“Battleground Evil-Lyn” MOTUC Action Figure Review


“Battleground Evil-Lyn” is no stranger to the same MOTUC packaging we have seen before. She does have a new bio on back that continues the lore of Eternia, which you can read in the photo gallery at the bottom of this review.

You get a clear view of what is under the plastic, but you do not see all of her accessories. Hidden under the nametag is a few other secrets, but we will get to those in a bit. Locking our evil sorceress into the plastic is the usual harnessing system of annoying rubber bands and molded plastic to ensure her safety (as well as to piss you off when you try to take her out of the box).

There was a peculiarity as I removed Evil-Lyn from the packaging. As I pried her out of the plastic, one of those infernal rubber bands had ensnared itself deep into her leg joint, an anomaly I had not encountered with previous MOTUC lines. It took some tugging, but eventually I freed her thigh from its hindrance, and all was well in the world once more.


Evil-Lyn recycles the body from a much older MOTUC figure, Teela (who we will be reviewing in the coming weeks). This is to honor the time old tradition started with the original line, where sculpts were re-used again and again to cut costs.

The main unique thing about Evil-Lyn is her face sculpt, which has a perfectly menacing expression on her face. It has a cold look that reminds me of Cruella DeVille or other bad ladies from Disney animated movies. I like her short, white hair on the primary head – far more practical than Teela’s ponytail.

Her second head is also very good, which we will discuss in the accessories section more in depth.


The paint is what differentiates the identical bodies between Teela and Evil-Lyn. Evil-Lyn has a purple, pink, and crimson color scheme, from her body armor to her boots. Unfortunately, there was a lot of sloppiness on the belt buckles, and there is a small purple splotch of paint on her bare chest (I guess you could call it a birth mark). While this may not reflect every Evil-Lyn figure, this was my experience with the paint.

One of my favorite parts of this figure is a very tiny detail. Despite running around and casting spells with the big boys of Eternia, Evil-Lyn has found time to paint her nails a shiny black color, which adds some femininity and elegance to this figure. I believe she is the only figure so far that has painted nails in the MOTUC line, which is something I would have expected more from Princess Adora rather than this witch. Still, a very cool little touch, and hats off to them for doing that.

The paint on her face is also quite nice, and reminds me of Nadia Giosia from Cooking Channel’s “Bitchin’ Kitchen.” Don’t judge me for watching that show, she’s a hot Greek girl that can cook! It’s clear that Battleground Evil-Lyn is very into her looks, and spent time applying some eye shadow and eyeliner too, which adds a lot more personality to this figure than the previous MOTUC females.


Battleground Evil-Lyn comes with a long flowing purple cape which easily comes on and off. No need to pop her head off to remove it either, as it’s a very roomy opening to slip it around her shoulders.

She also comes with her traditional dagger with a skull on the end of it, her magical staff which features two swappable orbs (one of which glows in the dark), and a second head that features her more well-known helmet. While I like her bare head, I much prefer the head with the helmet, which has a shiny coat of black on top of it. Both heads swap on and off very easily, while the rest of her accessories easily fit into her soft rubber hands.


This figure features 20 points of articulation. For the first time on any females in the MOTUC line, Battleground Evil-Lyn has twistable arm bands at her bicep, adding a new level of flexibility for her. She does not have a torso that can bend over, but so far only one MOTUC female figure has that ability (Bubble-power She-Ra). This added joint makes posing her much easier and opens her to more dynamic stances.

Final Verdict:

Mattel has made more female figures this year, along with many more announced for 2012 so far, and Evil-Lyn might be my favorite of the bunch so far.

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