Comic Review: Hellboy in Hell

Creator, writer and artist, Mike Mignola, brings you the new ongoing story titled Hellboy in Hell. Published by Dark Horse comics, this will mark Mignola’s visually artistic return to Hellboy since Conqueror Worm way back in 2001, to which he intends to reveal an array of Hellboy’s secrets in a way only Mignola can.

It is fitting, after all, that Mignola would continue the series here with both writing and illustration. He told the first Hellboy story through his own artwork, so it’s only right he tells the story after his apparent end. If you haven’t been keeping up with what’s been going on with Hellboy, he’s dead.

Hellboy died fighting a dragon, which wasn’t very far after learning he was a direct descendant of King Arthur, making Hellboy the rightful king of all of Britain. The comic starts right where Hellboy get’s his heart plucked from his chest, dies and makes his plunge into hell. Since giving away spoilers in reviews is frowned upon, that information is about all I can tell you. All that can be really said from there is Hellboy meets up with an adversary from his past amidst a unique take on hell through Mignola’s artistic imagery.

Despite the total lack of new information given before picking this title up, if you’ve kept up with the series, you’ll definitely want to keep on it at this point. If you haven’t kept up with the series, or never read a Hellboy comic but maybe enjoyed the movie or a cameo Hellboy made in another title, this is a good place to start.

If that’s not enough to sell you, keep in mind this is a franchise that’s been nominated and won well over a dozen awards, including the Eisner Award for “Best Limited Series,” the Eagle Award for “Favourite American Colour Comic book “and the Project Fan boy Award for “Best Indie Hero.” At the very least, its proof Mignola is capable of producing an acceptable story that’s able to keep your attention from beginning to end, which this first issue does with ease. His pleasantly decrepit (at times) expressionistic drawing style really compliments it; focusing more on the story telling than the fact Hellboy is in hell without missing the point.

Hellboy in Hell is a good read for folks both familiar and the unfamiliar to the franchise who would like to get into it. If you’re into action/adventure cape comics but are curious into branching out into more indie titles, this would be a good starting point as well. Hellboy in Hell is set for release for December 5th and can be found at your local comic book shop or on Dark Horse’s website.

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