogether too uncommon at your local gun shop. From zombie eyes and blood splatter to zombie silhouettes staggering toward you, the graphics on the box are the work of a standout marketing exec. Open the flap to gain access to the live ammo and you’re greeted with the following statement: Hornady: Certified Zombie Ammunition. Pointless, but nonetheless humorous.

Continue opening the package to reveal twenty-five rounds of brain splattering goodness. The ammo I used was 115 grain, 9mm Luger, Z-Max bullets. I loaded a few magazines and went to town. There was no added recoil from shooting this ammo nor was there any noticeable difference in the mechanical operation of the gun. However, the same cannot be said for the poor targets being shot. Instead of just getting pumped full of lead or spilling its contents from a flesh wound like most ammo, the Zombie Max penetration made a slightly larger hole at the point of impact  on the one target and completely exploded the bottom of a water bottle that just moments prior was full of life saving hydration.

After about thirty minutes of shooting, I feel it safe to say that the specialty ammo is a gimmick that performs well under fire. All rounds did what you would expect them to do, destroy what they hit. When the price is more than twice what you would reasonably pay for double the amount of non-zombie rounds, you may want to consider only buying one box. When the SHTF, it’s not going to matter if you’ve got Z-Max or Tampax, as long as you can sever the brain stem you can live to fight another day. Until then, your one box will be pretty cool to have around, if only for a conversation starter when your friends come over to go over the bugout drill.

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NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage: Think Geek booth Photo gallery

This week in New York City, the 2012 edition of Toy Fair is going down at the Jacob Javitts Center, and Team NerdNewsToday is there with the goods! Up first is this gallery from Think Geek, which includes pictures of some of their new licensed items from Minecraft, Portal, Star Trek, and Star Wars, as well as some original zombie and general gamer items.

I, for one, can not wait for the companion cube cookie jar, but the real show-stealer is those zombie slippers that chow down on your feet!

Check out the gallery below for all the images!

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