StarTalk All-Stars Presents: The Science of Star Trek – PANEL

The (mostly) complete panel from Star Trek Mission New York 2016 of StarTalk All-Stars Presents: The Science of Star Trek.

From communicator to replicators, warp drive to transporters: Star Trek has fired our imaginations and led to real world inventions. In StarTalk fashion, their scientist host astrophysicist (and major Trekkie) Dr. Charles Liu, co-host/moderator Chuck Nice and guests will explore the science behind the science fiction.

NOTE: This is not the official StarTalk video, as they filmed their own version that will be released on their site. Their version should be around 20 minutes longer, since they continued taking questions after the first wrap-up you will see at the end of this video. If you are a fan of their podcast, make sure to check out their video to support their video as much as this channel’s.

Stay tuned through the weekend for more news and videos from Star Trek Mission New York!

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