“DC Universe” MMORPG will be free to play starting November 1

During a live video chat on the DC Universe Facebook page, Sony announced that on November 1, their popular “DC Universe” MMORPG on both PC and the PlayStation 3 will be free to play.

With this free play, new players will have two customizable character slots plus the entire current game’s content at their finger tips to use. Users who have already spent at least $5 the game (basically all current players) will get a “premium” membership, which is a step up from “freemium” and allows for more than two characters, more inventory storage and enhanced social options like trading and sending messages in the game. “Legendary” status will be granted to those who choose to pay $14.99 per month and grant even more access to characters and inventory, all DLC and social options cranked to 11, so-to-speak. Lifetime members are automatically legendary.

However, not everything is completely free. Players will still have the option to pay a monthly fee for “Premium” and “Legendary” tiers of membership. Future expansion packs, additional character slots, and inventory space will also cost extra. For people who have not played the game, this is a good way to lure them in, and it is very tempting. Anyone here plan on giving this free version a try?

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