Brie Larson Wants “Captain Marvel” To Stand On Its Own Merits

We are days away from the release of “Captain Marvel”, and there has been plenty of hype happening in the past few weeks. We even had a live stream with Goose the cat! Last night, the Captain herself, Brie Larson, hit up a late night talk show where she discussed her feelings about how she wanted viewers to approach the movie.

Larson appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to promote Captain Marvel, and was asked about her thoughts on the importance of being the first female-led Marvel movie. Her response downplayed the feminist angle, and focused more on how she wanted the movie to be viewed like any other MCU flick.

Check out the video below, with the transcript following that:

“I don’t know how it’s any different. To be honest, I don’t want it to feel different,” Larson explained. “I’m kind of over the ‘First female blah blah blah,’ and ‘Wow, maybe women can actually do the same things that dudes can do – what a crazy concept!’

“I feel like the more we talk about it, the more we perpetuate the myth that it’s an impossible task. No, if it wasn’t like that before, it’s because it was wrong. That was just wrong. Now we’re just doing what’s natural.

“It’ll be what it is, and I think there’s gonna be lot there for people to digest and feel,” Larson continued. “And hopefully it’ll be the movie that you want to revisit again and again, and as life goes on, it’ll have more to it. I just want to make art that lasts. I want to make art that you grow with. That’s all.”

This sounds a bit like a shift in how she has approached promoting the movie. Back in February, Larson told Marie Claire UK that she has taken steps to make sure the movie’s press junket is not “overwhelmingly white male.” This may be part of what led to the Rotten Tomatoes backlash, although most likely that same reaction would have happened even if she said nothing .

We look forward to the first female-led Marvel movie and hope it paves the way for more, like the Black Widow movie or maybe Ms Marvel eventually. Let’s reserve judgment for when the movie is actually in theaters later this week, and let’s all do our best to look at it with no predetermined biases. More comic book movies are a win for everyone, and if you think “forced diversity” is ruining entertainment, I suggest investing in a time machine to live out your days in the 50’s.

“Captain Marvel” hits US theaters on March 8.

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