ANOVOS explains plans for “Ghostbusters” replica props

Master replica prop maker, ANOVOS, answered an FAQ about their plans with the Ghostbusters line, and it makes 2016 a very good year to be a Ghosthead.

The company, who also makes prop replicas from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica, revealed that they are licensed to create the following items from the first two Ghostbusters films (and nothing from the cartoon shows or the upcoming movie):

Screen accurate full-size props in kit form (end user assembled and painted).
Screen accurate full-size complete prop replicas, ready to wear/display.
Screen accurate wearable uniforms/jumpsuits.
Scaled prop replicas and collectibles for desktop/tabletop display.

Props will offer some fully-built props with lights and sound if things go according to plan, and kit versions with options for electronics will also be available. They also revealed that they are licensed to make “derived jackets”, meaning they have some freedom in design elements when it comes to particular types of apparel.

It is still way too early for them to reveal more details, as well as expectations for pricing since each item will be very unique. Pre-orders will be up around third-quarter of 2016, but we should know more info before then as well.

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