The Nintendo Switch ‘Parental Controls’ Video May Be The Best Thing About The Switch

With the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, we have a ton of trailers to watch to get us ready for the March release date. However, one of my personal favorites has to be their video on Parental Controls.

Starring the Bowser family, we see that being a parent is no different if you’re a human or a fire-breathing spiked turtle. Check out the video below:

Don’t you want to see more of these two together? Maybe we should start a tweet campaign to let Nintendo know we want more Bowser & Bowser Jr.! Also, the idea of Bowser using a smartphone is pretty hilarious on its own, let alone imagining this tyrant programming a time limit for his son to play games.

As for the parental controls, it’s neat since it does not shut down the system after you put in the time limit, it instead lets the parent know how bad the kid screwed up and leaves it to the adults to serve punishment. What do you think about the video?

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