Titan Merchandise at Star Trek: Mission New York 2016

Matt from Titan Merchandise spoke with us during Star Trek Mission New York to tell us about the latest Trek offerings from their brand.

Debuting at the show was the first wave of TOS Titans, which includes the core cast members as well as a few other great characters (and a shirtless fencing Sulu). They also brought some of their SDCC 2016 exclusives which included a two-pack of Kirk and Spock from “Amok Time” and a special version of the Enterprise, as well as some new magazines and books they have produced related to Trek.

Matt also drops the bomb on what we can expect coming up next month at NYCC 2016 for exclusives – and they are well worth the wait.

Stay tuned through the weekend for more news and videos from Star Trek Mission New York, as well as a review of these Titan figures very soon!

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