Ugly Doll teams with Star Trek to go where no Ugly Doll has gone before

Pretty Ugly, LLC has teamed with CBS Consumer Products for its newest collaboration with the iconic STAR TREK characters, set to launch in 2015.

Products will include Wage™ as Captain James T. Kirk, Ox™ as first officer Spock™, Ice-Bat™ as chief engineer Scotty, Babo™ as Doctor McCoy and Tray™ as communications officer Uhura.

ugly doll star trek
“We are honored to explore the Final Frontier with STAR TREK. This renowned series is nothing short of legendary- it’s the perfect extension for the UGLYDOLL brand,” says Drew Matilsky, Pretty Ugly’s Managing Partner.

“Ugly is the new Beautiful!” This has been Uglydoll’s mantra since its inception 13 years ago.  The notion of embracing one’s individuality has led to its success in becoming an award-winning brand.  The Uglydoll property includes a fully integrated licensing program.

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