Batcave DLC Arriving December 20 for “Arkham City”

If you were not done playing the insanely large sandbox game, “Batman: Arkham City,” you will soon have a whole new way to kill some time with the introduction of some brand new DLC, along with a few old favorites.

According to the official Arkham City Twitter account, new Batcave downloadable content will be available for the game on December 20. The Jokers Carnival and the Iceberg Lounge challenge maps
will also be available by then for anyone who was not able to buy them with their initial limited releases.

The actual appearance of the Batcave in the game is still unclear. Players have already seen a batcave in Arkham Asylum, but that was Bruce’s emergency batcave and not the one located under Wayne Mansion (suddenly, Batman is a lot like Marvel’s Punisher, who has warehouses all over the East coast to hold his weapons and tech). Some fans are speculating that it will resemble the look of the cave from the Arkham City companion comic, but no confirmation has been made yet.

While you are in there, don’t forget to visit Calendar Man on December 25!

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