Build lightsabers and use the force with Uncle Milton “Star Wars Science” Toys – NY Toy Fair 2014

Uncle Milton had a ton of new learning toys at NY Toy Fair 2014, including their Marvel Science line, and their equally successful “Star Wars Science” line.

This year, we saw a new glove that uses magnets to use the power of force to push and repel objects, a Mustafar volcano kit, a Death Star light-up globe with both Star Wars universe maps and the Milky Way galaxy, a Boba Fett rocket, environmental mini-labs with Dagobah slime, Hoth snow, and Mustafar lava, a slick looking telescope, and plenty of new lightsaber kits that will make you want to quit your day-job and become a jedi knight (but then realize that these toys are meant for kids, so you will forever be a mere padawan).

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