Check Out This Footage From NY Toy Fair 1994

NY Toy Fair 2019 is less than two weeks away, and we have been stoked for months. It’s my favorite event of the year, and one of my biggest content output weeks as well.

While scouring Youtube recently for Toy Fair things, I ran into this Youtube channel that has tons of uncut footage from Toy Fair’s past, and wanted to show you Nerd Newsies how things used to be back in the distant year of 1994.

Yes, the same year that “Pulp Fiction” and “The Lion King” hit theaters and “Friends” debuted on NBC, Toy Fair 1994 was the place to be. It was a good year for toys (I was 10 at the time), and it’s exciting to see many of my favorites on display in some of these videos.

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, “Exo Squad”, and “Seaquest” (remember them?) from Playmates
“Skeleton Warriors” and “Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad” from Playmates
Various dolls from Galoob
Pez and Creepy Crawlers. Never knew Pez had a booth at Toy Fair, but I vaguely remember them trying to get into that market since I collected Pez dispensers in that era.

Erector sets and Toy Biz “X-Men” figures!!!!

All of this footage was filmed by Ira H. Gallen , who runs a website called TV Days. For years, Ira has been archiving historical things that he loves, including toys. He has even appeared on national TV shows to discuss this, including my personal favorite where he talked about 1994 Star Trek toys.

Check out his Youtube channel for more info on him. Hopefully, we run into him at NY Toy Fair 2019 this year and get to meet the man with all these wonderful toys!

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