A Boy and His Blind Box: Kidrobot “Simpsons” Keychains


Kidrobot has the market on blind box products with great franchises, especially heading into 2014 when they announced Megaman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will join their already loaded line with Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, and one of the license’s we will look at today, The Simpsons! America’s longest running cartoon family was given the keychain treatment, which means that this looks like a job for a boy and his blind box!


With 14 potential figures to get, the wave is pretty diverse with plenty of fan favorites like Disco Stu and Hans Moleman to yearn for. The big mystery item is Bumbleeman, who is the rarest of all of these keychains. The odds are stacked against me for getting him, along with Stu and Moleman, but otherwise, this is a good mix of core characters with b-lister’s that make for a great wave.


I love the design work that goes on the packaging, which keeps the tone of the art on the show fused with the stylized look of Kidrobot. It’s a colorful box art that looks extra cool when you have a pair to put side-by-side and really enjoy the effort that went into making this not just attractive, but very unique. I would love to get a print of The Simpsons characters done in this simple but cool-looking style.


Each keychain comes individually wrapped in a small blue bag to ensure that you have no idea what figure you got, even if some industrious little snoop tried to pry open the box to peek at the inside. Blind box figures can be a pain in the butt, but at least Kidrobot makes sure that the mystery stays mysterious and any jerks that want to try and spoil the surprise will have a very difficult time doing so.

Without futher ado, let us tear into these blue bags and see who I got!


D’oh! It’s a father and son pair, as I got Homer and Abe, complete with his rarely worn fez (because fez hats are cool). Each keychain is about an inch-and-a-half tall, although Grandpa Simpson is a bit taller because of his fez (so in general, most of the keychains will fall in that 1 1/2 – 2 inch range, although I feel like Maggie will be a bit smaller but I can not confirm this theory until I get a keychain of her).


Here they are back to back to show you that, yes, they do have the classic round Simpsons belly!


The sculpting is very good, with a slightly more caricatured look to them as opposed to the old Playmates or current NECA Simpsons figures. They are all a bit more warped and stylized, and I think that adds to their appearance and makes them more cartoony than just trying to sculpt them straight on. The Simpsons were characters that were never really meant to be three-dimensional, but I think Kidrobot has nailed not just the look, but the feel of The Simpsons with these keychains.


The paint job is also good, albeit simple, but nonetheless still as detailed as you would see on the show itself. Overall, a very good blind box figure/ keychain that is worth checking out.

Each Simpsons keychain blind box retails for $5.99 from KidRobot, and for those wondering, even the keychain itself is sturdy (and features a tiny clip so that you can remove the keychain part and attach it to a necklace, wrist band, or whatever else it will fit onto). I really like these Kidrobot Simpsons keychains, and if you are a fan of the show or Kidrobot, they are absolutely worth the purchase.

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