Best Juggernaut Cosplay Ever

Beware the might of The Juggernaut – especially this impressive rendition of the iconic Marvel mutant that was done by one very innovative fan.

Bryan Doell of Coconut Creek, Florida unveiled this amazing costume of The Juggernaut that has to be seen to be believed:


Here is what he had to say about it on Facebook:

I did it. I freaking did it. Been talking about it for two years, and I did it. My lifesize Juggernaut costume is done. I can’t even express what I’m feeling right now, this project pushed me to work outside of the box, way out of my comfort zone, and now it’s done. 100% scratch built, hand carved, freehanded, gigantic awesomeness. Shout out to Steven K Smith at SKS Props for providing awesome play by play on his War craft Orc build that pushed me to pull the trigger on this. Thanks to my Kaiju brother Corey Harrison at Grand Artiface for pushing me to “go big” and do something different. Thanks to National Foam Products for hooking me up with the materials i needed to make this. MegaCon, here comes THE JUGGERNAUT.

Doell won the award for “Best Comic Book Costume” at MegaCon Orlando that week, and even took a photo with the man himself, Stan Lee, dressed in his outstanding costume.

Check out more photos of this amazing creation below:

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