Beeline Interactive announces Smurf Life for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Beeline™ Interactive, Inc today announced their new  Smurf™ Life App for  touch is now available on the App Store. The freemium (free premium) game returns players to Smurfs’ village in an all new adventure.

The game begins with the Smurfs’ village in crisis; Gargamel has stirred up trouble with a magical storm spell that is creating chaos all over the village.  The Smurfs need help and Papa Smurf has chosen one special member of the village to reunite his family, and break the spell. Players will explore the Smurfs’ village rescuing Smurfs that have been stranded by the storm.  Players can choose a male or female character, customizing their Smurfs by choosing a name and adding fun costumes and accessories.  As they explore, they’ll need to overcome obstacles by learning trades, gathering materials, and building tools.  Jokey, Brainy, Handy and other favorite Smurf friends will throw parties in their honor as players successfully bring lost Smurfs back home.  As they complete challenges, players will help to break Gargamel’s dark spell and bring sunshine back to the village once and for all.

Smurf™ Life is the newest addition to Beeline’s growing library of freemium mobile games which has included Smurfs’™ Village, Snoopy’s® Street Fair, Monster Pet Shop™,  and  Zombie Cafe™ . Cumulative downloads for Beeline titles exceed 70 million. Smurfs’ Village has ranked as the number one top-grossing app in 79 countries and consistently ranks as a top-ten grossing app worldwide on Apple’s App store. Smurfs’ Village regularly maintains a user review rating of 4 ½ stars or higher on the U.S. App Store.

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