Capcom announces new IP: Remember Me

Capcom showed off quite a few highly anticipated games at their gamescom press conference like playable demos of DmC (Devil May Cry), Lost Planet 3, Resdient Evil 6 and Tekken x Street Fighter for the PSVita, but amongst those titles was a new one; Remember Me.

In Remember Me, players will take control of the game’s protagonist, Nilin, an elite memory hunter who isn’t only extremely athletic and trained in combat, but will also have the ability to invade minds to steal or alter a person’ memories. When Nilin’s own memories are erased, she begins her journey to reclaim her identity and discovers she can change the world.

Remember Me is going to be a third person action/adventure game set for release for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, which is developed by Paris based DONTNOD Entertainment, and scheduled for release in May of 2013.


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