Danny DeVito Was Actually Considered For Voice of “Detective Pikachu” In Upcoming Movie

Warner Bros. upcoming “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” film has turned many heads, with its odd premise and unique look at how Pokemon would appear in our world. It drew a lot of interest thanks to fans demanding star of TV and film Danny DeVito voice the titular pocket monster. Turns out, we almost had that dream come true.

In an interview with Game InformerDetective Pikachu producer Cale Boyter explained that when movie execs found out about the public outcry to have Danny Devito voice Pikachu, they began to seriously consider it. The studio even made a reel to show how his voice would fit with the movie!

Here is the quote:

We definitely thought about it and how it might inform the spirit of it. Danny is incredible by the way. I am a huge fan of Danny DeVito.

It was really very funny, so I couldn’t speak to all the reasons why it wasn’t Danny DeVito cast. I love Danny and some point maybe after the movie comes about, we can share those early tests. It’s absolutely hilarious.

I can’t give away too much, but in terms of where the story goes and how it evolves, we had to sort of look at everything, including what fans weren’t seeing yet to make the decision. But that spirit of Danny DeVito, I promise you, is still inside of Pikachu.

Instead of DeVito, we have Ryan Reynolds, which is still pretty good. But imagine what could have been if we had DeVito in the role, and frankly, I would not be surprised to see someone make a cut of the film after its release with all of Pikachu’s lines replaced with DeVito voiceover.

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