Adlens Interface Review – Self-adjustable Glasses for gaming

For gamers, eye fatigue is a common problem, especially if you wear glasses. Even for office workers or anyone that spend an ample amount of time staring at a screen, it won’t take long for your eyes to start feeling uneasy. Many companies have made products to remedy that, and today we are taking a look at the Adlens Interface, a revolutionary step forward in this growing industry.

The Adlens interface was designed by Adlens, a company based Oxford in England, and their product is currently the only computer glasses that can be self-adjusted for mid-distance viewing of computers and electronics. Using their custom yellow-tinted lenses to help filter high-energy visible (HEV) light, these glasses are composed of two wave-shaped polycarbonate plates that are able to glide across one another to fit your prescription. Users can adjust the focus by themselves from -6 to +3 diopters so see clearly at all distances, including extremely close-up and pretty far away. According to the company, “Interface glasses can be adjusted to improve vision for 90% of eyeglass and contact lens wearers who do not have astigmatism”, although my review will certainly not be able to verify that info or not. The nosepiece is soft enough to adjust to any size nose, and for those curious, the frame size is 49-22-141.

It’s a little jarring at first, but once you get them adjusted correctly, it’s actually quite nice. I wore these glasses during walks outdoors, playing games on my PS3 and my computer, and while typing this review. The first time you slide them on, they will need immediate adjusting, which is extremely easy to do by simply twisting the tiny knobs on the side. Once you find the right combo for both eyes, you should be set. For me, there was some minor eyestrain, but that may have been because the glasses were not 100% adjusted correctly. I was able to get most of my line of vision pretty close to my prescription, but because the lenses are all stacked on each other, your peripheral vision suffers for a bit (until you get used to it, if you can get used to it). As with any new pair of glasses, I had nausea issues and had to take them off, even as I got more used to them, and I attribute that to the peripheral issue.


My glasses are not an even prescription, since one eye sees differently than the other. Because you have total control over both lenses independent of each other, a problem like that is easily correctable. As far as I know, this is the first product to achieve this. I have worn similar glasses, which were able to fit on top of your actual everyday glasses, and they did the job fine but were bulky. This is an easier method to protect your eyes, but I am still a bit wary of it due to the issues I had with my peripheral vision.

Will these replace your normal glasses? Definitely not, but is an alternative for gamers or people who sit at computers all day. If you have a weaker prescription for your eyes and nothing too crazy, these would probably be good for you. For me, who needs a stronger prescription, I don’t think they will benefit me that much, so consider that if you are deciding on purchasing these.

These glasses sell on their website for 49.99, with flat-rate shipping not included. Aside from the plain eyeglasses, there are also sunglasses, and stylish “John Lennon” style glasses available at different prices. Thankfully, there is a 30-day money back guarantee on these glasses, so you could order them and try them for a week to see if they fit your needs or not. When it comes to something like eyewear, I am hesitant to give out a review that is extreme in one way or the other. Vision is a personal matter, so I would suggest that if this is a product you even remotely have an interest in, order them through their website and try them for yourself. If you don’t like it after your own trial run, send them back. It is difficult for me to say “two thumbs up” or “two thumbs down” because of my vision issues, but I like these enough to say they are worth a try and do what they claim to, so that is a potential win for someone who is in need of this type of product.

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